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Nando’s Coronavirus Post: Pat or Slap?

Nando’s added some spice into the coronavirus conversation. Yesterday, the brand shared a post on social media that had many of its followers in stitches and applauding the brand’s social media team for being so witty and that whoever came up with the idea must get a raise.

On the other hand, some people found the post distasteful saying this is not the time to be dissing the competition. They further said that Nando’s is being insensitive towards the coronavirus outbreak.

Here’s my take, Nando’s has never been a “serious brand” and this is the only way we know them – SPICY. South Africans in their nature like making fun of anything no matter how serious the situation might be. Shade aside, I found the post to be quite educational as well. The caption “the power is in your hands, wash them”, is consistent with the message that the South African Department of Health and the World Health Organisation has been sharing. Washing your hands is key to preventing the spreading and contracting the coronavirus.

As for “Turns out finger licking isn’t good. Rather reach for the soap”. Not only does Nando’s take a swipe KFC but it also calls for a change in consumer behaviour. They are again encouraging people to wash their hands.

From me, the post gets a definite Pat. It is punchy, concise and the message is clear. What are your thoughts? Leave your comments below.

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