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Top 10 South African Brands to look out for in 2024

Let’s start off the new year by staying up-to-date with brands that resonate with us as consumers and have a beneficial impact on the country’s economy. I’ve carefully curated a list of South African brands that I truly believe are worth keeping an eye on in this year. These brands have proven themselves by bringing fresh and innovative business ideas to the table, constantly challenging the norm, and exceeding the expectations of their target audience.



GALXBOY, is  a renowned streetwear brand that stands out for its unique style and vision. Founded and led by Thatiso Dube, GALXBOY has become a prominent name in the fashion industry. What sets GALXBOY apart is its ability to blend innovative designs with a distinct 21st-century African design philosophy, reflecting the aspirations and creativity of the South African youth.

GALXBOY has undoubtedly achieved a great deal of success throughout the years, boasting an impressive presence with 7 physical stores spread across the entire country and a thriving online store. GALXBOY has seen huge milestones in 2023 including winning the top apparel award in the Top 16 Youth Owned Brands Awards.

2. Fieldbar

Lee Hartman, Founder of Fieldbar

Fieldbar, a company specialising in premium cooler boxes, has successfully won over numerous customers with its extraordinary products. Established by Lee Hartman in Cape Town, this brand quickly became the centre of attention in 2023, with influencers sharing cool content and selling out. What sets Fieldbar apart from its competitors is its distinctive design, which comes in a diverse array of vibrant colours and features a sleek glossy finish.

As if that wasn’t enough to impress, Fieldbar’s coolers possess an incredible capability to keep ice frozen for an amazing 50 hours, making them the ideal companions for any outdoor escapade. Excitement fills the air as we anxiously anticipate the electrifying prospects that lie ahead for Fieldbar.

3. Chillers Punch

MacGyver MacG Mukwevho, the renowned Podcast king, introduced Chillers Punch, an alcoholic beverage, in November 2023. This spirit cooler has gained significant attention and popularity within the community since its release, even though it is MacG’s second venture into the alcoholic beverage industry. Available exclusively at Pick n Pay, one of the largest retail outlets.

I believe this brand has great potential for growth, given the success of MacG’s other alcoholic brand, Grandeur which gained popularity and won an award at the 2023 Youth Owned Brand Awards. It’s an exciting time, and we should closely watch this brand in 2024.

4. Didie Lips

Didie Makobane , Co- founder of Didie Lips

Keep an eye out for House of Didie in 2024, as it is set to make waves in the e-commerce industry. This innovative brand, founded by the talented sisters Moliehi Didie Makobane and Ntaoleng Langa, has recently unveiled its very first cosmetic product called DIDIE LIPS. What sets this product apart is not only its focus on enhancing beauty, but also its aim to empower individuals to embrace their own uniqueness. By combining their individual and professional expertise, the sisters have created a collaborative masterpiece that is sure to captivate beauty enthusiasts in the country. Didie lips has an impressive array of offerings that truly showcase their commitment to sharing stories in a way that uplifts and includes everyone.

5. Adumo

Adumo, a South African startup located in Bryanston, was established in 2019 by Paul Kent. With a focus on the FinTech industry, the company plays a vital role in enabling payment processing for both businesses and consumers, thereby contributing to the advancement of a stronger financial ecosystem in the country. According to Tracxn, Adumo has already obtained an impressive $25.9 Million in startup funding from two funding rounds, demonstrating its potential for future expansion and the potential for pursuing further funding opportunities.

6. Yebo Fresh

Yebo Fresh is a renowned ecommerce platform that aims to make it easier for township entrepreneurs and community organizations to access top-notch goods and services using their innovative smart technology. The company started at the end of 2018 when Jessica Boonstra (Founder & CEO) and British entrepreneur, Stefan Allesch-Taylor decided to address the challenges and opportunities of food supply in South Africa’s townships. Jessica & the Yebo Fresh team have dedicated themselves to addressing the struggles of township entrepreneurs and community organizations who face increased product cost due to travel, as well as lost trading time in acquiring the goods they need to be competitive against the more formal retailers and outlets.

7. Naked Insurance

Naked Insurance, a South African startup founded in 2016 by Alex Thomson and Sumarie Greybe, has quickly made a name for itself in the insurance market. Based in Johannesburg, the company focuses on efficiency and customer satisfaction, offering quick 90-second quotes for various insurance products using AI.

The company’s set to have been successful in securing funding with its most recent funding round, Series B, raising a total of $17 Million in February 2023. This achievement reflects the confidence and belief investors have in Naked Insurance’s vision and potential.

8. Astron Energy

Astron Energy

Dubbed as South Africa’s next big fuel brand, Astron is definitely of those brand to look out for in 2024.  It was born out of a rebrand of Caltex. The company has a long history in South Africa and now their network of service stations is becoming Astron Energy. In 2018, Chevron sold its majority share, leading to the birth of Astron Energy. They have been operating under the Caltex brand, but now they are consolidating under the Astron Energy brand. In 2021, they announced that Astron Energy will be the main brand across all their channels, including their forecourts.

9. Foondamate

Foondamate, a South African startup that burst onto the scene in 2020, has set up its headquarters in Cape Town. With a clear vision, the company has created an AI chatbot platform specifically designed for students’ academic needs. This groundbreaking platform acts as a virtual companion, empowering students to find answers to a wide range of school-related questions. By utilizing artificial intelligence, Foondamate ensures that students receive quick and accurate responses, enhancing their learning experience.

10. Planet42

Eerik Oja and Marten Orgna are the brilliant minds behind Planet42, a startup with a vision to transform vehicle leasing in Africa. Their solution? An intuitive platform that simplifies the leasing process and offers customers the option to buy the vehicle outright at any stage of the lease. The best part? The price of the vehicle decreases every month, making it an even more attractive proposition for those looking for a flexible and affordable transportation solution.

These brands hold the power to maintain consistency in their delivery, but It’s quite intriguing to see what innovative ventures and captivating campaigns these brands have in their pipeline for us in 2024.

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