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ACDOCO tries to curb your laundry-day blues with a new odor removing product

Laundry-day blues are a thing for many of us. Whether you live with your family, or alone, having to do the laundry can be a daunting task.

In an effort to ease the stress of laundry day, European brand, Dr Beckmann, brought by ACDOCO SA, has launched a laundry odour remover. It was created to give a long-lasting freshness and boost to your clothing. It is suitable for any occasion and celebration and is made to ensure your garments remain fresh all day.

Source: Dr Beckmann Facebook page

Dr Beckmann’s Odour Remover

ACDOCO SA, is a health and beauty specialist consumer packaged goods distributor. The company introduced Dr. Beckmann’s Odour Remover to the South African market. The product is set to easily removes persistent odours from clothing, leaving them with a pleasant fragrance. Scientifically formulated active substances remove unwanted odours in three easy steps, prevents new odours from forming and creates long-lasting freshness.

Unique active ingredients guarantee that unpleasant odours are eliminated when rinsing your laundry. Thereafter, fresh microcapsules are distributed into the fibres of the textiles. These capsules break down and cancel out newly emerging odours as they form and continue to activate with movement.

European brand Dr Beckmann has launched a laundry odour remover

Say Goodbye to laundry-day blues

The European brand boasts a wide range of stain removal products, with the Dr Beckmann Odour Remover being their latest product launch. The Dr Beckmann Odour Removal is set to maintain freshness and preserve the washed feeling for a long time. It prevents unpleasant odours in every situation.

“Whether you are cooking in the kitchen all night for a family dinner or are dancing the night away with your friends, or even doing a tough gym session, Dr Beckmann Odour Remover removes sweaty and food odours from deep within the fibres. Special freshness depot capsules break open through movement and ensure pleasant kicks of freshness throughout the day”, the brand shared in a press release.

The brand has been actively available in South Africa for over 10 years and The Dr. Beckmann Odour Remover is available from leading supermarkets including selected Spars, PnP and Checkers stores nationwide.

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