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Making bank from being yourself.

Personal branding is something we have seen from a lot of celebrities. Most people believe that how you present yourself is a reflection of who you are. A number of times you have heard the saying “Carry yourself like a brand.” You may think branding can only be for companies with the intention of profits but personal branding serves the same purpose.

Lights, camera…action! 

Building a personal brand is through a representation of who you are and how you want people to perceive you. In the way branding works for a company, a personal brand needs to have values that they associate themselves with. Nurturing values a brand carries helps to make decisions that align with your vision for the brand.  

Often times people say “There’s no such thing as bad PR” when in reality there is. What people say about you sets you apart, catapults your business or drives it to its downfall. The importance of word-of-mouth from how you present yourself is what gets you out there.  

Examples of Personal Branding  

  • Oprah Winfrey 

An icon of note, there are a few things Oprah hasn’t done. A talk show host, media executive, actress and billionaire philanthropist, she is the greatest of all time when it comes to personal branding. She also has a very recognizable name because her work portfolio spans to different industries. 

  • Michael Jordan 

When it comes to game changers in personal branding Michael is a top tier example. A controversial reset to the basketball clothing industry, court and more. The collaboration with Nike is one of the greatest stories to exist. AirJordan, Jumpman, (which is a he silhouette of Michael Jordan), and the number 23 on basketball attire all raise one man to your mind.

Using Social Media to Brand Yourself

Your presence on social media says a lot about you. In most cases, some jobs even ask for your social media handles because a lot of what you say, share and interact with gives a view into who you are. Brands that align with what you share will want to work with you. Even though it is usually a numbers game depending on the number of followers you have, the engagement, the likes, views etc. It is also important to curate content that will get brands to recognise you.

Start your brand with a focus on the things you like and enjoy as a way to create content that is authentic. Building a brand takes time and patience with consistency being at the forefront.

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