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Ndiani Studios set to launch Working Wives on Women’s Day

Ndiani Studios recently announced the launch of Working Wives, a web series that takes the Mickey out of the “Real Housewives” franchise with an African twist. This 12-episode dramedy/mockumentary series unravels the lives and loves of a group of Harare women from the perspective of a millennial. Using a touch of comedy and lots of drama, the series explores what it means to be an African modern woman and navigating tradition versus urbanisation.

Working Wives is an adaptation from a blog series created by Sharon Bwanya and is created and produced by Tendayi Nyeke. This is her third independent series, and outside of the web launch the series will be distributed by Africa’s biggest distributor Cote Ouest to other broadcast platforms and on Vimeo as of 10 August 2020.

Tendayi says, “the series is an exciting Pan-African collaboration that was shot between Zimbabwe and South Africa, starring a crew and talent from both countries in a time that sees borders fall as far as storytelling and viewing experience is concerned”. 

The storyline portrays what was meant to be the baby shower of her Mabel’s dreams becomes a nightmare when her twin nephews are kidnapped which triggers the revelation of the secrets of the women, she thought were her friends…

“Brace yourselves for a comedy drama because as crazy as life gets, it is always easier to swallow the hard pill with a good laugh”, concludes Nyeke.

Watch here and let us know on the comments below whether they are getting a Pat or a Slap?

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