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#POBInsiders: Is Social Media doing more for artists than Galleries ever did?

It is and has always been almost every artist’s dream to have a fancy exhibition and to meet the “who’s who” of the art world, admire your work. The art world is a hard place to break into, especially with so many gatekeepers, but the reward is so worth it. However, this is an opportunity granted to very few artists.

Change came about when social media made its arrival – Instagram – to be exact. Has put so many artists on the map, but not without posing its own challenges. Artists are now left to their own devices, running their own businesses while keeping the creative process moving.

Its all about the platform.

Instagram tends to be a tad bit restrictive to a lot of artists and their art forms, but no one can deny that social media spreads awareness like wildfire, all you need is one, two or for good measure – ten shares and, if a person of influence notices it and posts your work, you can end up having a whole day of followers streaming on to your page.

The start of a lucrative career. it is up to you on how you capitalize on it.

Social media has given unknown creatives from all over the world the tools to connect and to start profitable businesses that eventually led to fame of some sort. You the creative do not have to possess a degree to be worthy of success all you need is talent, passion, drive, internet, and a smart device.

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