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Paul Turnbull, CEO at KIA Motors South Africa

KIA Motors South Africa has recently announced Paul Turnbull as its new CEO. The appointment comes as a strategic move aimed at steering the company through the ever-evolving automotive landscape. Paul succeeds Gary Scott, who served at KIA Motors SA as CEO since 2017.
The appointment plays a crucial role for the South Korean automaker, as it seeks to expand its market presence and enhance its global competitiveness.

Paul’s Success Stories

From his previous roles, and a recent one as MD of Hyundai Automotive South Africa’s retail division, Paul brings with him over 20 years of experience as a senior leader at various multinational corporations. His strategic initiatives consistently focused on growing technological advancements to enhance product offerings and improve customer experiences.

His success in turning the region into one of the company’s most profitable operations resulted in six dealers from the Pretoria region being added to his portfolio in 2015. This followed by an additional six dealerships on Johannesburg’s west rand – growing the portfolio to a total of 22 highly profitable dealers – which in 2023 grew to be 43.

Having started his career in the automotive industry in 1995, Paul is known for his strategic awareness and operational expertise. Throughout his career, Paul has advocated for sustainable mobility solutions and digital transformation within the automotive sector. His appointment as the new CEO at Kia marks a significant milestone for the brand, showing a shift towards focusing on innovation, sustainability, and customer-centric strategies.

KIA Motors Sandton

Paul’s Role at KIA Motors

Paul’s leadership is expected to drive the company’s growth ambitions and reinforce its commitment to technological advancement in electric vehicles and autonomous driving technologies. His role is to leverage his expertise to accelerate the company’s markets and sales efforts and strengthen its position in the competitive global automotive market.

“I’m excited to join the KIA brand, despite the current economic headwinds that is affecting the entire automotive industry. KIA is a brilliant brand with brilliant products, and there are boundless opportunities for the brand to accelerate the remarkable growth it’s seen in the 25 years it has been active in South Africa,” said Paul.

He added, “I want to thank Gary for his notable contribution to the success of KIA South Africa and extend my best wishes to him in his new role. I am excited to get stuck in and drive Kia’s belief in ‘Movement that inspires’ to new heights”.

KIA Motors, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, operates globally with manufacturing facilities and sales networks spanning major markets across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

At KIA, Paul’s leadership will also influence operations worldwide as the company navigates through dynamic market conditions and regulatory challenges. With a strong background in driving operational efficiency and fostering innovation, Paul is expected to lead the brand into a new era of growth and transformation.

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