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Tausi App, a BeautyTech company, has emerged as a beacon of innovation in the beauty industry, bridging the gap in the beauty industry between beauticians and clients with its intuitive platform. Tausi App aims to transform the beauty industry and the way people connect with beauty professionals in Africa.

Founder of Tausi App, Amos Kimani from Nairobi, Kenya, takes us through the visionary behind Tausi App, he delves into the inspiration, strategies, and future aspirations of his transformative venture.

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The birth of Tausi App

As a former popular musician in Kenya, Amos experienced first-hand challenges in finding the on-the-go beauty services, which then sparked the idea for Tausi App.

“I always wanted beauty services for myself and my dancers on my video sets, but finding a beautician on the go was always hard compared to finding an Uber driver. This realization sparked the vision for the Tausi App. My aim with Tausi App is not about bridging the gap in the beauty industry, but also to provide opportunities for self-employment to beauticians while offering convenient, personalized beauty services to users,” shares Amos.

Ensuring Quality and Professionalism

With now over 20,000 clients served and 6,000 beauticians onboarded, Tausi App’s rapid growth can be accredited to a combination of factors. Moreover, their commitment to ensuring quality services and professionalism among onboarded beauticians has been key for Tausi App.  

To maintain high standards of service, Amos says they make use of regular assessments, feedback mechanisms, and ongoing training sessions to keep beauticians updated with industry trends. Also, their seamless user experience has fostered customer loyalty.

Furthermore, Amos says their app’s unique features, including AI-driven personalized beauty services and community engagement, sets the app apart in the market. “We strive to strike a balance between providing luxury services and ensuring affordability. By catering to diverse needs and budgets, Tausi App remains inclusive while maintaining quality standards.

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Prioritizing Safety and Peace of Mind

 He adds, “We implement a rigorous onboarding process, including partnerships with reputable beauty colleges for training. Our search process benefits both beauty seekers and beauticians alike. Beauty seekers can easily find the right professional based on their specific needs and preferences, while beauticians gain visibility and access to a broader clientele, Amos Explains.

To prioritize the safety and peace of mind of both clients and beauticians, Tausi App has implemented healthy security features.

“To us, background checks, identity verification, and user ratings are integral parts of our platform. Then the in-app communication system facilitates secure interactions, with a dedicated support team ready to address any concerns promptly”.

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Shaping the Future of Beauty

Tausi App has been instrumental in terms of impact on job creation in communities, “by providing beauticians with opportunities for self-employment, we contribute to economic empowerment at the grassroots level. The platform’s growth generates indirect employment opportunities, further benefiting local communities”.

Despite challenges faced along the journey, including regulatory hurdles and market dynamics, Tausi App remains resilient.

“Looking ahead, our future plans include geographical expansion to reach more users and beauticians across Africa. We aim to continually innovate, leveraging emerging technologies to enhance our services. Community engagement will remain a focus, fostering a supportive network for beauticians. Tausi App envisions being a key player in shaping the future of the beauty industry, combining inclusivity, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology to deliver unparalleled experience,” Amos concludes.

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