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Stimorol has announced the launch of its new Infinity Range, a double-layered and centre-filled chewing gum. The new flavours include Lime & Strawberry, Watermelon & Peach, Raspberry & Lemon, and Mint.

Now available in stores nationwide, the new Infinity Range promises to take things to the next level, offering bold and exciting flavour combinations that will offer a flavour experience, but one that also last longer.

According to Lauren Burmeister; category lead at Gum, Candy, Beverages and Meals at Mondelez SA, innovation is the name of the game in the gum category. She says, “At Stimorol, we believe in pushing the boundaries and delivering the longest-lasting chew around. Our new Infinity Range is a testament to our commitment to keeping things fresh and fun for our customers”.

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Flavour the Moment Campaign

Earlier this year, Stimorol introduced its “Flavour the Moment” campaign, which aimed to transform the everyday chewing experience into something extraordinary. The said campaign invited consumers to immerse themselves in every taste, enhancing routine moments with Stimorol’s vibrant flavours. The launch featured a dynamic TV commercial that quickly became a hit with the catchy hashtag #StimorolFlavourTheMoment which gained traction, becoming a popular trend among South Africans who embrace the idea of making every moment special with Stimorol.

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To further enhance the experience, Stimorol’s recent introduction will be bringing double the flavour intensity with each chew. This innovative product line aims to provide an even more powerful taste experience, ensuring that every chew delivers a burst of flavour that lasts. The campaign and product launch have been well-received, with many consumers expressing excitement over the intensified flavours and the concept of infusing fun into their daily routines.

The Infinity range and the “Flavour the Moment” campaign collectively showcase Stimorol’s dedication to innovation and its ability to resonate with consumers by offering a product that transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.


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  • The world’s most iconic Luxury & Premium brands are manoeuvring through recent dips in the global economy.
  • Porsche retains its position as the world’s most valuable Luxury & Premium brand; Louis Vuitton and Chanel round out the top 3.
  • High familiarity drives luxury brands’ exceptional brand strength; Rolex becomes 2024’s strongest luxury brand.  
  • Sustainability is an increasing driver of consideration in the luxury sector, with the automobile sector the leader in sustainability perceptions. 

Porsche (brand value up 17% to USD43.1 billion) has retained its position as the world’s most valuable Luxury & Premium brand for the seventh consecutive year, according to new data from Brand Finance

French apparel giants Louis Vuitton (brand value up 23% to USD32.2 billion) and Chanel (brand value up 35% to USD26.1 billion) retain second and third positions in the 2024 ranking.

The rising cost of living and economic instability have reduced spending for many, yet affluent consumers have sustained their purchasing power in challenging economic conditions, translating into continued sales growth for the world’s most valuable luxury brands. 

Rolex has become the strongest Luxury & Premium brand in 2024, earning a brand strength index (BSI) score of 90.1/100 and an equivalent AAA+ rating, followed by Ferrari, earning a BSI of 90.0/100 and an AAA+ rating.

Chanel jumps up a considerable 16 ranks to 3rd position for brand strength, scoring 88.9./100. 

Image: Williams Jewelers

Notably, these brands command exceptional scores in Brand Finance’s familiarity and reputation metrics, highlighting their globally renowned statuses and positive consumer perceptions.

Leveraging their iconic legacies and unique heritages, these brands are further enhancing global familiarity through initiatives ranging from celebrity partnerships to product innovations, and digital experiences.  

Annie Brown, Valuation Director at Brand Finance UK, commented,

“Strong brands are built on more than just sales. This year’s leading luxury brands are remarkable for their unique ability to preserve and enhance brand strength, even in times of economic uncertainty. Traditional players are now finding new and innovative ways to deliver premium experiences that resonate with the modern luxury consumer while staying true to their distinctive heritage and iconic legacies. This balance between embracing transformation while preserving a tradition is fundamental to their enduring brand power.”

 This year’s research also indicates a more influential role for sustainability in driving choice within the Luxury & Premium market segments of Auto, Apparel, and Cosmetics. In these segments, sustainability driver scores are over 1.5 times higher than for the sector overall.

Luxury Auto has the highest driver score across all industries the research covers, at 23.8%. Luxury Apparel (12.2%) and Luxury Cosmetics (11.4%) also have significant driver scores. 

Why would sustainability have a more influential role in luxury segments? There may be multiple effects at play. 

Image: Louis Vuitton

Robert Haigh, Strategy and Sustainability Director at Brand Finance, commented, “A brand’s sustainability commitments can imply a slight cost increase that necessitates more premium positioning. Premium-segment consumers also have less price sensitivity, enabling them to seek improvements on other attributes, including sustainability. Lastly, at the premium end of many markets, brands become more than just a guarantee of attributes to the consumer—their products also signal the purchaser’s status, taste, identity, or ethics to others.”   

