When I think of a brand that has transformed itself from basic to luxury, Samsung comes to mind. A few years ago, the company made phones that were average, with nothing special beyond the design, however – that has since changed. The brand now competes neck-and-neck with the likes of Huawei and Apple.

They have good product placement on a few soapies – I saw a really cool feature on one primetime show. One of the male characters had misplaced his house keys and asked his wife if she had seen them. When she replied ‘no’, the man took out his phone, had a look at it and a beeping sound started. He then locates his keys and presses his phone and the beeping stopped.

Wild guess to how he found the keys? … Samsung Galaxy SmartTag!

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

Samsung’s SmartTag is a small, battery powered device that you can attach to things like a wallet, backpack or a set of keys.

After a lot of time lost searching for misplaced items and wishing that it was possible to call them, Samsung decided to solve the problem- this just blew my mind!

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is a solution for all of those misplaced items, All you need to do is connect the SmartTag to your Samsung Galaxy device.

How it works

1. Download the Samsung SmartThings app and connect it to your SmartTag

2. Attach the SmartTag to any item that you misplace often and you are good to go.

On the occasion that you misplace an item that is attached to the tag, All you need to do is open the SmartThings app, tap ‘All devices’ and select the SmartTag that you want to locate, the tag will be detected. You then have an option to ring you SmartTag, which will then emit a beeping sound and it will continue to beep until you press ‘stop’.

With all the innovation that Samsung keeps on coming up with, one can only wonder what’s next.


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