What to expect at the Festival of Youth-Owned Brands

Get ready for an extraordinary event that celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative talents of South African youth. The Festival of Youth-Owned Brands will precede the Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards brought to you by Standard Bank. The Festival promises an unforgettable experience as it showcases the top youth-owned brands in South Africa at the richest square mile in Africa.

The Festival will be held on the 14th and 15th of June 2023 at the Sandton Convention Centre, starting from 09:00 to 17:00 on Day 1 and 09:00 to 15:00 on Day 2, followed by the highly anticipated award ceremony at 18:00.

The Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards recognize and honor excellence among the youth, acknowledging their significant contributions not only to the South African economy but also to the country’s overall image. The festival serves as a platform for these exceptional young entrepreneurs to showcase their brands, products, and services to a diverse audience, offering an immersive entertainment experience.

Discover the best of youth-owned brands

Throughout the two days, attendees will be immersed in an atmosphere buzzing with entrepreneurial energy. They will have the opportunity to engage directly with the brand creators, interact with the showcased products and services, and discover exciting local brands they may not have been aware of before. Supporting local businesses and learning about their unique offerings will be at the forefront of this festival.

Thebe Ikalafeng

Over 30 speakers

The Festival is dedicated to creating opportunities for the youth, and as such, many young people are involved in bringing the festival to life. Renowned marketers and entrepreneurs, including Thebe Ikalafeng, Lebo Lion, Bulelani Balabala, Miles Kubheka, Tshepo Mohala, and Mbali Sebapu, will conduct insightful masterclasses.

Great entertainment

Expect extraordinary entertainment throughout the festival, as young performers take the stage and captivate the audience with their vibrant energy. Among the talented line-up is DJ & Producer, Daliwonga.

In addition to performances and masterclasses, the festival will offer engaging activities that encourage participation, creating an immersive and dynamic experience for all attendees. This event is not only a celebration of the passion, drive, and talent of youth-owned brands, but also a recognition of the expressive visionaries.

The festival will culminate in the highly anticipated award ceremony on the 15th of June at 18:00, where the most expressive and visionary young entrepreneurs will receive the prestigious Top 16 Youth-Owned Brand Award – the Gold Standard of Youth Excellence. This show of excellence will made extra special with performances singer/songwriter, Boohle and Kabza De Small, affectionately known as The King of Mapiano.

Tickets for the Festival of Youth-Owned Brands are available at https://top16yoba.co.za/tickets/. Choose from a range of ticket options, including a 1-Day Pass for R156, 2-Day Pass for R256, Award Show ticket for R716, or the Full Package for R1116.

Head over to the Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards website and buy your ticket today!

Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards Early Bird Tickets Now On Sale

Tickets to the gold standard of youth excellence are officially available!  The Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards brought to you by Standard Bank will be preceded by a two-day festival. Dubbed as the Festival of Youth-Owned Brands, the two-day festival will give youth-owned brands a platform to showcase and sell their products and/or services. The festival aims to acknowledge the contributions these youth-owned brands are making to our economy. 

Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards 2022

Imagine, a shopping mall of South African youth-owned brands, only? For the first time in the African continent, the largest number of youth-owned brands will be housed under one roof for over a two-day period, at the richest square mile in Africa. The festival will take place on the 14th and 15th of June 2023, bringing together trailblazers from across South Africa. On these two days, masterclasses from industry experts, entrepreneurs and the biggest names in entertainment will be in attendance. The official award ceremony will take place on the evening of the 15th of June 2023 with surprise appearances from celebrities. 

Pat Mahlangu: Founder (Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards)

According to Pat Mahlangu, the founder and CEO of the Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards, “If you are passionate about youth excellence and want to support them, then the Festival of Youth-Owned Youth-Owned Bradnds is the place to be. The festival will be filled with celebrating and recognising the best youth-owned brands in South Africa”. 

The ticket sales will be divided into three phases. The pricing for the first phase is as follows: 

Grab your tickets now on Webticket!  Be there or be told.

The Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards Connect with a Technology Category Sponsor.

Top 16 YOBA trophy

The Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards are ecstatic to announce the partnership with  Telkom as the technology category sponsor. This category focuses on brands that produce and sell goods and services in electronics, as well as other industries related to IT including apps. 