In Luxury Apparel, Louis Vuitton has the highest Sustainability Perceptions Value, at USD3.8 billion, followed by Chanel and Hermès. Luxury Auto sees Porsche (USD10.5 billion) in the top spot, ahead of Ferrari and Lamborghini. The highest Sustainability Perceptions Value in Luxury Cosmetics belongs to Guerlain (USD732 million), followed by Lancôme and Estée Lauder.


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Uber has recently introduced a groundbreaking initiative in South Africa: teen accounts. This move marks a significant step forward in catering to the transportation needs of young riders while prioritizing safety and convenience.

In a country where traditional transportation options might not always be reliable or accessible, especially for teenagers, Uber‘s introduction of teen accounts is a game-changer. Now, young riders aged between 13 and 17 can seamlessly access Uber’s services with accounts linked to their parents’ or guardians’ Uber profiles, ensuring supervision and control over their rides.

Kagiso Khaole, GM of Uber Sub-Saharan Africa – Image: IT Web

Uber Teen Safety Features

“We’re thrilled to offer this innovative feature to families in South Africa, with key safety features built into the heart of the experience. Whether their teen is getting a ride to an internship or heading home after football practice, parents will receive real-time notifications and can follow along with live trip-tracking every step of the way. We’re committed to helping keep teens safe and getting families moving,” says Kagiso Khaole, GM of Uber Sub-Saharan Africa.

Kagiso adds that only drivers who have passed local screening and background check requirements, and are highly-rated will be able to receive trip requests from teen account holders. Drivers can choose to opt-out of receiving teen trips at any time.

The introduction of teen accounts also addresses the evolving transportation needs of young people in South Africa.

Image: Uber

 How is Uber Teen Different?

Live Trip Tracking: To help keep parents in the know, they can follow along in the app with real-time updates and live trip tracking whenever their teen requests a ride. Additionally, for teen trips, parents will receive the driver’s name, vehicle information, and requested drop-off location so they know exactly where their teen is going and who is behind the wheel.

PIN Verification: Before a teen gets in the car for a trip, they’ll be prompted to give their driver a unique PIN. Drivers will not be able to start the trip until they enter the correct code into their app, providing an extra layer of protection to ensure teens get into the right car with the right driver.

RideCheck: The app uses sensors and GPS data to detect if a ride goes off course, stops unexpectedly, or ends early. If something like this happens, the Uber app will message the teen and the driver to make sure they’re OK. RideCheck will be adjusted to be more sensitive during teens trips.

Audio Recording: Uber’s Audio Recording feature allows users to record audio of their trip directly through the app and saves files on the device, automatically encrypting them so that no one – not the driver, not the rider or parents, and not Uber – can listen back to the recording.

Expanded Communication: Parents and guardians will be able to contact their teen’s driver at any time during a trip.

Only Highly Rated, Experienced Drivers: Only drivers who have passed local screening and background check requirements and are highly-rated and experienced will be able to receive trip requests from teen account holders. Drivers can choose to opt-out of receiving teen trips at any time.

Uber’s launch of teen accounts in South Africa represents a significant milestone in the evolution of ride-hailing services in the country.


Laduma Ngxokolo, Maxhosa Africa Founder

In the world of fashion, March has been a month of triumph and innovation for Maxhosa Africa. Renowned for its captivating fusion of traditional African patterns with contemporary design, Maxhosa Africa has once again captivated the hearts of fashion enthusiasts worldwide with its ground-breaking innovative collaborations. This month we are celebrating all their wins and shine a spotlight to Maxhosa  Africa as Brand of The Month.

Paris Fashion Week Debut

The month of March marked a significant milestone for Maxhosa Africa as the brand made its debut at Paris Fashion Week. The event provided a global platform for showcasing the brand’s rich cultural heritage and cutting-edge designs. Maxhosa’s presence at Paris Fashion Week highlighted its growing influence in the international fashion scene, garnering praise and admiration from critics and fashion aficionados alike.

Image: Twitter

Diversification of Lifestyle Offerings

Breaking barriers beyond traditional fashion, Maxhosa also expanded its collection by introducing innovative lifestyle products. The luxury brand collaborated with local tile manufacturer Tile Africa and the wildly popular Capetonian Fields Bar.

Earlier this month, we highlighted that Maxhosa continues to push boundaries through its collaborative endeavors, exemplified by the recent partnership with Fieldbar. The dynamic collaboration seamlessly blends fashion and lifestyle, resulting in a unique fusion of style and functionality.

Both the tiles and cooler box embody the same ethos of authenticity and creativity that defines Maxhosa’s fashion line. This bold move not only showcases the brand’s versatility but also reinforces its commitment to redefining African luxury.

Empowering Women Through Fashion

In an article shared by TrueLove, Maxhosa unveiled its upcoming collection with a special focus on celebrating and empowering women. Through its distinctive designs and heartfelt narratives, the brand pays homage to the strength, resilience, and beauty of women across the globe. This collection not only exemplifies Maxhosa Africa’s artistic prowess but also its unwavering commitment to championing inclusivity and diversity in the fashion industry.

