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Imbokodo Stan: Tebogo Thoka Founder and CEO of Fabu Health Aesthetics.

Tebogo Thoka, Founder and CEO of Fabu Health Aesthetics

Hailing from the great town of Mabopane in Pretoria. Tebogo Thoka’s drive and determination led her to obtain a qualification in Somatology from the University of Johannesburg.

5 years ago, Tebogo founded Fabu Health Aesthetics after battling with her own skincare journey. Tebogo is determined to change the landscape through her empowered and clear concept aimed at the South African consumer and their skincare needs. She recently sat down with Pat on Brands’ Oarabile Tlhabane to discuss her journey.

The Skin Whisperer

In the world today, image is everything. Social media has impelled people to pay more attention to a persons’ aesthetic, whether online or in person. However, Tebogo Thoka focuses on the science of aesthetics and beauty.

Known as the “skincare whisperer”, Tebogo is a pioneer in helping women achieve their skincare goals. Her business operates from Pretoria, boasts a large following on social media and provides a range of services and treatments for varied skin types.

Fabu Health Aesthetics
Image source: Fabu Health Aesthetics Instagram

Strong Builds

Tebogo’s journey, although challenging, has been nothing short of inspiring. Her career began at the South African Military Health Services as a military trainee. As a result of her training, she experienced skin issues. This led Tebogo to seek as much information as she could about the her skin condition. When she noticed a lack of information available, she decidedto be the change.  

Not only a distinguished Personalised Skin Therapist, Tebogo is also passionate about working with and empowering women. She has built a purpose-driven business that focuses on encouraging women to embrace their many facets and balance their work and home life. Tebogo was named one of the 40 Under 40 African Business Icons by Business Elites Africa in 2020, an accolade she is proud of.

Fabu Health Aesthetics

We have such a vibrant and diverse country. It can be difficult to find brands that understand what the South African consumer needs.

Many of the beauty and skin care products available are from overseas, so it is refreshing to see a young black woman seeing what is needed by the consumer, pick up the skincare aesthetics baton, and run with it.

Tebogo Thoka is the kind of Imbokodo we Stan.

Watch Oarabile and Tebogo’s discussion here.

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