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Brand on The Rise – Positive Pants


This week’s edition of Brands on the rise introduces us to Positive Pants, a brand that truly stands out with its impressive impact. Founded in 2018 by inseparable sisters Monie and Roxie, this business was born from Monie’s brilliant idea to create a passive income stream. Recognizing Roxie as the perfect partner, their unbreakable bond and shared vision have paved the way for their remarkable success.

Positive Pants Founders, Roxie and Monie

Initially, Roxie had doubts because she often used the excuse of being too busy to join. It made sense since she already had her own work and finding time for fun, exercise, family, and friends was challenging. However, with some persistence and motivation from her sister, Roxie was convinced to take part in the venture.

The exciting part was deciding on the specific business they wanted to pursue. They considered various options, like a baby clothing boutique or an online stationery store. However, their exposure to the fitness industry and their passion for health and wellness led them to create the brand and business now known and loved as Positive Pants.

” FINALLY we found a supplier that seemed to tick all of our boxes – prioritizing quality and affordability at all times. We decided to place a small order for a few select items to sell at a variety of pop-up shops to truly test the waters. We were blown away – our first bulk order sold out in only a few days. When this happened, we realized the untapped potential that this beautiful little business had and made the decision to invest a bit more money into bringing in larger orders”.

Positive Pants has a wide range of clothing choices, such as leisurewear sets and their one-of-a-kind poppets leggings. These leggings are perfect for both kids and parents, as they are designed to be flexible and versatile to accommodate growth. They consists of soft fabric and come in vibrant prints, making them an essential addition to any Little Poppet’s wardrobe. Whether it’s for high-energy activities or cute matching outfits for moms and kids, these leggings are a must-have.

Their aim was to create a brand that prioritized inclusivity and catered to the needs of women of all body types. They wanted to offer functional, attractive, and high-quality activewear, rather than solely focusing on runway supermodels. Positive Pants is a fully operational ecommerce store that has achieved remarkable milestones since its establishment. The initial campaign, #WeAreShe, gained significant traction and support.

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