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Introducing POB 4 Women

We are so excited to share that #ImbokodoStan got a facelift. If you have been with us for a while you know about Imbokodo Stan – a series of conversations with women in the community, influencers, medical professionals, and everything in between.

Now, rebranded as POB4Women but sticking to the same values of Leadership, Boldness, Family & Community, and Adventure. Through our conversation series, we are here to remind you to embrace your magnificence, your vibrancy, and your intelligence. We are here to CELEBRATE YOU!

Our Vision

POB 4Women aims to empower women through – but not limited to -our series of conversations and features. We aim to create a community that helps women see their strengths, develop self-confidence and offer a platform for women in the community to share their journeys.

Our Pillars

Health and Wellness



Career and Business

What to expect

We will be conducting our weekly Live series on Instagram, in addition, introducing podcasts, a virtual annual summit, weekly articles as well as an eCommerce store. Stay connected with us on social media to stay updated with any upcoming news.

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