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Brand of the Month: Jazz Apparel & Designs

If there is one South African lifestyle brand that is really doing the most it has to be Jazz Apparel & Designs. The brand produces quality and trendy clothes for both men and women.

Jazz Apparel and Designs
Jazz Apparel and Designs Ladies T shirt

Here’s the background info about Jazz Apparel & Designs and the man behind it.

Founder: Melisizwe Notwala

Age: 33

Area: From the Eastern Cape, Tarkastad but residing in Johannesburg, GP

Profession: Marketing and Brand Management

Brand manifesto: Celebrate life in style

Melisizwe Notwala founder of Jazz Apparels and Designs
Jazz Apparel & Designs Founder Melisizwe Notwala

How did it all start? Why fashion?

The inspiration came from music, jazz. I’m a creative soul and I brainstorm while listening to music (Jazz or Orchestra).  I was playing “Water from an Ancient Well” by the legendary Abdullah Ibrahim and “jazz” came to life.

Jazz Apparel & Designs Mens Knitwear

The idea was to start business around music (create lifestyle events with a touch of jazz where patrons would be entertained with live jazz) and the brand name was strategically created from the music genre.  However the business model changed when I thought of a profitable way to complement the events and that was to create clothing and accessories. Then one idea led to another and jazz evolved.

Why the name Jazz?

“Jazz” resonates with positive energy, love, and happiness. The brand name is universal, accommodate all races and people from all walks of life.  Making it very easy to identify/ recognise and remember (brand personality).

Jazz Apparel & Designs Ladies Knitwear
Jazz Apparel & Designs ladies knitwear

How can people experience your brand?

With the new age of digital era, one can connect with the brand through online media  (social media platforms @jazzapparel) or lifestyle events/ pop-ups countrywide.

What are some of highlights/
biggest achievements for Jazz?

Building a formidable lifestyle brand takes time, however within a space of 2 years of our existence through research and development we have managed to introduce/ test the brand differently from the traditional methods used in the fashion industry and proud to say that the market is immensely positive and excited about the brand.  With customers from all corners of SA and abroad, from all walks of life through our personal approach & brand experience the brand is growing.

Jazz Apparel & Designs Ladies T shirt

 What makes your brand exceptional?

The brand’s personality (class with a touch of soul), designs and premium quality.

Jazz Apparel & Designs Men Summer Wear

Where do you see your brand in the next 3 years?

Having a strong footprint and market share countrywide.

What advise can you give someone wanting to start their own brand?

Think around 4IR,  research (need analysis), think sustainability, be futuristic/ live in the future (integrate digitally) and invest strategically.

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