Telkom serves a broad customer base ranging from individual customers, SMME to large enterprise. The telecommunications giant has diverse offerings, enabling true digital convergence. Telkom’s proposition includes integrated voice, data, fixed, mobile, IT and data centre solutions that strive to connect customers to a better life. They aim to provide deep and credible relationships and a distinctive customer experience for their customers.   

Telkom continues to be an ally of celebrating and honouring young people for the work that they do in cyberspace. They believe in the criticality of supporting youth-owned brands across South Africa, hence the partnership with the Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards. Visibility and accessibility of youth to the necessary tools is requisite to building and driving growth of their business and growth in South Africa.  

Pat Mahlangu: Founder & CEO (Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards)

“Connectivity is at the centre of growth for every business. Many young people starting businesses build their brands online. We are delighted to have Telkom on board as they offer connectivity solutions that enable growth for youth-owned brands,” says Pat Mahlangu, the founder and CEO of the Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards.  

Masingita Mazibuko: Executive Brand & Marketing (Telkom)

Masingita Mazibuko, Executive Brand & Marketing, Telkom concurs saying, “Telkom is committed to empowering the youth and supporting the growth of local youth-owned brands and innovations. Our sponsorship of the Technology Category is a testament to our dedication to celebrating innovative spirit of the next generation and inspiring young entrepreneurs to leverage the power of technology to unlock their full potential.” 

The Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Announce 2023 Headline Sponsor

The Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards have announced that the awards will be powered up by Standard Bank. This new headline sponsor partnership is a significant step for the awards, as they shine a light on youth excellence.

Taking pride in supporting youth-owned brands in South Africa, Standard Bank aims to deliver sustainable growth throughout the continent. The youth play a huge role in economic growth and putting Africa on the map. The partnership aims to shine a light on the strides the youth is making in South Africa.

Standard Bank’s commitment to growing Africa is summed up through the brand promise ‘It Can Be’. The Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards believe that it certainly can be through empowering and supporting the youth of South Africa and growing their individual brands.

Pat Mahlangu: CEO & Founder (Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards)

“The Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards are an essential platform in today’s South Africa as they celebrate entrepreneurship, particularly given limited employment opportunities faced in the marketplace. These awards are for the ones who worked tirelessly at their craft and stopped at nothing to grow their brands to what it is today. We are delighted to have Standard Bank as the headline partner for this year’s awards contributing to the gold standard of youth excellence” says Pat Mahlangu, the founder and CEO of the Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards.

As the largest financial services organisation in Africa, Standard Bank’s purpose is to drive sustainable and inclusive growth on the continent and is committed to the development of young people.

Lindy-Lou Alexander: Global Head for Personal and Private Banking (Standard Bank)

“We are honoured to support the entrepreneurial energy and drive that are inherently present in the next generation of business leaders as the Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards’ headline sponsor. We’re thrilled to be taking part in yet another significant relationship as part of the 10% movement since it enables us to invest in their potential and assist them in laying the foundation for a more promising and creative future.”, said Global Head for Personal and Private Banking at Standard Bank, Lindy-Lou Alexander

The Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards will be taking place on the 14th & 15th of June 2023. The awards show will be preceded by a two-day festival whereby the largest number of youth-owned brands will be showcasing therein the history of the country.

Here’s what’s new at the 2nd Annual Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards 2023

The 2nd Annual Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards were recently launched at the classy Solo Restaurant in Sandton. The launch was attended by members of the media, marketers and key stakeholders. Hosted by the 2022 Top 16 Youth-Owned Brand Awards winner, Pamela Mtanga, the launch served as not only an entertainment session but also an information session with the relevant stakeholders.  

The Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards are an award ceremony that celebrates young, gifted and determined brand owners. From the announcement of a new category to a two-day Festival of Youth-Owned Brands – The Gold Standard of Youth Excellence is set to be bigger than ever. The name ‘Top 16’ originates from June 16, which is Youth Day and the day that the 1967 youth took to the streets to fight for freedom.

According to the convener of the Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards Pat Mahlangu, the awards were established with the purpose of shining light on youth excellence and to challenge the narrative that youth is lazy, apathetic and entitled. 

