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Patonbrands.Com Turns 1

It has been a year since the first post on this platform went live, and I still remember the day as if it was yesterday. I also remember how I contemplated and procrastinated launching the platform. How I was waiting for the perfect time to start. The truth is, had I carried on waiting for the perfect time to start, I was never going to start. This very day, coincides with one of the biggest days on the global calendar, the World AIDS Day. Allow me to take this opportunity to show my support to those who are living with the HIV/AIDS pandemic and to commemorate those who have died from an AIDS-related illness – may their souls rest in peace.
I would also like to this opportunity to reflect on the year 2017 was. All I can say is… it has been lessons-on-lessons-on-lessons! I learned a lot of things this year and had a many of new experiences with various brands. From attending new product launches to being on the race track in a Nissan GTR and opening the city with Heineken. UJ FM also gave me an opportunity to talk brands on their platform and all I can say is… 2017 has been real!

On the other hand, some of the commentary I made about certain brands were not well received whilst others sparked an intellectual conversations – it is okay! The point is, we should never agree on everything. Varying opinions and voices enhances the process of learning. I implore you (readers) to challenge me on certain things so that we all learn in the process.
On a lighter note… In the spirit of celebrating the first birth of I would like to give 10 avid followers/readers an opportunity to experience #OpenYourCity with Heineken. #OpenYourCity is a campaign by Heineken aimed at encouraging people to explore their cities and visit places they wouldn’t usually visit (and leave their comfort zone).

On Saturday, 9 December Heineken® will host an invite only event at a secret location in Newtown, Johannesburg to stay true to the #OpenYourCity mantra. Local A-list DJ’s such as the internationally acclaimed Black Coffee, Euphonic, DJ Capital and Ms Cosmo will be setting the tone for the night. Wale and Kwesta will also be keeping our spirits high on the evening.
To be part of the 10 followers/readers to attend this very exclusive event, 1) share this post and name your favourite Pat On Brands article using the hashtags #OpenYourCity and #POB1. 2) tag @PatOnBrands on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

To many more!

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