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Arc Store – A Luxury Beauty One Stop Shop

June 23, 2021 marked the official opening of the first ARC Store. Pat On Brands 4 Women were invited to share this event with the Arc team.

Walking into the store, you are welcomed by bright lights and an open floor plan that allows you full view of the whole store, I especially liked this because it makes finding the correct department much easier, making your shopping experience less daunting.

We got a change to interview the CEO, Mr Jamie L, who then took us on a walk about to show us the whole store and give us insight on the creative idea and concept behind the store. The key takeaway from our brief chat is that the store is made with the customer and all the brands housed in the store in mind. The store aims to take the customer on an easy journey of self-discovery in beauty, while allowing the customer to interact with the different beauty brands on a more personal level.

Some of the personal highlights I had while shopping:

Colour coded shopping carts/bags

Just as you walk in, there are bags in two colours, you have grey and black. The purpose of the bags is to give you as a shopper, the chance to choose whether you want a uninterrupted shopping experience, for which you will select the black shopping bag… or you could decide that you need one of their friendly store men and women to assist you by talking you through their different products and making recommendations, for assistance you can go for the grey shopping bag.

Arc store sandton

I love, love this option. Nothing sucks more than having the shop assistance following you around he store when you do not need help, ARC store solved that issue for their customers.

Alphabetically arranged fragrances

You know that feeling of walking into a store knowing very well which perfume you are looking for, and then having to struggle to locate in on their busy shelf?… worry not, because ARC store has all of the fragrances placed in alphabetical order, all you need to remember are the alphabets.

Selfie station and flower station

There is a selfie station in the store guys… imagine! And I love that you are given the option to email your image to yourself or you can have a printout to put up on your wall. I was already imagining shopping trips to the store with friends ending with a selfie as we exit.

As you walk to the check-out point, you are greeted by a tall structure of what I can only describe as a flowery waterfall, This makes for perfect pictures for the gram. I found myself snapping away.

Environmental awareness

At the till point, you are given an option to gift wrap your purchase, which makes gifting much easier, or you may select a paper bag instead. If you opt to not take any pf those two options, you

are rewarded; the store donated a certain amount to organisations that focus on helping the environment. To top that all off, the donation is also made for every used up packaging that you return to the store.

I could go on and on about ARC South Africa, but I think its best you go check them out, the store is at shop U29 and U30 in Sandton City. Go and immerse yourself in all things luxury beauty.

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