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AwareOrg and its industry partners donate R500 000 in Uber Vouchers

In a deliberate effort to drive behaviour change, the Association for Alcohol Responsibility and Education ( and its industry members, are giving South African consumers the opportunity to arrive home safely, while effectively curbing drinking and driving by donating over R500 000.00 in Uber vouchers in the first of its kind “Pay-It-Forward” designated driver initiative this festive season. This is the first leg of a national designated driver campaign to rollout in 2021.

“While South Africa is notorious for drinking and driving, past campaigns to curb this behaviour have been met with resistance, as people generally don’t want to be told what to do or have their freedoms curtailed,” says Ingrid Louw, CEO of “What we have seen is that we still have a lot of people who are not making use of alternative modes of transport when under the influence of alcohol, and by giving them an opportunity to experience using it, we hope to start driving behavioural change. By gifting consumers with Uber vouchers, we are taking direct action to support our statement of Never drink and drive and Don’t walk drunk.” she adds.  

The newly launched national festive campaign “It’s not just about you” appeals to citizens’ greater sense of responsibility to their loved ones and their fellow South Africans as a whole, and the resultant impact of road fatalities on those left behind. Drinking and driving is illegal, and drinking and walking can be equally dangerous, both leading to hundreds of road fatalities each year.

“By offering consumers real, practical solutions to get home safely, we are not only saving lives, but increasing awareness of the very real dangers of drunken driving and helping South Africans pay forward lifesaving driver vouchers to their friends and family,” Louw says.

The initiative forms part of the 2020 Festive Season National Road Safety Campaign, a multifaceted stakeholder effort that involves a combination of zero-tolerance, visible law enforcement, a national education drive and a call to action, which includes the provision of safer alternatives to getting home.

Through a comprehensive campaign, consumers will be encouraged to sign up for the “Pay-It-Forward” offer and nominate friends or family who will receive a voucher.

“The effectiveness of this campaign, which will be rolled out nationally to reach as many South Africans as possible, will be amplified by executions on digital, social media and community radio. This is just the start of a focused drive by industry to inculcate a culture of designated driving in South Africa,” concludes Louw.

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