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Cassper Drippin’ in a collab

On the 8th of June, Cassper Nyovest and Lekau Sehoana, Founder of Drip footwear made a mind blowing announcement of a partnership worth millions, R100 Million to be exact.

Cassper Nyovest and Lekau Sehoana

Family Tree (Caspers record label which also produces clothing) announced a collaboration with Drip, a local sneaker brand, the two have partnered up to give us what they have named The Legacy Deal.

Many people, fans and haters of the award winning rapper took to social media streets to share their thoughts, and as expected, most comments were focused on the money! Questions like “how much is Casper worth?”, “Is Drip even worth that much?” and “Where does all of this money come from?” came up.

Here’s what I think

My stance in this whole situation is the its good that we have local brands and personalities coming together to support one another and to build great things that will benefit them and the economy. Many media personalities usually partner with big international brands and overlook all the talent that we have to offer as locals, if other people follow suit, we will go far as a country.

This announcement took me back to the top 100 most admired brands announced by Brand Africa on Africa Day last month, only 13% of the most admired brands are from Africa, Its mind boggling that Africans themselves least prefer goods and brands that are made by their own.

I take my hats off to Family Tree and Drip for this, people are largely influenced by celebrities and when partnerships like these happen, it encourages the masses to support local, this is the direction we as Africans should be taking to put our ourselves in the competitive ring of economic growth because at the end of the day, the growth of local businesses filters down to the growth of the nation.

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