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 Brutal Fruit Spritzer Collaborates with Kelly Rowland for a #YouBelong Campaign.

Kelly Rowland Picture: Supplied

The goal of Brutal Fruit has always been to properly represent and be approachable to all women, by genuinely including everyone and It  is truly living up to that mantra by including them in a genuine way and since the start, South African women have responded favorably to the #YouBelong campaign, which features Kelly Rowland and other strong South African women.

Brutal Fruit Spritzer revealed the full context of their campaign with Kelly Rowland which debuted in 2020 and the initiative behind this campaign is an invitation to all South African superwomen to embrace their strength, feel secure in their worth, and realise that they belong everywhere, with anybody. The campaign focused admirably and sincerely on a broad collection of South African women from various backgrounds, professions, and walks of life, the strong, confident, and relatable individuals on the campaign were bound to evoke feelings of self-awareness in viewers.

During Kelly Rowland’s visit in April 2022, the American artist fell in love with the country, as she is also no stranger to South Africa, she has returned again for the 9 and 10 December 2022.

Brutal Fruit#YouBelong x Kelly Rowland at the press conference

Kelly Rowland,Ramona Kayembe & Thando Thabethe Picture : Supplied

The marketing manager for Brutal Fruit South Africa, Ramona Kayembe, is pleased to welcome again Kelly Rowland in South Africa. In order to give people, the chance to meet the worldwide superstar, recipient of four Grammy Awards, a mother, sister, friend, businessperson, wife, daughter, and an artist in person, converse with her, and take inspiration from her presence.

Brutal Fruit Spritzer is developing events, beginning with a press conference that took place at Leonardo Hotel in Sandton, with Thando Thabethe and the Head of Brand for Brutal Fruit Africa, Ramona Kayembe. The actual event that is coming up on the 10 December 2020 will conclude with a once-in-a-lifetime celebration featuring Brutal Fruit Spritzers that will take place in a surprising undisclosed location.

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