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A taste of Petals from Paris by Just Teddy

If you’re looking for something fresh, new, and breathtaking this holiday season, be sure to check out Just Teddy!. As the Christmas season approaches, many people begin to wonder what special dishes and desserts will dazzle their dinner tables.

Juat Teddy Cook Book
Image: Supplied

Just Teddy-Boulangerie & Pâtisserie have released their first cookbook which they have been working on for years .The book is titled: “Just Teddy – Petals from Paris”. In this remarkable book, Teddy Zaki and his family guide readers on their journey of building an outstanding bakery. They share impressive recipes and special ways to prepare unique and delicious dishes.

Just Teddy Cook book inside
Image: Supplied

The pages of this book are like a trip down memory lane. From the simple Coloured Cupcakes and the delectable Chocolate Ganache Tart – which were on Just Teddy’s first counter at the food market located at 1 Fox. All the way to a magnificent variation on a basic Macaron recipe for Ispahan and Persian Love Cake. This book will turn even the most reluctant bakers among us into master bakers.

Get your hands on a copy

Image: Supplied

Just Teddy – Petals from Paris will be on sale on the 25th of November. This books will be sold at a value R650 with a custom, limited edition book cover(pictured above left) and R550 without a book cover.

Books can be purchased at or at Just Teddy’s Hyde Park Corner store.

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