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In the midst of Nairobi’s busy streets, an idea came to life in the year 2020, birthing The Hills Collection Candles. What began as a modest experiment in a family kitchen blossomed into a beacon of passion, sustainability, and excellence, dedicated to illuminating lives one candle at a time.

The Birth of The Hills Collection

Driven by a desire to infuse homes with ambiance and relaxation during the COVID-19 pandemic, the founders, a dynamic duo of sisters, embarked on a journey to create candles that surpassed mere fragrance. They envisioned candles that would not only evoke serenity but also champion sustainability and excellence.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, my sister and I felt the need to make our space at home more ambient, enjoyable, and relaxing since we had to be indoors throughout that period. We did our research and as we thought to make these candles for ourselves, however, the idea came to mind that we could bridge the scented candle gap in the country,” shares Cheptoo Chirchir, Co-founder.

The journey of crafting each candle is a testament to their commitment to quality. Every candle undergoes thorough testing, spanning over twelve months, so to ensure perfection. From sourcing high-quality raw materials to hand-pouring each candle in their new home studio, precision and excellence are part of every step of the process.

Sustainable Practices and Sustainability Program

The Hills Collection’s key element is sustainability and embracing eco-friendly practices. The duo prioritizes the use of renewable resources and promotes recycling through its innovative sustainability program. This initiative not only reduces waste but also empowers customers to embrace conscious consumption.

“Our sustainability program called ‘Sustaina-hillity’ is a program for our customers, where they can return empty jars for a discount on their next order”.

Central to their mission is the creation of candles that foster moments of calm and mindfulness. Each fragrance is carefully curated, transforming any space into a sanctuary amidst the chaos of daily life.

“We select our fragrances from different suppliers, depending on the collection or theme we are working on that season. Then produce sample candles which we burn ourselves. We also give some to our friends and family, then use the feedback to decide on the scents. Each scent and collection tell a different story inspired by different experiences”.

Overcoming Challenges

However, as most businesses do, at The Hills they also came across challenges in their journey which was not only the transitioning to a new studio.

“We have faced quite several challenges, which is expected. The biggest we would mention though, is getting the Kenyan market to respond to the idea of purchasing candles and creating a habit of burning candles. Moreover, we wanted them to get used to the idea that high-quality products can be made in Kenya, by Kenyans. During our journey though, we have learned that every challenge is an opportunity to grow and expand our reach,” Cheptoo concludes.

The Hills Collection’s Future Plans

Looking ahead, The Hills Collection envisions expanding its product portfolio with unique candle collections, continuously responding to the evolving needs of its customers. While currently available in Kenya, Rwanda, and South Sudan, they are open to shipping to South Africa upon request.

To shop for The Hills Collection’s exquisite candles, customers can connect through Instagram @thehills.collection or visit their website  For SA customers, shipping arrangements can be made.

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