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#FeatureFriday: Celebrate the month of love with Thato Radebe Jewellery

Jewellery is more than just wearable art, it is a way to tell our story, and Thato Radebe Jewellery is telling theirs through their jewellery line. With the launch of a new collection looming, this jewellery designer takes us on the journey of his genius, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Where is started.

That, unlike his peers in high school, had no love for the sciences, accounting and math. Instead, his interest was solely in the arts. Before going on to start his company in 2014, Thato studied jewellery design and manufacturing at the University of Johannesburg. He also holds a master’s degree in Design. Which is his latest qualification- obtained in 2020.

It is without a doubt that Thato’s passion for jewellery started from a tender age and although he faced many challenges throughout his journey, his passion never wavered.

About the new collection.

This new collection deciphers the DNA of Thato Radebe Jewellery (TRJ). With Valentine’s Day approaching, nothing says “I love you” better than an elegant and sophisticated pendant, hand-crafted from various gemstones, bringing back simplicity and timelessness.

Respecting and honouring the tradition and craftsmanship of the art of jewellery making, the collection reinvents concepts, yields to the past and glimpse at the future to bring into the present impeccably made pieces that acclimate to the reality of the modern and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Derived from the stars.

This collection is derived from the idea of individual parts coming together, with their own unique qualities, to form a beautiful pattern that would not be possible without the help of the other parts.

There are four pendants in the collection and each pendant of a collection of colourful semi-precious gemstones that have been linked together in a pattern that resembles the constellations we see in the night sky.

“Each gemstone, like each human being on earth, is not the same. From their internal properties to the colours they portray, they are not the same yet when they are arranged together, they are the most beautiful creation you will ever see. Human beings are exactly the same. The differences we see in each of the gemstones is what makes the pendant a thing of beauty when it is viewed in its entirety”, shares the founder, Thato Radebe.

The pendants.

The pendants are adorned with an assortment of gemstones such as Amethyst (Purple), Garnet (Red), Citrine (Yellow), Aquamarine (Light Blue), Peridot (Green) and Tanzanite (Dark Blue).  They retail for R3000 for the Silver pendant and R6000 for the 9kt yellow gold pendant.

“The February birthstoneamethyst, is said to strengthen relationships and give its wearer courage. At one time, only royalty could wear the gem. Ancient Greeks thought that the amethyst guarded against intoxication. In fact, “amethyst” comes from Amethystos, a Greek word meaning “sober”, shares Thato.

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