You Belong with Brutal Fruit’s New Fragrance

Brutal Fruit Spritzer came into the market in 2018, since then it is one of the most recognised drinks. The brand has made their target audience clear and markets their products to mostly women. As a result, Brutal Fruit has launched a new product.

You Belong

In addition to their product offering, Brutal Fruit has introduced a world first fragrance by an alcoholic brand. You Belong celebrates a sisterhood that uplifts and positively affects all those they encounter. The fragrance helps make a better effect with your entrance into a room or owning a moment with how you smell and how that scent makes you feel.

Image: Supplied

The Notes of the Fragrance

Crafted in partnership with master perfumers and inspired by Brutal Fruit lovers, You Belong is a one-of-a-kind fragrance that blends sparkling citrus and floral top notes. In addition, there is a middle of sandalwood, plum and peach, subtly underscored by a base of tonka beans, labdanum and precious woods. The resulting bouquet is an elegant, visceral experience that carries with it the feeling of belonging. If #YouBelongToAffect, then You Belong is the ultimate accessory for you.

This is an interesting adventure from Brutal Fruit. Furthermore, this shows how brands can venture to different markets with the same target audience.