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Stimorol has announced the launch of its new Infinity Range, a double-layered and centre-filled chewing gum. The new flavours include Lime & Strawberry, Watermelon & Peach, Raspberry & Lemon, and Mint.

Now available in stores nationwide, the new Infinity Range promises to take things to the next level, offering bold and exciting flavour combinations that will offer a flavour experience, but one that also last longer.

According to Lauren Burmeister; category lead at Gum, Candy, Beverages and Meals at Mondelez SA, innovation is the name of the game in the gum category. She says, “At Stimorol, we believe in pushing the boundaries and delivering the longest-lasting chew around. Our new Infinity Range is a testament to our commitment to keeping things fresh and fun for our customers”.

Image: Waya Magazine

Flavour the Moment Campaign

Earlier this year, Stimorol introduced its “Flavour the Moment” campaign, which aimed to transform the everyday chewing experience into something extraordinary. The said campaign invited consumers to immerse themselves in every taste, enhancing routine moments with Stimorol’s vibrant flavours. The launch featured a dynamic TV commercial that quickly became a hit with the catchy hashtag #StimorolFlavourTheMoment which gained traction, becoming a popular trend among South Africans who embrace the idea of making every moment special with Stimorol.

Image: Waya Magazine

To further enhance the experience, Stimorol’s recent introduction will be bringing double the flavour intensity with each chew. This innovative product line aims to provide an even more powerful taste experience, ensuring that every chew delivers a burst of flavour that lasts. The campaign and product launch have been well-received, with many consumers expressing excitement over the intensified flavours and the concept of infusing fun into their daily routines.

The Infinity range and the “Flavour the Moment” campaign collectively showcase Stimorol’s dedication to innovation and its ability to resonate with consumers by offering a product that transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.

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