On the other hand, Laduma Ngxokolo, the founder of Maxhosa Africa, also unveiled the brand’s latest runway collection accompanied by a soundtrack. This fusion of fashion and music not only elevated the sensory experience for audiences but also highlights the brand’s commitment to creating immersive and culturally echoing narratives. Through this innovative approach, Maxhosa continues to redefine the boundaries of fashion as a multi-sensory art form.

Image: Okay Africa

Global Expansion

Looking back to last year, Maxhosa made headlines with the announcement of its first international store opening in New York City. This strategic move not only signifies the brand’s global ambitions but also reinforces its position as a leading exponent of African luxury on the world stage.

As the month of March draws to a close, Maxhosa Africa stands as a beacon of creativity, innovation, and cultural pride in the fashion landscape. With each ground-breaking initiative and collaborative endeavour, the brand continues to redefine the boundaries of African luxury while inspiring audiences worldwide.


Maxhosa Africa, renowned for its fusion of tradition and contemporary design, is embarking on a journey to redefine luxury living. In a strategic move to expand its lifestyle offerings, the fashion powerhouse has ventured into a ground-breaking collaboration with Fieldbar, a trendsetting cooler box brand. This is to create an enticing blend of style and functionality.

With a keen eye for design innovation, Maxhosa has taken its partnership with Fieldbar to new heights by infusing the cooler boxes with its iconic aesthetic. By introducing custom-made straps decorated with Maxhosa’s signature patterns, the collaboration has elevated the cooler box into a statement piece, seamlessly blending fashion with utility. This unique touch not only enhances the appeal of the cooler boxes but also reflects Maxhosa’s commitment to artistry and attention to detail.

Laduma Ngxokolo, Founder of Maxhosa Africa

Expanding Horizons in Lifestyle Living

Maxhosa’s venture into the realm of luxury home and lifestyle living extends beyond the collaboration with Fieldbar. The brand’s visionary approach includes the introduction of lavish décor tiles and handcrafted cooler boxes, adding a touch of opulence to modern living spaces. Building upon its existing homeware collection, which features customizable cushions, curtains, and rugs, Maxhosa’s expansion into décor tiles and cooler boxes highlights its commitment to offering holistic lifestyle solutions that embody African heritage and modern sophistication.

Furthermore, Maxhosa Africa and Fieldbar’s collaboration spreads beyond Fieldbar. The brand also has a partnership with local tile manufacturer Tile Africa. These collaborations not only amplify the brand’s reach but also showcase its dedication to supporting local skill and innovation on a global stage.

Image: Okay Africa

A Reflective Journey

At the moment, Maxhosa is preparing to make its mark on the international stage with the opening of its first pop-up store in the U.S. The brand is still captivating audiences with its AW 2024 collection. The collection titled “My Conviction,” pays homage to the brand’s journey over the past eleven years, seamlessly blending elements from previous collections with fresh, contemporary touches.

In a video shared by Haute Couture News, Laduma Ngxokolo, Founder of Maxhosa Africa said “I revisited some of the ideas I had in the past and changed them a little bit. I’ve had a calendar of designs for the past 15 years that I’ve created, some have never been seen before or most of our customers don’t know them, so I took some of those ideas and infused them into the new collection and updated some of them”.

Through this reflective approach, Maxhosa reaffirms its commitment to celebrating African culture and heritage while embracing forward-thinking design concepts.

Brands’ Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Image: Twitter

In addition to its creativity, Maxhosa remains committed to sustainability and longevity – a philosophy shared by its collaborators at Fieldbar. With a focus on quality artistry and durability, Fieldbar’s “drinks boxes” and “gin trunks” symbolize the character of sustainable design. By offering repairable and replaceable parts, Fieldbar embodies the timeless appeal of quality products.

Moreover, the collaboration between these two brands offer consumers a spectrum of choices with cooler boxes available in six different colours at a price of R3000, available on Maxhosa Africa.

In essence, Maxhosa Africa and Fieldbar’s collaboration represents a beautiful union of tradition, innovation, artistry, and functionality. Through their shared commitment to excellence and sustainability, the two brands are not only redefining luxury living but also shaping the future of African-inspired lifestyle aesthetics on a global scale.


This week we shine the spotlight on Heineken as our brand of the week, for their Heineken Green Zones and innovative bottle design. We are celebrating their commitment to sustainability and community development. Their latest initiative, Heineken Green Zones, in partnership with The Greenpop Foundation, highlights the brand’s dedication to promoting sustainability and community development. These Green Zones, does not only feature indigenous plants but also incorporate food gardens and inspiring art installations. The significant investment in community development reflects Heineken’s contribution to creating positive social and environmental impact.

Heineken Green Zone, Sakhikhaya Youth Development Centre in Lawley

Strategic Rollout and Impact

The rollout of Heineken Green Zones has commenced in Lawley and Eldorado Park in Johannesburg, as well as Phillipi in Cape Town. By transforming vacant spaces into blooming community centres, Heineken aims to inspire sustainable behaviours and foster a sense of environmental care among residents.

