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#FeatureFriday: Radiating Light With Lebone Candles

Candles can be used for different things, light, relaxing, manifestation and meditation. Scented candles are all the rage at the moment – from bespoke luxury brands to small indie brands – there is a market for everyone. We speak to Kgaugelo Moeng, a young woman from Pretoria and founder of Lebone Candles, a small business she started in 2015.

Lebone Candles

Kgaugelo Moeng is a student at Eduvos (formerly known as Pearson Institute). She started making candles when her mother was diagnosed with depression in 2015. She was adbised that doing some arts and crafts is a way to help relax and de-stress. At first- it was a hobby, little did she know that it would turn into an entire business.

What are hand poured candles?

Hand poured candles manufactured by hand, meaning that the wax is melted, the fragrances and essential oils are poured by hand, with no machines are used at all. “Lebone means light, I wanted to give the brand an African name”, shares Kgaugelo.

Benefits of Lebone Candles​

These candles help with anxiety and insomnia, you can use them for whatever you choose, some people use them for meditation, or leisure. They help relax you, they help with concentration, and they give off a good smell in the room or bathroom. The idea behind Lebone Candles is mainly to offer more than just a scented candle, but candles with a purpose. They promote mental well-being whilst calming you. The product is specifically created to cater to a client’s senses. The candles are oil-based with oils such as eucalyptus, sage, lavender and more. The oils are well infused into the candles to provide a tranquil and serene atmosphere.

Since the candles are free standing you can use a small saucer for safety – to place and burn the candle. Thebrand caters for anyone who enjoys scented candles.

How to place an order

To purchase the candles, you can order via Lebone Candles’ Instagram direct messages.
A single candle retails for R70, R140 for two candles and R210 for three candles. Delivery prices differ and the client has option to choose.

Lebone Candles’ goal in the future is to have a website. Kgaugelo aims to make the process easier and better for customers and eventually expand the business with a soap range. She says, “we want this business to flourish and get to a level where it’s not a start-up or a small business.”

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