South African consumers can now experience the same refreshing Hunter’s taste without alcohol with the new Hunter’s Chilled Non-Alcoholic Drink.

With the increasing uncertainty over the sale of alcohol due to the government lockdown regulations, alcohol brands are forced to do things differently in order to remain in business. On the other hand, South Africa is facing a huge battle of alcohol abuse and binge drinking. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), South Africa is the 6th largest drinking nation in the world even though only 30% of South Africans consume alcohol.

One particular alcoholic brand that is making its contribution to promote healthy lifestyle and securing its future is Hunter’s as it launches a non-alcoholic variant, Hunter’s Chilled.

After three years of delivering on its crisp refreshments, the distillery has now launched its new non-alcoholic variant. Hunter’s is not the first alcohol brand to enter the non-alcoholic beverages scene, though. Last year, another Distell-owned brand, Savanna also launched non-alcoholic variant Savanna Non-Alcoholic Lemon.

Hunter's Chilled Non-Alcoholic

Brand Manager at Hunter’s Cider Distill, Banele Msimango has highlighted the brand’s goal to dominate trends in promoting a healthy lifestyle to its fans, and moderate drinking due to the current proliferation of non-alcoholic ciders within the competitive space.

“This is really exciting for our brand and we are thrilled to finally have a non-alcoholic variant in our range. It offers more opportunities for Hunter’s fans to drink their favourite cider and we hope it will also help us to find new Hunter’s fans who only drink non-alcoholic drinks”, added Msimango.

The brand has also emphasized that the new cider still refreshes like nothing on earth, with the same distinctive crisp refreshment Hunter’s cider has to offer to its fans.

If you would like to try out Hunter’s Chilled, it is available at all major retailers in South Africa.

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