The initiative is expected to cover over 30,000 square meters of land in its initial phase, marking a significant step towards creating greener and more sustainable urban environments. Additionally, Heineken plans to launch five Green Zones in this year and another five in 2025.

Empowering Communities

At the Green Zone Launch in Lawley, Marcel Swain, Marketing Manager: Premium Beer at HEINEKEN Beverages emphasized the importance of community engagement in the selection of Green Zone locations. He highlighted the brand’s commitment to identifying areas with strong community buy-in and potential for sustainable growth. By actively involving local residents in the decision-making process, Heineken aims to ensure that the Green Zones serve as catalysts for positive change and community empowerment.

“The launch of the Green Zone falls under our global initiative ‘Brew a Better World’. It speaks to our commitment to community upliftment and development. By transforming vacant spaces into thriving Green Zones,  we are fostering sustainable behaviours and creating impactful change within communities”.

Heineken Green Zone , Sakhikhaya Youth Development Centre in Lawley

Sakhikhaya Youth Development Centre, a Beacon of Hope

One of the primary beneficiaries of the Heineken Green Zones initiative is the Sakhikhaya Youth Development Centre in Lawley. Centre Manager, Sihle Dasi shared how the initiative has personally impacted her and the community.

“Sakhikhaya has changed my life, it has aligned me with my purpose and higher self. It’s a place where individuals can express themselves freely, discover their potential, and embark on their healing journey”.

Sihle also adds that Sakhikhaya offers a range of programs focused on food security, sports development, and social support, including mental health services. By providing a safe and nurturing environment, Sakhikhaya empowers young people to overcome challenges and pursue their dreams.

Image: Supplied

Innovative Bottle Design by Heineken

In addition to the Heineken Green Zones, Heineken has unveiled a new innovative bottle design for its beer bottles in South Africa. The 650ml returnable “Star Bottle” features the brand’s iconic star deeply etched into the glass. This innovative design not only enhances the brand’s visual identity but also reinforces its efforts to reduce single-use glass consumption and promote a circular economy.

Driving Sustainable Change

Bhavna Mistry, Senior Brand Manager for Heineken, emphasized the significance of the new bottle design in reducing environmental impact.

“The new bottle design is a symbol of our commitment to sustainability. With nearly two-thirds of our beer portfolio transitioning to returnable bottles, we are making significant strides towards reducing single-use glass consumption and promoting a circular economy. This decision aligns with our goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2040, positioning Heineken as a leader in sustainable brewing practices”.

Additionally, Marcel highlighted, “Our decision to introduce returnable bottles in South Africa is also about creating a cultural shift. Through our ‘Fields Green with Grass not Glass’ campaign, we’re not only clearing glass but replacing it with fields of grass”.


Tausi App, a BeautyTech company, has emerged as a beacon of innovation in the beauty industry, bridging the gap in the beauty industry between beauticians and clients with its intuitive platform. Tausi App aims to transform the beauty industry and the way people connect with beauty professionals in Africa.

Founder of Tausi App, Amos Kimani from Nairobi, Kenya, takes us through the visionary behind Tausi App, he delves into the inspiration, strategies, and future aspirations of his transformative venture.

Image: Supplied

The birth of Tausi App

As a former popular musician in Kenya, Amos experienced first-hand challenges in finding the on-the-go beauty services, which then sparked the idea for Tausi App.

“I always wanted beauty services for myself and my dancers on my video sets, but finding a beautician on the go was always hard compared to finding an Uber driver. This realization sparked the vision for the Tausi App. My aim with Tausi App is not about bridging the gap in the beauty industry, but also to provide opportunities for self-employment to beauticians while offering convenient, personalized beauty services to users,” shares Amos.

Ensuring Quality and Professionalism

With now over 20,000 clients served and 6,000 beauticians onboarded, Tausi App’s rapid growth can be accredited to a combination of factors. Moreover, their commitment to ensuring quality services and professionalism among onboarded beauticians has been key for Tausi App.  

To maintain high standards of service, Amos says they make use of regular assessments, feedback mechanisms, and ongoing training sessions to keep beauticians updated with industry trends. Also, their seamless user experience has fostered customer loyalty.

Furthermore, Amos says their app’s unique features, including AI-driven personalized beauty services and community engagement, sets the app apart in the market. “We strive to strike a balance between providing luxury services and ensuring affordability. By catering to diverse needs and budgets, Tausi App remains inclusive while maintaining quality standards.

Image: Supplied

Prioritizing Safety and Peace of Mind

 He adds, “We implement a rigorous onboarding process, including partnerships with reputable beauty colleges for training. Our search process benefits both beauty seekers and beauticians alike. Beauty seekers can easily find the right professional based on their specific needs and preferences, while beauticians gain visibility and access to a broader clientele, Amos Explains.

