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Brand of the Week: Yendalo Products

This week’s Brand of the Week is Yendalo Products. Founded by Vumile Magasela, a 26-year-old from Durban, uMlazi. She makes organic hair care products, and the journey started in 2019 when she made the products to grow her own hair. The brand was established in May 2021.

How she got into business?

Vumile says her friends saw how healthy her hair was and wanted to know the secret behind its growth and she started to make more products and shared them with them. With the success after the friends trying the products, family members and neighbours became clients too. 

With the continuous praise from results and reviews by clients Vumile looked into selling the products more. Vumile started braiding hair ten years ago and says she has a deep understanding of how to treat hair. When lockdown begun, she started her business ‘Ntezinhle by Vumile’. Ntezinhle specialises in braiding, makes and washes wigs, they also sell afro puffs. With the funds she accumulated with Ntezinhle, Vumile started Yendalo Products.


More about Yendalo Products

The name Yendalo means ‘by nature’ in Zulu. This ties well with the brand because Yendalo Products are organic. Yendalo Products cater for all hair types including 4B and 4C hair. The hair care brand launched in May 2021 on social media. 

The products range from, the growth oil which is suitable for all hair types. The oil restores nutrients to your strands and strengthens your roots which promotes growth and the 100ml retails for R70. Vumile recommends applying it directly to your scalp daily. 

The Hair Butter is suitable for type 4B and C hair, it is a moisture restore cream, it retains shine, and it also softens the hair which prevents brakeage and promotes healthy hair. The product costs R150 for 250ml. Yendalo products are safe to use on children too. Delivery is available countrywide via Aramax.

Vumile says that her main goal for the brand is for it to be a household brand and the go to for everyone’s #HealthyHair goals.

Where to order?

To place an order contact Vumile via WhatsApp on 074 5433 507 . 

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