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New 2021 Nissan Navara Pro 4X Review

There are bakkies but there is the Nissan Navara Pro 4X. Before I get to share with you how my experience was with the new Nissan Navara, I think it is important to mention that it is built right here in South Africa. This shows the commitment that Nissan has to the South African market. The most exciting part is that it is built for local conditions.

Now, let’s get into the review.

The looks

Nissan Navara Pro 4X front

The Nissan Navara Pro 4x is an absolute head-turner. It is that one ride that will get you showered with compliments everywhere you go. It looks rugged and bold at the same time. Whilst reviewing the car, I had many instances where people stopped me and ask me about the car and gave compliments.

The exterior

The black-on-black detail (bumper, side mirrors, side-skirts, grille etc.) really worked wonders on the Navara. The u-shaped bonnet makes it look more chunky and muscular. It commands respect. The Navara PRO-4X (4×4) comes standard with 255/65 R17 front tyres and 255/65 R17 rear tyres with black rims. It is also fitted with LED headlamps and as well as fog lights. When driving during the night and the headlights are on bright when another approaches they automatically adjust themselves.

Nissan Navara Pro -4X

On the rear, you get a sloping back that makes it look like it’s got a spoiler, which is cool. It also has a reverse camera and sensors. The payload capacity is 1,017 KG.

The interior

When you step inside the new Nissan Navara Pro 4X, you step into comfort. I know it may sound contradictory given its rugged exterior. It’s got soft black leather seats with red and white stitches. The driver’s seat is electronically adjustable. It is also equipped with digital dials well as an infotainment touchscreen, two USB ports – one in the front and another at the back as well as a TYPE C port positioned under the armrest.

Nissan Navara Pro 4X

In terms of storage, there is a place to store everything. In the font, you get two cupholders by the dashboard and in the center too. On the door sides, you get bottle storage as well. There is a couple of places where you can put your smartphone on. There’s also sunglass storage.

2021 Nissan Navara showing heated front seats


The Nissan Navara Pro 4x is one of the most technologically advanced bakkies I’ve ever driven, thanks to Nissan Intelligent Mobility. On the instrument cluster, you get a multi-information screen also known as the Advanced Drive-Assist Display in the middle which shows fuel economy, blindspot monitor, music etc. Under the side mirrors, you get cameras that give you a 360 degrees view of the car which is very accurate.

As mentioned earlier, it’s got an electrically controlled driver’s seat as well as the rear window. It also comes with AppleCar Play as well as Android Auto.

The Drive

As I always say, the real proof of any car is in the driving. The Nissan Navara Pro-4X is a real joy to drive – on and off-road. I got to drive it on the winding roads of Schoemanskloof in Mpumalanga, gravel roads of Limpopo, and on the busy streets of Johannesburg. On all occasions, the Navara delivered a smooth and nimble drive. All thanks to the 2.5-litre single-turbo diesel engine that produces 140 kW and 450 Nm of torque and 7-speed. When you put the foot down on the accelerator it goes.

Given the fact that the Nissan Navara Pro-4X is diesel-powered, you will expect the drive to be quite loud like other diesel bakkies. This is not the case with Navara, it delivers a smooth and quiet drive.

In terms of fuel consumption, as you know it depends on your driving style. On a good drive, I averaged 7.8 L/100KM which is below the claimed 8.1 L/100KM. On a bad drive, the average was 9.1 L/100Km.


The Nissan Navara Pro 4X is well priced, starting at R740 000 incl. VAT.

Does the Nissan Navara Pro 4X get a Pat or a Slap?

In conclusion, the Nissan Navara Pro 4X gets a Pat on many fronts including – the drive and the price.

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