To prioritize the safety and peace of mind of both clients and beauticians, Tausi App has implemented healthy security features.

“To us, background checks, identity verification, and user ratings are integral parts of our platform. Then the in-app communication system facilitates secure interactions, with a dedicated support team ready to address any concerns promptly”.

Image: Supplied

Shaping the Future of Beauty

Tausi App has been instrumental in terms of impact on job creation in communities, “by providing beauticians with opportunities for self-employment, we contribute to economic empowerment at the grassroots level. The platform’s growth generates indirect employment opportunities, further benefiting local communities”.

Despite challenges faced along the journey, including regulatory hurdles and market dynamics, Tausi App remains resilient.

“Looking ahead, our future plans include geographical expansion to reach more users and beauticians across Africa. We aim to continually innovate, leveraging emerging technologies to enhance our services. Community engagement will remain a focus, fostering a supportive network for beauticians. Tausi App envisions being a key player in shaping the future of the beauty industry, combining inclusivity, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology to deliver unparalleled experience,” Amos concludes.


In the fast-changing world of marketing, success means more than just having a good product or service. It’s also about creating a brand that people will love and notice. Thulani Sibeko, a brand builder and business executive speaks about his knowledge of the industry.  Born in Soweto, Thulani has been in the marketing industry for over 30 years, and in our latest podcast episode, he shares insights on six key elements that he believes are essential for building a brand that withstands the test of time.

Brand Builder & Business Executive, Thulani Sibeko

Marketing Insights

Firstly, Thulani speaks about marketing insights and the importance of understanding the market, competition, and customers. He says it’s important for marketers to understand their target audience, and to know what the people want. By learning about what their customers like and how they behave, marketers can make better decisions about their brands.

Data Analysis

Thulani marks data analysis as another crucial aspect of brand-building. He talks about using data to make smart choices. “By being able to analyze data, marketers can see what’s working and what’s not. This can help them use their resources wisely,” he says.

In an article shared by Indeed in 2023, it is highlighted that in marketing, data analysis allows one to make better decisions about promoting their goods to the public. It involves identifying patterns in the information that they have about an audience, which is helpful when they want to develop marketing plans.

Effective Communication

Thulani goes on to mention the importance of effective communication. “I’ve never seen any successful leader who did not benefit from great communication skills. If you work with teams or want to achieve results through others, communication is important. It is also through communication that teams are kept together”.

Communication is a crucial skill in the business world, and it is essential to the success of any marketing campaign.

According to the Holmes Report, poor communication can cost businesses as much as $60 million per year. On the other hand, companies with effective communication practices are 50% more likely to have lower employee turnover rates and 47% higher returns to shareholders.

Podcast Hosts, Mpumi Vundhla, Pat Mahlangu with Guest, Thulani Sibeko

Strategic Thinking

In the conversation, Thulani emphasizes the importance of strategic thinking, saying it’s critical. He also touches on aligning brand strategies with long-term goals and business objectives, ensuring that every decision contributes to sustainable growth. According to him, strategic thinking is about how one makes choices of the things they will do and the things they will not do.

Achieving Results

In addition, this marketing veteran believes that achieving results is ultimately what matters in brand-building. He says brands should have clear goals and ways to measure success, this can help them to see if they’re doing well and where they can improve.

“Talking to marketers: you can do everything, but unless you achieve results, it’s not enough. Results do matter”.


He also mentions innovation as his last key element to building a brand. “The world is constantly changing, being creative and trying new things is key,” he concludes.

Thulani’s six key elements to building a brand offer a roadmap to brands looking to establish a strong presence in today’s competitive landscape. To hear more about his perspective on the marketing industry and to understand more about the above key, listen to the full podcast episode on our YouTube channel.


Azosule’s commitment to women’s health emerges from the personal journey of Tamara Magwashu, a woman of many dimensions. She is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, an enthusiast, and an alpha female who is breaking barriers. Tamara’s upbringing in the Eastern Cape painted a vivid picture of the challenges faced by women due to poverty. Instead of accepting these circumstances as immutable, Tamara was driven to redefine them with her femininity.

Azosule Sanitary Products

The Birth of Azosule

“The motivation behind starting Azosule comes from my own experiences of sanitary pads being a luxury in my household. Witnessing women like myself forced to choose between purchasing pads or basic necessities hit a nerve within me,” shares Tamara, founder of Azosule Feminine Hygiene Products.

Established in 2021, Azosule Feminine Hygiene Products has achieved significant milestones and gathered recognition for its commitment to women’s health. The brand was featured on BBC News, bringing national attention to the issue of menstrual hygiene. This exposure on Menstrual Hygiene Day catalyzed further investment in women’s health from companies like Siemens Energy, pushing Azosule’s mission forward.

Azosule Pantyliners

Azosule’s Impact on Breaking Barriers and Creating Change

What sets Azosule apart in the market is dedication to affordability, accessibility, and inclusivity. Their products are affordable and free from added scents. This is to ensure safety and comfort for women across all socio-economic backgrounds, particularly those in side-lined communities.

