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OPEL and Bathu Launch the most expensive sneaker in South Africa

OPEL and Bathu is proud to reveal the world’s most expensive sneaker: Bathu’s exclusive GSi Limited Edition Sneaker – at a price tag of R365 900 per pair.

Bathu was founded by Theo Baloyi in 2015 in a modest room in the heart of Alexandra Township, Johannesburg as a young man wishing to tell a proudly untold South African township story to the world. ‘Bathu’ is a common universal slang word that has existed for decades and is used in townships across South Africa when referring to any type of shoe. Materials are being sourced in Lesotho and manufacturing takes place in Durban. A proudly South African company, indeed!

Four years down the line, founder and owner Theo has his Headquarters in Midrand, storage facilities, as well as a workshop and retail store in Newtown. And the success story goes on with 2 more stores that opened in Pretoria and Port Elizabeth respectively – a 4th opens in Bloemfontein at the end of June 2019. Bathu has a staff compliment of 36 people plus a website for easy online ordering of his spectacular sneaker range – making Bathu, which has since become a must-have item for fashion aficionados – not only in South Africa, but also around the globe accessible to all.

OPEL recognises and applauds Theo’s tenacity and innovative thinking as expressed throughout his journey – from idea to realisation. It took 18 months for proof of concept, research and development, quality control and assurance to be completed before Bathu was confidently launched into the market.

In collaboration with Bathu, OPEL is proud to reveal the world’s most expensive sneaker: Bathu’s exclusive GSi Limited Edition Sneaker – at a price tag of R365 900 per pair. Only 80 pairs have been produced! That’s how exclusive these sneakers are . Each pair of these limited edition Bathu sneakers come with OPEL’s amazing new Corsa GSi which boasts four colour options – thrown in for FREE!

When purchasing a pair of these Bathu GSi Limited Edition Sneakers, you not only get foot comfort and uniqueness – you receive:

Dynamic, sporty design features and agile OPC sport suspension and brakes as set up on the legendary Nürburgring ‘Nordschleife distances’ to ensure precise athleticism, outstanding and agile handling and sudden braking. Heated Recaro performance front seats and sport steering wheel, outstanding throttle response and torque, OPC exterior and interior features PLUS superior connectivity, safety, innovation and economy.

Bathu’s Business Philosophy rings true to OPEL as a Brand.

‘We are driven by our identity, our passion to design unique shoes and a desire to always bring new products into the market’.

Bathu’s Vision and Mission is based on core beliefs such as quality, dreams, execution and hard work, ambition, representation, future thinking, employment, adding value, excellence, honesty and commitment.

Their vision is to tell a proudly South African story to the world and to be a leading shoe retail company. They have a desire to establish a brand which Africans can proudly affiliate with.

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