Africa’s Art Collective Season

Sara Sian Art

Returning once more to offer a feast for the senses and food for the soul, Africa’s Art Collective will proudly showcase over 500 pieces of magnificent work from 130 African artists to celebrate Heritage month. The collection will feature exquisitely crafted African artwork, including sculptures, drawings, paintings and sketches – all lovingly created with local materials.

The latest Art Collective will be on display from 18 th September to the 13th October at the Mall of Africa in Waterfall City in partnership Julie Miller Investment Art Institute.

Michael Clampett, head of asset management for Attacq Limited says: “The Mall of Africa
has undoubtedly cemented itself as the hub of contemporary art in Gauteng, through
an ongoing successful partnership with the Julie Miller Investment Art Institute. We
are delighted to commemorate South Africa’s Heritage month by showcasing the
work of these talented artists in September and October. Africa’s Art Collective is
inspiring an entirely new generation of art lovers and reaching an audience that spans
countries and continents through the innovative use of digital technology.”

Africa’s Art Collective has undoubtedly led the charge in artistic technological innovation on
the continent by recently introducing 3D virtual tours of each art collective, available to view online. This unprecedented move has allowed art lovers across the continent and indeed the
world to break the barriers of distance and explore the Africa Art Collective’s exquisite pieces

Julie Miller, Owner of the Julie Miller Investment Art Institute says: “What we have always
hoped to achieve through the ‘Africa’s Art Collective Seasons’ exhibitions is to showcase world class art in a retail space to promote a wider love and appreciation for art amongst the general public. Africa’s Art Collective is creating an extraordinary opportunity for up and coming talent to be showcased through a widely accessible platform. We are giving these artists and gallerists the platform to shine by reaching an audience which they would not normally be exposed to.”

Art lovers will be able to purchase art directly from the expo through the sales lounge at the Mall of Africa or online. Entrance to the exhibition is free, which will occupy the entire upper level of the Mall, on level five. Entry level art is priced from around R300 per piece upwards and will have something for everyone – from young people wanting to start investing in art, to seasoned investors. The collection can be viewed on the Julie Miller Investment Art International website .