Tamara highlights that at Azosule’s commitment to women’s health is pivotal. At Azosule, they pay attention to safety and effectiveness. They guarantee that quality control measures are implemented. This is to ensure that their products are manufactured in certified facilities that undergo thorough audits. By prioritizing safety and well-being, Azosule instills confidence in its customers.

Challenges Faced

Tamara also adds that the building of her brand was a not walk in the park.

“Despite the success, building, and scaling Azosule has not been without its challenges. A lack of funding has hindered growth. However, my team and I remain steadfast in our dedication to overcoming obstacles and expanding our reach,” she says.

Azosule Sanitary Pads

Azosule’s Positive Impact and Future Plans

However, the positive impact of Azosule’s efforts is evident in the stories of those who have benefited from their initiatives. To date, over five hundred thousand pads have been distributed for free to schools across South Africa. Their aim is to positively impacting countless lives. The ripple effect of Azosule’s work has even reached beyond borders. They have inspired individuals like Caity Cutter, a 12-year-old girl from Germany, to donate generously to the cause.

“Looking to the future, I aim to establish a manufacturing facility in my hometown. I want to create employment opportunities for young people and furthering the brand’s impact on women’s health and well-being”.

Through their initiatives to donate to schools, Azosule is committed to ensuring that every girl has access to hygiene products.

Azosule products can be purchased through their website and at Makro.

Brand on The Rise – Katso Lux Curtains

#BrandOnTheRise @KatsoLuxCurtains

In this edition of Brands on the Rise, we’re shining a spotlight on an exciting brand called Katso Lux Curtains. Founded by Dimakatso Dlamini, a talented public relations practitioner, this brand is on a mission to transform the world of home décor with its stunning curtain designs. Understanding the impact that curtains have on the overall atmosphere of a space, Dlamini set out to create her own luxury curtain brand. Unimpressed with the quality of curtains available on the market, she aimed to provide customers with top-notch furnishing fabrics at competitive prices.

Dimakatso Dlamini, CEO of Katso Lux Curtains

In a previous interview with True Love magazine, Dlamini shared that the idea had always been on her mind, but she hesitated to launch it for several years. However, with a little help from fate, she finally took the leap of faith in 2021. Dlamini’s love for window treatments has been evident throughout her life, from admiring people’s curtains during her visits to purchasing curtains on behalf of her family.

Katso Lux Curtains boasts an impressive collection of custom-made luxury curtains, offering a wide variety of fabrics, colors, and patterns, including the incorporation of African prints. The brand has even introduced a Heritage collection, featuring fabrics like Basotho Seshweshwe, Isindebele, Isizulu, and Isixhosa. In an interview, Dlamini stressed the importance of embracing our own cultural heritage, just as we readily embrace fabrics from other nations like India, Egypt, and Turkey. She envisions sharing our unique cultures with other countries, allowing them to appreciate and enjoy the richness of our diverse cultures.

“I am in business not only to better myself, but I am also passionate about contributing positively towards the growth of our country’s economy. Most people might believe that our government is solely responsible for creating job opportunities. But I don’t believe that. With such significant unemployment rates in the country right now, entrepreneurs also have the power to change that truth for our unemployed South African citizens.”.

Dimakatso Dlamini, CEO of Katso Lux Curtains

Katso Lux Curtains has set its sights on growth and expansion, envisioning the establishment of retail stores across South Africa. Alongside this ambition, the company is committed to creating job opportunities for South African citizens and placing a strong emphasis on empowering women through various events and educational workshops. Dlamini, the driving force behind the business, not only seeks personal success but also strives to make a positive contribution to the country’s economy. Recognizing the pressing issue of high unemployment rates, she firmly believes that job creation is not solely the responsibility of the government but also lies in the hands of entrepreneurs like herself.

Find them on social media.

Instagram – @Katsoluxcurtains

Facebook – Katso Lux Curtains

TikTok – @katsoluxcurtains

X – @katsolux

Brands on The Rise – Ubuntu Rugz

Ubuntu Rugz, founded by Starret Maphosa, has an interesting origin story. While studying in China, Maphosa attended a rug tufting workshop that sparked his love for rugmaking. After returning to South Africa, he started creating rugs as a side project while searching for employment. However, his passion for rugmaking quickly took over, and Ubuntu Rugz became his full-time job. It’s a testament to Maphosa’s dedication and creativity that the brand has flourished, offering custom rugs to customers.

Starret Maphosa in his element

Maphosa states that the unique experience he offers his customers sets him apart from the rest. He gives customers an opportunity to witness the live creation of their rug or receive daily updates on its progress. This level of transparency and involvement creates a special connection between the brand and its customers, making the rug-buying experience even more meaningful.

