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First in SA: Kauai launches coffee and smoothie subscription

In a bid to save money for their consumers, healthy natural foods specialist Kauai, has launched a subscription offer for unlimited organic coffee for a month as well as daily smoothies for either 15 or 30 days. The subscription service will be made available in 150 stores nationwide.

“Innovation is a central tenet of our business, so we are thrilled to be the first restaurant group to bring this subscription service to South Africa. One of only a handful offering this type of subscription programme worldwide. We also understand that South Africans are looking for value during these tough economic times. So have designed our subscriptions to offer exceptional value on our organic coffees and smoothies,” says Dean Kowarski, CEO of Kauai’s parent company Real Foods.

Real Foods CEO, Dean Kowarski

The unlimited organic coffee subscription allows customers to redeem any short hot drink every two hours for 30 days. (up to 240 coffees over the 30 days) for a subscription of R299. A subscription for one small daily smoothie for 15 days costs R199, while a 30-day smoothie package costs R375, all available on Kauai’s app.

How it works

The subscriptions are purchased on the Kauai app, which is compatible with Android and Apple devices. Customers receive a subscription voucher in the app, which indicates how many coffees/smoothies have been redeemed, and how many remain.

Orders can be placed at any of Kauai’s 150 stores, with customers simply scanning the app to redeem their drink. Customers can also order on the app for delivery or for contactless collection in-store, to help maintain social distancing.

The launch subscriptions will be available until 28 February 2021 and further subscriptions are expected to be launched soon.

Subscription benefits

Kowarski says that the novel subscription service builds on Kauai’s strengths and reputation for great dining experiences, healthy food and honest ingredients. “Customers get their favourite drink at a lower price. This allows them to enjoy the luxury of organic coffee every 2 hours or daily smoothies at a significantly better value. It’s also more convenient, as they buy once, and then simply scan the app to redeem their drink at their next order,” says Kowarski.

The subscription model also makes business sense. “Subscriptions create recurring revenue by offering customers another reason to visit Kauai and build loyalty by nurturing long-term relationships with customers. We anticipate new customer acquisition to be fuelled by subscriptions,” he says.

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