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Image: BizCommunity

Closing the month of June, Cadbury Lunch Bar has stood out as our Brand of the Month, captivating audiences with its innovative marketing campaign and impactful community engagements. A VML recent 360 ad campaign for Cadbury Lunch Bar has found its way to deeply resonate with consumers, bringing up a relatable and memorable character to enhance brand visibility and appeal.

The Rise of LunchBarMan

In June, Lunch Bar launched their engaging advertising campaign featuring a self-confessed LunchBarMan; Bra Lucas Baloyi, who is a retired teacher and conspiracy theorist.

According to the agency behind the ad; VML, the campaign began on TikTok with Bra Lucas sharing some of his otherworldly theories. TikTok creators started posting their own takes under the hashtag #thelunchbarman including CCTV footage of Bra Lucas having a peek into the Cadbury Lunch Bar factory to look for clues with his alien scanner — the PUDDNo8.

A longer advertisement launched a few days later, providing a more detailed glimpse into the Cadbury Lunch Bar-obsessed world of Bra Lucas, says the agency.

VML says, jumping onto the nostalgia trend that’s so rife in pop culture and paving the way for Cadbury Lunch Bar’s 60th anniversary next year, it pays tribute to classic Lunch Bar advertisements, such as Much More Munch Bar with Makatini and Oviaas.

Image: The Lunch Bar Man

Social Media Engagement

Through this campaign, Lunch Bar has effectively utilized social media platforms to amplify the reach of LunchBarMan. The campaign sparked vibrant conversations and interactions among users, further solidifying Lunch Bar’s presence in the digital landscape. With this campaign, Lunch Bar has successfully grown a stronger connection with its audience.

Support for Personalities and Influencers

Moreover, Cadbury Lunch Bar’s commitment to community extends beyond its own campaigns. In the month of June, the brand reinforced its dedication to supporting others by becoming a sponsor of the Top Personalities and Influencers category at the prestigious 3rd Annual Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards (YOBAs).

Cadbury Lunch Bar is dedicated to supporting Africans who strive for much much more in their creative endeavours and professional pursuits. The collaboration with the YOBAs reflects their commitment to nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset among the youth.

Cadbury Lunch Bar has made a significant impact, gaining acclaim and consumer loyalty. The success of LunchBarMan and the brand’s continuous support at the YOBAs highlight Lunch Bar’s commitment to both innovation and social responsibility.

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