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The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has launched a revamped version of its Over-The-Top (OTT) platform, SABC Plus, introducing a suite of new features and services designed to enhance the user experience. Key upgrades include a new and improved interface, personalized content recommendations, and expanded accessibility across multiple devices such as iOS, Android, Huawei, LG, and Apple TV.

Enhanced Content

The revamped platform now offers:

  • Catch-Up Services: Did you miss an episode? Catch up anytime.
  • Video on Demand (VOD): Access an extensive content library at your convenience.
  • Voice Command: Search for content using voice commands.
  • TV Schedule and Radio Now Playing EPG: Stay updated with TV schedules and live radio.
  • Podcasts and Vodcasts: Enjoy a wide range of audio and video podcasts.
  • Download Features: Available on mobile for offline viewing.
  • Unlimited Access: Stream on multiple household devices simultaneously.
  • Display Banners and Video Ads: An enhanced advertising experience.
  • EPG Reminder: Set reminders for your favourite shows.
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Diverse Content

SABC Plus continues to celebrate the diversity of South Africa by offering content in multiple languages and genres. The platform includes groundbreaking comedies, spine-chilling horrors, captivating dramas, and much more, reflecting the rich cultural tab of the nation. Additionally, audiences can enjoy Channel Africa’s programming in languages like Chinyanja, Kiswahili, English, French, and Portuguese and access to radio stations like Springbok Radio, Radio Bantu, 5 FM Extra, and Radio 2000 Extra.

Nomsa Chabeli, SABC Group Chief Executive Officer; emphasized the organization’s commitment to diversity and innovation. “SABC Plus is our latest innovation, reinforcing the public broadcaster’s commitment to providing the best programming. This platform houses an impressive array of content, including groundbreaking comedies, spine-chilling horrors, and captivating dramas, reflecting the rich cultural tab of our nation”.

Accessibility and User Experience

SABC Plus is now more accessible than ever, ensuring audiences can enjoy their favourite content anywhere. The new platform supports multiple devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, making it easy to access high-quality content on the go. Users are encouraged to re-register with new credentials to comply with the POPI Act.

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