Imbokodo Stan: Pelontle Mosimege founder of She Brigade

Pelontle Mosimege, She Brigade

“There’s power in allowing yourself to be known and heard, in owning your unique story, in using your authentic voice. And there’s grace in being willing to know and hear others,”

Michelle Obama wrote in Becoming.

Pelontle Mosimege does just this with her platform She Brigade the Podcast. A platform where women come to share the stories and share inspiring insights on all that has led them to become the amazing phenomenal women that they are today. The podcast aims to empower and inspire through storytelling, to show young people how other women that look like them have navigated the spaces they are in or wish to enter.

When I first heard of She Brigade, I was intrigued. I thought that there was finally a podcast that afforded me the opportunity to meet with trailblazing African female leaders across different industries in South Africa and hear their story without having to catch up with almost every high-tea or seminar.

She Brigade Instagram
Image Source: She Brigade Instagram

The women interviewed on She Brigade come from various industries including the Art Director of Forbes Africa- Lucy Nkosi, global Award-winning Chef and Founder of The Lazy Makoti- Mogau Seshoene, Africa’s First Female Dredge Master – Londy Ngcobo, Youth Activist- Amonge Sinxoto, Commercial Pilot- Sive Mfenyana just to name a few. She Brigade has also collaborated with the In Good Company Business Festival where on-site event interviews were conducted. 

The podcast has received over 42,000 downloads to date and has a YouTube channel, a blog and a newsletter as supporting formats.

The Brains Behind She Brigade

She Bigrade founder – Pelontle Mosimege

From Mahikeng in the North West and currently based in Gauteng, Pelontle crafts the stories of black women’s lives. Stories that are unfiltered and authentic.

The consistency and effort that is put into the work pays off too. Pelontle was recently announced as part of the 2020 Mail & Guardian’s 200 Young South Africans under the Civil Society category. The Mail & Guardian 200 Young South Africans is a list of individuals the Mail & Guardian considers to be the most influential for the year.  

Pelontle has a strong academic background, as she started her career in corporate, Information Technology(IT) in particular. During her journey in IT she noticed the lack of accessibility to female leadership minds that she could tap into and learn from. As a result, she decided to take matters into her own hands and created a platform to bridge this gap. Based on the premise that “you cannot become that which you cannot see”, Pelontle founded the She Brigade podcast. 

A Business Analyst & Certified Usability Analyst by profession, she holds a bachelors and honours degrees in Informatics where her academic achievements earned her a Golden Key membership at the University of Pretoria. 

The likes of courageous women such a Pelontle are paving the way for black, young and ambitious women who are looking to venture into the fast growing podcast industry, while still having a day job. The She Brigade platform acts a seed of service towards the success of others through its use of storytelling.

She is the kind of Imbokodo we Stan.

Watch our Insta Live with Pelontle here.

Pat on Brands Ode To Women

Pat on Brands Ode to Women

Ladies, this one is for you.

As you might have seen on our social media platforms, in August we launched the Pat on Brands Dialogues – Imbokodo Edition to celebrate all the dynamic women who have touched our lives in this lifetime.

Those who raised us, those we have crossed paths with, those we are yet to meet, and even those we will never personally meet. You know how it goes.

The Founder of Pat on Brands, Pat Mahlangu also decided that the Pat on Brands logo would go pink for the duration of August 2020. This was an extension of the brand’s ode to phenomenal women.

The Imbokodo that we stan.

The introduction of Imbokodo Stan

We also Introduced our very first #ImbokodoStan, which is an opportunity for us shine light on women who are doing amazing work with their brands in their respective fields every Wednesday.

We started with Margo Fargo, an environmentalist and the founder of @grindacoffeeco and @far_gostraws

Margo Fargo
Image Source: Twitter

Next we had the Founders of handcrafted Sedima Shea Butter, Prudence ‘Miss Pru’ Sebalo and Dimakatso Matebane.

