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New iPhone 11 launched and we explore its features

On Tuesday 10n September Apple announced the new iPhone 11. It is Apple’s next generation of iPhones. The new iPhone 11 comes in six new colours namely, purple, yellow, green, white, red and black. According to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, the new iPhone 11 is packed with new capabilities and an incredible new design.

Now, let’s explore the features of the new iPhone.


iPhone 11
Image credit: T3

The iPhone 11 comes with a completely new design with anodised aluminum and glass design. Apple claims that the glass used on the on the iPhone 11 is the toughest ever glass used on a smartphone, front and back. The glass surrounds the camera in a 3d sculpted geometry.


iPhone has one of the best smartphone display and the new iPhone 11 is no different. It has 6.1″ Liquid Retina Display with true tone white and haptic touch which is more compatible the iOS 13’s contextual menus.


To provide an enhance video watching experience. Apple equipped the iPhone 11 with spatial audio which provides an immersive theatre-like experience. The iPhone 11 supports Dolby Atmos for an incredible sound experience.


This is probably the most important feature for many consumers. The iPhone 11 comes with a 12 mega pixels dual camera system. The camera is wider with 120 degrees field of view, allowing the user to capture more on their photos and videos. The ultra wide feature enables users to capture more without moving, which is great for landscape shots. Added on the iPhone 11 is the optical image stabilisation and 100% focus pixels. This makes the autofocus three times faster in low-light situations.

Night mode

Another notable camera feature on the iPhone 11 is night mode which enables users to take photos at night and in dim indoor settings. It comes on automatically when it is dark enough to brighten pictures and reduce noise.


The new iPhone 11 takes better videos, with 4K and cinematic video stabilisation. Also, when taking a video users can tap on the screen to switch to ultra-wide to capture even more on the scene. Slow-mo, time lapse and cinematic stabilisation come standard on both cameras. The quick video functionality enables users to take a video in the event that they we taking a photo and quickly decided to take a video by tapping and holding the shutter button. This can be done without changing frames. Apple claims it has the highest video quality ever in a smartphone.

Front camera

The front camera got an update. Apple updated the front TrueDepth camera to a wider 12 megapixel camera, giving the user to take wider selfie shots. The front also has a 4k video capability and Apple added slow-mo video for the first time.


Apple’s A12 chip on the iPhone X was said to be far ahead of the industry. Now, Apple introduced the A13 Bionic chip with the iPhone 11, making it the fastest CPU on a smartphone. It does not end there, it also has the fastest GPU on a smartphone.

Does the iPhone 11 get a Pat or a Slap? Leave your comment below.

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