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Retail is going mobile as customers make online purchases using smartphones.

Following the release of their survey, retailers acknowledged that 95% of their customers now make purchases using smartphones and that 78% of them prefer to communicate with retailers via mobile messaging for convenience.

According to research conducted by Clickatell, It would be ideal if more customers found communicating with retailers via mobile messaging to be convenient. As the holiday season approaches, many brands are considering how mobile-first commerce experiences may increase consumer loyalty. The report also showed that, while consumers try to avoid overspending during the next holiday, there is a clear opportunity to provide personalised bargains and promotions through mobile platforms.

CEO of Clickatell, Pieter de Villers said the overall reports findings point to a chance for retail businesses to interact with customers this Christmas season through the channels of their choice.

The following brands are developing new strategies to reach more of their customers using their smartphones:

Spar delivery Service.

The Spar Group announced the launch of SPAR2U, a new on-demand delivery shopping platform with plans to grow throughout South Africa. This is such a great launch because it seems like every business is becoming mobile and making it easy for people to use their phones for communication and shopping.

The recently launched site allows consumers to shop for groceries and alcoholic beverages online, improving their comfort level while doing so. They distinguished the platform from other well-known retail platforms by making it special for a good experience from customers.

Uber Eats is expanding into their own virtual store.

Uber Eats Virtual store

Uber Eats intends to do more and grow, opening a virtual version of their own food shop and the business, which sells food and other necessities, opened its doors in August of this year. They decided to create a food store in response to the enormous increase that occurred after the service was established during COVID times.

This platform was created at a time when every retail outlet opted to offer their services online, making it simple for everyone to shop on smartphones. Majority of consumers will find mobile retail handy because it allows them to message the retailer directly if they have any problems and this will also help consumers avoid standing in lengthy lineups at the retailers.

Mobile commerce is leading this season and most customers prefer to shop using their smartphones to buy online which has shown higher sales conversions. According to the recent survey by Adoozy Mobile, the founder Kegan Peffer outlined three mobile commerce trends that are driving sales this busy season and they are as follows:

  • Social Commerce – Brands can target their audience on social media sites by using their social ad tools.
  • In-app Shopping -Mobile apps work more quicker that’s why it is preferred than browsing.
  • Added value with CX – Retailers’ mobile CX checklists might contain motivators like personalisation, advantageous in-app marketing incentives, and creative approaches to solve power-related problems.

Given how quickly technology is developing and how many customers find the idea of shopping being mobile and simple a lot of brands will come up with more creative strategies to have retail accessible via mobile.

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