Based in Boksburg, east of Johannesburg, Starret crafts his exquisite custom rugs in his parent’s garage. Despite the humble beginnings, Ubuntu Rugz has gained recognition and popularity. Ubuntu Rugz’s TikTok videos showcasing its rugmaking process have gained a strong following of over 29k, expanding his reach beyond South Africa. Now, it creates tufted rugs for clients in Israel, Nigeria, Poland, and Botswana, showcasing the global appeal of his creations.

The Rug he made for DSTV content creator awards

Ubuntu Rugz is really making a name for itself! Not only did they have the privilege of working for the DSTV content creator awards, but they also got the chance to be interviewed by SABC news. It’s clear that their work is worth giving a pat.

Watch the SABC interview here

Courtesy of SABC News

2023 Reflections: My Top 5 Business Lessons

As 2023 draws to a close, I find myself reflecting on the year it was. Like any other year, it had its share of highs and lows. I choose to focus on the positive moments and learn from the negative ones.

Before I share my business lessons for 2023, I want to take a moment to highlight some of the memorable experiences I had this year. Since I started my entrepreneurial journey, it has always been a dream of mine to be recognized as one of the Mail & Guardian 200 Young South Africans. This year, that dream came true. It was made possible by the incredible work we did with the 2nd Annual Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards.

This event was preceded by the inaugural Festival of Youth-Owned Brands, which took place at the prestigious Sandton Convention centre in June. The event was a spectacular display of Youth Excellence held at the richest square mile in Africa. It was a spectacular showcase of youth excellence. More than 70 brands presented their products and services, and the platform itself created over 100 direct and indirect job opportunities. This project stands as the highlight of my career by far.

These are my top 5 business lessons for 2023:

1. Don’t take their word for it. 

The truth behind the adage “actions speak louder than words” becomes evident in this case. Whether its new recruits or sponsors. People make promises that often they don’t keep. When it comes to recruiting, it’s crucial to go the extra mile by contacting references and conducting thorough background checks. Many individuals tend to over sell their capabilities and never deliver. Imagine having a PR account manager that cannot write a press release? 

When it comes to sponsorship, if they haven’t signed a contract or sent an email confirming their participation, you don’t have the sponsorship. It doesn’t matter what they say in meetings or calls. 

2. Not all clients are good for your business 

I know it sounds counterintuitive to say not all clients are good clients. I’ve been in this business long enough to recognise that some clients can derail your business from growing. These are clients who ALWAYS scope creep, ask for discount, question your pricing and never seem to be satisfied with the results. Sadly, dealing with such clients rarely yields positive results.

3. Don’t bank on future earnings 

If the money hasn’t been deposited into your bank account, don’t rely on it. I’ve learned from my own errors of making critical financial choices based on money that was owed to me. This approach proved to be detrimental when clients failed to pay on time or as promised. To avoid unnecessary stress, it’s best to make decisions based on the cash you currently have available.

4. Business is not fair 

As a business owner you need to be comfortable with the fact that you will not always be treated fairly. We invested many hours and resources to develop a proposal that a potential client requested and never received feedback even after multiple attempts of solicitation. Some clients took our ideas from the proposals we shared with them and implemented the ideas with other agencies. We’ve had big corporates asking for discounts when our prices are already way lower than the major agencies. Our emerging business is placed on 60 days payment terms when they know that cash flow is the number one reason why many businesses fail. It’s unfair but that’s business. 

5. Rejection is your friend 

When you run a business, you need to be comfortable with rejection. This year, we sent out more than 500 proposals and less than 10% of them were successful. Despite our efforts to retain employees, we’ve witnessed some leaving for different reasons. The ability to stomach rejection is key to continue to pursue the grand vision. 

In conclusion, business setbacks are valuable lessons, not failures. Successful business owners can attest to this. It’s not about how you start, but how you navigate challenges and reach the finish line. I can confidently say that I have emerged triumphant in 2023 and am eagerly looking forward to starting the new year on a positive note. What was your biggest lesson in business this year?

Range Rover named luxury car of the year

The prestigious Steyn City Helistop in Northern Johannesburg played host to the highly anticipated TopGear South Africa Awards, held in collaboration with Wesbank, on the evening of 8th December. Amidst the glitz and glamour of the event, the Range Rover emerged as the undisputed winner of the luxury car of the year category, capturing the attention of all attendees. This remarkable achievement added a touch of prestige to the night, solidifying the Range Rover’s reputation as a symbol of opulence and excellence in the automotive industry.

The ceremony celebrated exceptional automobiles as well as the outstanding individuals and organizations responsible for their creation. A total of twenty-four accolades were presented during the event. It is worth noting that, with the exception of the Reader’s Choice Awards, the TopGear South Africa team was responsible for selecting the recipients of all the other awards. Among the twenty-four awards, eight of them were exclusively created by TopGear South Africa.

These unique categories encompassed a diverse range of aspects, including Noise of the Year; Instant Icon Award; Motoring Moment of the Year; PR of the Year; Driving Academy of the Year; All the Car You Need, Bargain of the Year and Fun Car of the Year.