Sedima Sheer Butter
Prudence ‘Mis Pru’ Sebalo and Dimakatso Matebane
Image source: Sedima Sheer Butter website

Cloud restaurant queen, Neo Nontso

Our debut heritage month #ImbokodoStan is Neo Nontso. A South African self-taught chef and businesswoman best known for her online food business Dine With Neo. She refers to her online business as a cloud restaurant that operates online on Uber Eats.

Neo Nontso
Image Source: News24

Neo Nontso  started her business by sharing her succulent looking recipes on her Instagram page Dine With Neo. She realised that there was a need for home cooked food and that people want that just as much as they consume fast foods. She became our very own convenient and digital recipe ‘book’ and we all just ran to her page as soon as she revealed that she too can cook up that KFC magic. The cravings had really got to us during level 5 of lockdown.

DWN Herbs and Spices
Image Source: DWN website

This consists of 8 of the most essential spices for your kitchen, a mixture of your herbs, spices, salt & pepper. The collection includes: Coarse Salt, Black Peppercorns, Smoked Paprika, Curry Powder, Onion Powder & Garlic Powder, Thyme and Oregano

Neo Nontso ensured that DWN Herbs & Spices are carefully selected with precision and love for your enjoyment, making every Herb & Spice speaks to every recipe. 

Visit to order your own set of spices.

A huge Pat on all the Imbokodo out there doing great with their brands!

Pat on Brands Dialogues seeks to amplify the women voice.

Two black females

Pat on Brands is proud to announce the Pat on Brands Dialogues – Imbokodo Edition to celebrate women’s month. The Imbokodo Edition will see young female professionals in the marketing and communications taking the driver’s seat of the Dialogues. The line-up of the storytellers will feature women only.

The young professionals look up to the storytellers and getting an opportunity to interact with them first hand will result in bridging the inter-generational knowledge gap.  

Since its inception, this will be the first time in the history of the Pat on Brands Dialogues, that the Dialogues will not be hosted by the platform’s founder, Thokozani Pat Mahlangu but by dynamic young women in the marketing and communications sector.

Mahlangu says, “the Imbokodo Edition of the Pat on Brands Dialogues seeks to amplify the voices of the women in the industry and enable them to take up space in an industry that is known for lack of transformation. On the other hand, the storytellers will be passing down wisdom and re-energizing the future captains of industry”.

The Pat on Brands Dialogues were founded on the basis of using storytelling as a way of bridging the knowledge gap between the younger generation of marketers and the more seasoned marketers. The first episode of the Imbokodo Edition will be a Dialogue between Hazel Shozi and Mathe Okaba.

A little bit about Hazel Shozi

Hazel Shozi
Hazel Shozi, Communications Manager: MTN

Hazel Shozi is a dynamic young communications professional who has a bright future ahead of her. Shozi has held various account management roles at agencies before joining corporate.  She holds a BA Degree in Strategic Communications and BA honours in Communication Theory and Media Studies from the University of Johannesburg. Shozi recently completed a Master of Philosophy in Communications Management from the University of Pretoria. She is currently the Communications Manager at MTN.

A little bit about Mathe Okaba

Mathe Okaba
Mathe Okaba, CEO: ACA

Mathe Okaba is no stranger in the advertising and communications industry as she sits at the helm of one of the most respected industry bodies, the Association tor Communication and Advertising (ACA) as its CEO. Okaba is a consummate business professional and entrepreneur with over 23 years’ experience spanning the advertising, media, sponsorship, and events industries. She started off her career in advertising and progressed into media, where she spent a number of years at the SABC, eventually taking on the role of General Manager at SABC 3, the broadcasters’ flagship station. Mathe is currently studying toward her Masters in Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Roehampton in the UK, holds a qualification in Advertising from the AAA School of Advertising, a Certificate in Management Advancement Programme from WITS and a Certificate in Leadership Development Programme from GIBS.

This week’s Dialogue will be unpacking women in leadership, unspoken challenges women experience in boardrooms, and how to navigate these barriers when life throws you in the hot seat.

The Pat on Brands Dialogues will be hosted every Thursday at 4pm in the month of August live on YouTube and Pat on Brands Facebook page.

Register here.