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OPEL CORSA 120Y Special Edition coming to South Africa!

In 2019 OPEL is celebrating 120 years of automotive production, and thereby 120 years full of innovations for car lovers around the globe! The Opel brand has a reputation spanning well over a century of pioneering high-tech advancements and quickly bringing them to series production. This approach to vehicle manufacturing makes mobility affordable for many and OPEL cars safer, cleaner, more comfortable and more practical. The 120 years advertising campaign, ‘Opel. Born in Germany. Made for everyone’ is based on this philosophy. Today this philosophy matches the OPEL CORSA more than any other model in its category.

The OPEL CORSA is as suited to singles and couples as this legendary model in the OPEL line-up is to whole families. It therefore comes as no surprise that more than 13.5 million CORSAs have been produced worldwide since 1982. The OPEL CORSA thus plays a leading role in OPEL’s 120 year anniversary.

OPEL remains in the centre of society today. Across the range, the brand offers features more often found only in much more expensive cars. Now in its fifth generation, the OPEL CORSA is a typical example of OPEL’s ‘democratisation of mobility’.

The OPEL CORSA in general and the CORSA ‘120 Years’ in particular, show that it is a core OPEL brand characteristic to always offer customers more than they expect in the respective vehicle categories in which OPEL competes. OPEL has been in South Africa for 80+ years and has the positive reputation of always offering luxury level specifications that stamps a German-engineered punch high above their price category.

In celebration of our brand’s solid reputation, we’re proud to introduce the OPEL CORSA 120Y SPECIAL EDITION to South Africa. Based on the ever popular CORSA Enjoy, this commemorative model boasts many extra styling and specification features including the New Tech Pack III with Front/Rear Park-Assist and Rear-View Camera; Window Side Lower Beltline with Chrome Moulding; ‘OPEL’ Door Sill Plate; Up-market ‘Allure’ Jet Black Cloth Trim and Velour Floor Mats (Black with ‘120 Years’ Stitching).

*2 The OPEL CORSA 1.0T Enjoy was named the winner in its category at the Consumer Awards in 2017. It impressed with its powerful, small capacity turbocharged engine, value for money, practicality, brand strength, warranty and service plan, ride, handling and comprehensive safety features.

Pricing to be confirmed. Expected arrival March 2019.

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