Pat Mahlangu: Convener of the wards

The platform has proven to be powerful through what it has done for the previous winners and nominees. These awards have shined a light on different youth-owned brands across South Africa. This includes brands such as Delivery Ka Speed, Tshepo Jeans, Podcast and Chill, Maison Space and more.

Here’s what you need to know about the 2023 Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards:  

Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards 2022 trophies
Two-day festival?

Imagine a shopping mall of only South African, youth-owned brands? For the first time in the African continent, the largest number of only youth-owned brands will be housed under one roof for over two days; 14 and 15 June 2023.  

What are the categories?

The Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards include a wide variety of categories, namely Accessories, Beverages, Agriculture, Beauty, Apparel, Homeware, Media, NPO Charities, Education, Personalities and Influencers, Footwear, Food, Travel and Tourism, Technology, Services and newly introduced category, Health and Wellness. 

Is it only in Gauteng?

The Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards team will be embarking on a nationwide roadshow to create more awareness about the awards and to educate the youth about the importance of marketing and branding. Provinces such as KZN, Western Cape, Gauteng and Limpopo can expect to be a part of these masterclasses. 

How do you nominate? 

When the inaugural Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards were launched, they were housed under the Pat on Brands website. For 2023 and beyond all the information about the awards will be available on the brand-new website: www.top16yoba.co.za. The public can nominate their favourite youth-owned brands via the website. Nominations close on 20 April 2023. 

Who qualifies?

In order for brands to qualify for the Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards, they need to meet the following criteria:  

  • Must be owned and run by people between the ages of 18 and 35. 
  • The brand must be older than 1 year 
  • The brand must have a website (not mandatory) with the brand name as its domain. 
  • The brand must be active on social media 
  • Must be operating in one (or more) of the listed categories. 
  • Must be South African 
How do you become a part of the judges? 

The 2022 judges will be retained, however, due to the high expected number of entries, there is an open call for additional judges to be nominated to join the jury. Judges can be nominated on Jury Nominations – Top16YOBA 

How do you become a partner?

Various sponsorship opportunities are available for corporates that are looking to support youth-owned brands. Last year’s sponsors included companies such as Sakhumnotho, Reveel, MTN Pulse, Lerato Agency, Khumalo and Mabuya, Global Business School of Entrepreneurship, NikNaks, UJFM and Black Crown. Email info@top16yoba.co.za to become a part of this innovative experience. Last year’s sponsors had the chance to be mentioned through the PR we received, which amounted to the total PR value of R2,424,641.61. 

 The 2023 nominations are now open!  

Sold-Out Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards 2022

You can watch the 2022 Top 16 youth-owned brands awards on: Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards 2022 brought you by Sakhumnotho| Hulisani Ravhele | Thebe Ikalafeng 

Winners of the inaugural Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards announced

Top 16 YOBA trophy

Just a day before commemorating the June 16 Soweto Students Uprising. Pat on Brands, a digital media platform that is always on the Pulse with Brands, announced the winners of its inaugural awards initiative – Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards (YOBA) brought to you by Sakhumnotho Group Holdings.

What Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards Is About

The main aim of YOBA is to recognise the excellence, innovation, and hard work of South African youth-owned brands across 16 categories. The honors were revealed and celebrated on the 15th of June 2022 under the theme ‘Real Recognises Real’ at The Capital: On the Park in Sandton.

More than 500 entrepreneurs, marketers, academics, and celebrities gathered at The Capital: On the Park hotel in Sandton to celebrate and support South African youth-owned brands.

“Any nation that doesn’t invest in its own youth is sabotaging its future. As Sakhumnotho Group Holdings, young people are at the heart of what we do. With a staff complement that averages the age of 34, we’re the true definition of an organisation that believes in young leadership. Having been the naming sponsor for the Top 16 Youth Owned Brands Awards has been a reflection of what we stand for as a world-class Pan-African investment holdings company” says Mosa Ntwampe – Group Head Marketing & Corporate Communication at Sakhumnotho Group Holdings.

Image: Mosa Ntwampe

The esteemed awards were developed by Pat on Brands in partnership with Sakhumnotho Group Holdings (SGH), to recognise and further empower South African brands that are owned and run by the youth between the ages of 18 –35 – to also shine a spotlight on their impact, and extraordinary contribution to the country’s GDP.

