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What To Expect At The UJ Big Data Symposium

I am honoured and privileged to announce that I have successfully graduated with an Mcom Business Management with specialisation in Marketing from the University of Johannesburg. The title of my study is “USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA BIG DATA BY SOUTH AFRICAN RETAILERS TO SUPPORT MARKETING DECISIONS. This wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t through the support of my family, friends and everybody who contributed to my studies. A special thank you goes to my uncle – Shadrack Jiyana and his beautiful wife Sabi for raising me and instilling the importance of education in me.

As seen on social media, myself, Pat and Musa Kalenga will be hosting a symposium on the topic of big data and I will also be sharing the findings of my study. For those who have been asking me what a symposium is, according to the Oxford dictionary a symposium is conference or meeting to discuss a particular subject. And for those who have been asking what big data is, attending the symposium will give you the opportunity to understand what big data is and its role in decision making. It also an important topic as the University of Johannesburg and South Africa gears itself for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

A little bit about Musa Kalenga

Musa Kalenga is an author, marketer and entrepreneur. He is a lauded speaker and strategist who was recognized as one of the Top 200 young South Africans by the Mail & Guardian. Kalenga is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who is passionate about using technology to empower the digitally invisible.

As CEO and Founder of Bridge Labs, Musa addresses the problem of gaining access to appropriate online tools for entrepreneurs and Small to Medium Businesses by building technology to support growth in emerging markets. As a respected thought leader in the marketing industry, he is the Chief Future Officer at the House of Brave Group and he advises on future fit business strategy for organizations in a new digital world.

In attendance, will be the Director of the School of Tourism and Hospitality, Dr Diane Abrahams, Director of the School of Consumer Intelligence Prof Mercy Mpinganjira and other esteemed academics from the College of Business and Economics at UJ.
The symposium will take place on Tuesday, 8 May (9am -11:30am) at The School of Tourism and Hospitality – Kerzner Building, Bunting Road, Auckland Park. To attend, RSVP here.

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