Nestlé Announces Donations Towards COVID-19 Relief Efforts Across East and Southern Africa

Nestle logo

As the fight against Covid-19 continues, more and more brands are announcing their donations. Nestlé is also one of those brands that are making a contribution to fighting the invisible enemy.

“We are working hard to keep our employees, customers and the communities where we operate safe,” stated Bruno Olierhoek, Chairman and Managing Director of Nestlé, East and Southern Africa Region today, as he announced the company’s contribution to various Coronavirus (COVID-19) relief efforts across the region. 

He emphasized that the contributions are part of Nestlé’s purpose, which is to enhance quality of life and contribute to a healthier future. Below are the amounts of donations and beneficiaries:

  • R5 million to South Africa’s Solidarity Fund.
  • 1 million Mauritian Rupee to Mauritius’ Solidarity Fund.
  • Over R10 million to the International Federation of Red Cross Societies in South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Tanzania on COVID-19 relief interventions at country level.
  • An additional half a million Rands to National Disaster Funds in Zimbabwe and Ethiopia.

“At Nestlé, we believe that business results and positive societal impact should be mutually reinforcing. To achieve this, we need to create value for our employees, our customers and for society.  We are also driven to positively contribute to the communities where we live and work.  Therefore, being involved in community-development projects is just one of the many ways we make an impact.”

“We further recognize that dealing with the current challenge pandemic cannot be apportioned to Governments alone but that, as a business, we have a responsibility.  This is a societal challenge that requires a societal response,” added Olierhoek.

In the coming weeks, the company is expected to make further COVID-19 relief announcements around community-initiatives, frontline workers support as part of its ongoing response.