Valentine’s day is right around the corner, and with it comes all the chocolate boxes, the themed date nights, teddy bears, and flowers for our loved ones. If you are among the people who enjoy gifting your friends, family, and even your partner on 14 February, perhaps this year, you could consider buying local. We are just as tired of harping on the global pandemic as you are, but it was something that no one could prepare for.

The local economy was hit the most during the lockdown and what better way to help give things a much-desired push, than by shopping local? These two awesome brands featured on this list are a sure-fire way to show your bae, your best friend, your mom, or anyone for that matter, just how much you adore them- or simply showing yourself some much needed TLC.

Fox Hair Essentials- The Brand

Nombulelo Fox founded Fox Hair Essentials was established in 2020. As an extension of her Fox And The Fro brand – a platform dedicated to producing hair content that which also helps educate many others about natural hair.

Fox Hair essentials Logo

“There’s a lot that the South African natural hair community is missing and one of those, is the number of businesses specialising in providing hair essentials and accessories – which is what made me enter the space and start Fox Hair Essentials”, shares Nombulelo.

The products

Microfiber towels – Helps dry your hair without any manipulation or excessive dryness due to its soft fibers, unlike regular cotton towels. Microfiber towels keep your hair intact meaning no breakage or knotting.

The Microfibre Towels from the collection. image: Nombulelo Fox

Detangling combs – Helps detangle the hair making it easier for you to wash, condition, treat and style your hair. Helps break any knotting that your hair may have. Plus, less tension on the hair.

Shop the products here.

Ya Sama Body Care -The Brand

Founded by Samane Molwantwa in 2020. Ya Sama Body Care provides carefully handcrafted, all-natural body-care products, suitable for the entire family. “Growing up, I had really good skin until my teenage years. Throughout my 20s, my skin became sensitive. I would read about homemade remedies and try them out using ingredients I would find in the kitchen”, Samane recollects.

After receiving positive feedback from friends and family, she decided to take the leap in 2020. “The fact that we need to create our own skincare brands under the African sun, well suited for our African skin was of paramount importance for me”, she says.

The name of the brand Ya Sama means “mine”, ‘Ya’ implies possession in Setswana, while Sama– is a nickname derived from her name Samane.

The Products

The recent collection features a range of products designed to help the skin glow, stay hydrated and allows you to create an at-home spa experience.

Image by: Ndumiso Khumalo

The body care brand prides itself on having selected the best calming scents, including coffee, hazelnut, and vanilla which are best for aromatherapy.

Glycerine Soap– An unscented soap, suitable for the entire family and for all skin types.  The Glycerine Soap is also available in a lightly scented, coffee bean infused version.

Body Oil– A hydrating oil to help soothe the skin and protect from dryness.

Image by: Ndumiso Khumalo

Body Scrub– Enriched with linseed to help purify the skin.

Facial and Body cream– a moisturizing cream to help reduce skin issues.

To shop the products, head on over to the Facebook or Instagram page.

Skinny Sbu Socks- The Brand

Although socks may be on the list of things not to gift for Valentine’s Day- these are not just any basic socks. For many people, socks are not very glamourous, however, for Sibusiso Ngwenya, the Skinny Sbu Socks are a super stylish accessory to any outfit.

Although socks may be on the list of things not to gift for Valentine’s Day- these are not just any basic socks. For many people, socks are not very glamourous, however, for Sibusiso Ngwenya, the Skinny Sbu Socks are a super stylish accessory to any outfit.

Sbu- as he’s affectionately known- founded the locally-made luxury sock brand after struggling with his pants not being long enough while growing up. He recollects this struggle, “I am 1.9m tall and while growing up my pants were often not long enough and my socks would always show. I began to pay a lot of attention to the type of socks I wore because they were always on display,” he says.

After collecting hundreds of branded socks with fun prints to complement his outfits, Sbu realised he could start his own business and thus, Skinny Sbu Socks was born-with only R70- he was able to build the luxury sock brand we know today.

The Products

The brand boasts a collection of various styles and bright, daring colours to choose from. Donning stripes, geometric shapes and the iconic triple S brand logo-to take any outfit from drab, to stylish. Sbu describes the brand as made for men who want to look good whether in a suit or a pair of jeans and sneakers. The fashionable socks go with any outfit, for any occasion.

Most recently, the Skinny Sbu Socks brand has added a range of sports-friendly socks, t-shirts as well as masks to their repertoire. Available in an array of different, vibrant colours and all adorned with the Skinny Sbu Socks logo. Shop all the items here.


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