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Brands you wish you knew were South African

It certainly would not be a shocking claim to say that international brands are usually associated with good quality for the average South African. When someone comes across a product that seems to be of quality, it is easy for them to assume that it’s a product with its origin from international countries. This following information means everyone gets to see how the country stand out and innovate. These are the brands we will be highlighting.

American Swiss

American Swiss Picture: Sourced

This first brand is almost guaranteed to make people gasp, mainly due to the name. American Swiss is one of the largest jewellery stores in the country, with multiple stores in different provinces across the country. The company was started shortly after the founder, Isiah Hirschonn arrived in South Africa in 1896. He arrived with a suitcase filled with watches, some Swiss and others American. Soon after, the business opened its doors in Cape Town.

American Swiss really began to bloom around 1967 when Foschini approached the company in order to have American Swiss in its stores outside of Cape Town. At this moment, Clive Hirschonn came to realise how big American Swiss could be if backed by Foschini and Stanley Lewis, so he agreed to the offer of being taken over. That is how South Africa got its own jewellery giant.


Superbalist Picture: Sourced

Another brand that had its humble beginnings in South Africa is the famous online fashion retailer known as Superbalist. What is interesting is that this was not even its first name, the platform was launched as Citymob in November of 2013. The brand platform began to use the name Superbalist in 2013.

The brand extended its reach beyond the fashion industry and into the larger lifestyle category. Superbalist is constructed upon three verticals which is the male fashion, female fashion, and the areas that its customers call home. It released the mobile app in late 2015, and the third of its sales are recorded through it, demonstrating how important mobile is for reaching the millennial market. It’s inspiring to see that much like the US with Amazon, SA is able to have its own online retail platform that became a household name.


Fabiani Picture: Sourced

Dont let the fancy sounding name fool you, Fabiani was founded in South Africa , in 1978. It is devoted to Italian-inspired design and tailoring, as well as distinctive craftsmanship, excellent construction, and striking colours. The brand’s initial concentration was on selling premium suits, but as luxury casual wear, shoes, and accessories were gradually added, clients now have access to a full range of menswear options. The brand has grown to have a reputation of being associated with being more upperclass.

Their online store and their retail locations around South Africa carry The Fabiani Collection. Along with their seasonal in-house designs, they also carry a number of foreign brands, such as G-Star RAW, Happy Socks, and Comme des Garçons Perfums.

Relay Jeans

Relay Jeans Picture: Sourced

Relay Jeans is an original, authentic, and proudly South African brand of denim. Relay Jeans brand is more than simply denim, it’s about all the fashions that go into a denim-centric way of life. In a way it the brand represents a culture. Relay also offers fashion that includes the freshest styles and the newest undeniably denim trends.

Although South Africa has been producing high-quality goods for us, it is never at the forefront when it comes to the most well-known brands, but the country continues to build and create brands every year, bigger brands at that. People need to get know these brands, and to support them.

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