Taking From History

The youth of 1976 was fighting a political fight and the youth of today is fighting an economic one. They are the drivers of economic growth and job creation in South Africa. It is for these reasons that youth empowerment and involvement are important to build a stronger economy. According to the IFC report, small businesses employ between 50 and 60% of South Africa’s workforce and contribute 34% of the GPD.

Thebe Ikalafeng – Founder and Chairman of Brand Africa, stated during his keynote address “We need to support local brands because brands build companies and companies hire people and people pay tax and tax builds a country.

Image: Thebe Ikalafeng – Founder of Brand Africa

The top 16 YOBA received 482 highly competitive awards nominations in 16 different categories. Each category had four nominated brands and only one brand with more votes was titled the ‘top brand’ in the respective categories.

“As much as we celebrate young people’s brands, I would like for you to recognize the fact that young people are not sitting folding their hands, they are actually knocking on doors and creating amazing brands that helps our economy grow” says Pat Mahlangu – Founder of Pat on Brands/ Lerato Agency.

A panel of judges consisting of industry award-winners, marketers, thought leaders, and academics, carefully reviewed each entry and evaluated them based on a measurable result to determine the strongest front runner of each category. The nominees were further evaluated by a leading black-owned chartered accountants firm called Khumalo & Mabuya attorneys.

Top 16 List of Winners

Image: Top 16 YOBA trophies

TSHEPO JEANS won the “Overall Top Brand” category sponsored by Sakhumnotho Group Holdings and the top Apparel Brand category award.

The category winners for the inaugural Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards in 2022 are as follows:

  • Overall Top Brand – (Sponsored by Sakhumnotho) – Tshepo Jeans
  • Top Footwear Brand – Bathu

Congratulation to all our winners for building amazing brands that build our economy. We would also like to thank our sponsors, Sakhumnotho Holdings Group, Lerato Agency, Khumalo & Mabuya, Black Crown, Reveel Group, MTN Pulse, Nik Naks, UJ FM and Global School of Entrepreneurship for pulling through for the youth of South Africa.

Sakhumnotho becomes the headline sponsor of the inaugural Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards.

With just 2 weeks away from South Africa’s first-ever youth-owned brands awards, it is with great excitement to announce that one of South Africa’s leading black-owned investment companies, Sakhumnotho Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd, is now the headline sponsor of the inaugural Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards (YOBA)

What The Sponsorship Comes With

The sponsorship is in monetary terms and value-added benefits which will see the winners of the awards walking away with a 3-months business mentorship from one of Sakhumnotho’s subsidiaries – Global Business School of Entrepreneurship (GBSE). They also acquire the naming rights of the awards, therefore, going forward the Top 16 YOBA awards are brought to you by Sakhumnotho Group.

“Pat On Brands sees Sakhumnotho as an ideal partner in helping to reach our ambitious targets of shining the light on the incredible work being accomplished by South Africa’s youth. This collaboration also seeks to contribute towards empowering the nation’s youth and the world’s sustainable development goals.” Says Pat Mahlangu CEO and Founder of Pat On Brands

As an active and concerned media company, Pat On Brands continues to seek out meaningful opportunities to contribute, synergistic partnerships and economic empowerment solutions to enact a lasting change for future generations.

About Sakhumnotho

“Sakhumnotho Group Holdings is a company that believes in investing in the future of our country. Our name bares testimony to this; directly translating to “Building the Economy” or “Creating Wealth”. We strongly believe in the potential young people of this country have, and this is clearly demonstrated in our annual internship programme.”

This made it a no-brainer for us, as an organisation, to partner with an initiative that recognises the amazing entrepreneurship efforts of South Africa’s youth. We were very meticulous in what we put our name on, and this initiative by Pat on Brands makes us proud to be a naming sponsor!”, said Mosa Ntwampe, Group Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications

Image: Mosa Ntwampe, Group Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications at Sakhumnotho

The Top 16 YOBA is all about recognising the economic contribution made by the South African youth. The awards will be held on the 15th of June 2022 at 18:00 in Sandton. Tickets are available here https://patonbrands.com/eventer/top-16-youth-owned-brand/