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New Nissan Micra 2019 Specs – a Pat onBrands Review

If there is one car that I reviewed this year which turned many heads it has to be the new Nissan Micra Acenta. In fact, many people were in disbelief that I was driving a Nissan Micra judging from the  previous generation Micra. Nissan has clearly done a stunning job when it comes to the design of the new Micra.

There are four options of the new Nissan Micra available to South African consumers namely – Visia, Acenta, Acenta+ and Acenta+ Tech. The one common denominator in all three “models” is the 66KW Turbo Petrol engine, which means you get the same performance which I will touch later in the review.

The Looks

The new Nissan Micra Acenta boasts beautiful looks. The Acenta borrows some of its looks from its big sister – Qashqai . The daytime LED running lights look similar to those of the Qashqai. At first glance you will think it is a mini version of the Qashqai. There is nothing wrong with this because they both cars wear the same Nissan badge.

New Nissan Micra front
New Nissan Micra front

The front fog lights coupled with the rear hidden door handles gives the new Micra an unprecedented sporty look whilst the 16” alloy wheel finishes the look.

The interior does not leave much to be desired for. The black and grey cloth interior and the chrome door handles gives the new Nissan Micra a more premium look. When it comes to the technology in the car, Nissan really went all out. The car features a multifunctional steering wheel with cruise control and a 7” infotainment screen. The infotainment screen features Apple Car play and Android Auto which I found very convenient to use.

New Nissan Micra Interior
New Nissan Micra Interior


In terms of storage the new Nissan Micra has a 300 litres boot capacity which is larger than the Ford Fiesta. One can extend the boot space by folding the rear seats. Additional storage includes cup holders for the driver, front passenger and back passenger, cellphone and keys storage. There’s also bottle storage on the side of the front doors but none for the rear doors.  

New Nissan Micra boot
Nissan Micra boot

The Drive

If there’s one word to describe the performance of the new Nissan Micra is “punchy”. The 0.9 litre Turbo Petrol engine is punchy, producing a whopping 66KW and 140 Nm. The new Micra is equipped with Hill Start Assist (HAS) which may be very helpful for inexperienced drivers as it prevents the car from rolling back when stopped on a steep hill.

What I found fascinating in the car was the cruise control and the speed limiter which assists with always being within the legal speed limit.

When it comes to petrol consumption the new Nissan Micra lives up to its promise of 5.1 litre per 100 kilo meters. The car is also equipped with start-stop which further assists with lowering fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

The Price

The new Nissan Micra is competitively priced. Below are the prices of the various Micra models as on the Nissan website.

Visia – R242 900

Acenta – R268,500 (tested)

Acenta Plus – R283,900

Acenta Plus Tech – R299,900

All models come with a 3 year or 90 000KM service plan and a 6 year or 150 000KM warranty.

With all being said about the new Nissan Micra here are Pats and Slaps of the New Nissan Micra.

The Pats

  • Excellent fuel consumption
  • Stunning design
  • Cruise control and speed limiter
  • Apple Car Play and Android Auto
  • Hill Stop Assist (HAS)

The Slaps

  • Extra-large sun visors – you can barely see the road when fully opened.
  • Manual windows for the back passengers even on the top of the range.

Book a test drive at a Nissan dealership near you or visit for more info.

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