The judging process for the TopGear South Africa Awards is meticulous, spanning the entire year. To be eligible for these prestigious awards, winners must excel in all aspects of performance, ownership, quality, design, and innovation, as measured by TopGear South Africa’s evaluation system. Avon Middleton, Publishing Partner at TopGear South Africa, explains that the awards are all about context and experience, and that they must have driven the cars in order to evaluate them.

Other exceptional vehicles were acknowledged for their excellence, such as Ford South Africa being recognized as the Manufacturer of the Year, and the BMW X1 being honored as the Urban Crossover of the Year.

The awards not only highlighted the achievements of exceptional vehicles but also recognized the contributions of individuals and organizations within the industry. Christo Kruger was honored with the PR of the Year award, John Mulder was named Fleet Manager of the Year, and Leyton Fourie received the prestigious Motoring Personality of the Year award. The AMG Driving Academy was acknowledged as the top Driving Academy of the Year, and Athol Van Heerden was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award for his remarkable contributions to Volkswagen South Africa.

Here is a list of the TopGear Award Categories and Winners

Hot-Hatch of the Year – Honda Civic Type R
Family SUV of the Year – Kia Sportage
Hatch of the Year – Volkswagen Polo
Reader’s Choice Award – Beijing X55
Supercar of the Year – Porsche 911 GT3 RS
Luxury Car of the Year – Range Rover
Performance Car of the Year – Honda Civic Type R
Manufacturer of the Year – Ford South Africa
Urban Crossover of the Year – BMW X1
Bakkie of the Year – Ford Ranger Raptor
MPV of the Year – Kia Carnival
Efficiency Award – Renault Duster dCi

Bargain of the Year – GWM Ora
EV of the Year – BMW iX3
Fun Car of the Year -Toyota GR86
Instant Icon Award – Porsche 911 Dakar
Motoring Moment of the Year -Ford South Africa – 100 Years
Noise of the Year – Alfa Romeo Stelvio Q
All the Car You Need – Audi RS6 Avant
PR of the Year – Christo Kruger – Porsche, Lamborghini and Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit
Fleet Manager of the Year – John Mulder
Motoring Personality of the Year – Leyton Fourie
Driving Academy of the Year – AMG Driving Academy
Lifetime Achievement Award – Athol Van Heerden – Volkswagen South Africa

Top 4 game-changing marketing campaigns of 2023

As the year draws to a close, it’s a perfect opportunity to look back at the extraordinary marketing campaigns that have mesmerized audiences in 2023. We take a moment to give a pat to the exceptional campaigns that have made a lasting impact on consumers in South Africa and across the globe.


Barbie’s marketing strategy, which prominently emphasized the color pink, helped it become one of the most anticipated films of all time in 2023. With only Barbie’s distinctive pink color and the release date visible on one poster, the campaign was hailed as “marketing genius” by many. Additionally, hundreds of brands took part, introducing Barbie fever to untapped markets.

With global sales surpassing $1.4 billion, the film is the best grossing film of the year thus far and smashed box office records for the biggest opening weekend of 2023. It is believed to have brought in £293 million worldwide. The Barbie movie marketing campaign definitely gets a pat.


Another marketing campaign getting a pat from us is Pedro’s “Chicken Wars” commercial. Pedro’s, a recently founded chicken fast-food restaurant, has created an advertisement that has caught the eye of some consumers, depicting the new establishment as a preferred dining alternative when compared to existing market options. This advertising content, which was released a few weeks ago, used a comical approach to challenge competitors such as Nando’s and KFC, two of the country’s most notable participants in the chicken-centric fast-food industry.

The amusing commercial depicts a conference between two large chicken-focused eateries in the country as they band together to strategize against the newcomer, Pedro’s. The advertisement begins with a scene of a reception area at the headquarters of a chicken fast-food restaurant, where the reception desk prominently displays the logo associated with Nando’s, jokingly labeled “Nando’s.” referred to as “Over Priced Chicken Head Office.” While the ad does not overtly mention KFC, it skillfully integrates a font-based allusion to “Greasy Fried Chicken (GFC),” which clearly references KFC.

Bonang Matheba x Steve Madden

In a groundbreaking move, Steve Madden recently launched a captivating marketing campaign in partnership with Bonang Matheba, a highly acclaimed South African reality TV star. As the first-ever African personality to collaborate with the renowned designer shoe brand, Bonang Matheba’s influence and fashion-forward persona were meant to elevate the brand’s new range, the Holiday Select Collection, to new heights.

This decision highlighted the brand’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity, as they recognize the immense talent and influence that individuals from different backgrounds can bring to the table.

The holiday range includes six footwear styles and two handbag styles. The collaboration between Steve Madden and Bonang Matheba was undoubtedly one of the most successful marketing campaigns we witnessed in 2023.

Fatti’s and Moni’s

Fatti’s & Moni’s introduced an exciting campaign aimed at honouring pasta enthusiasts in South Africa. This celebratory initiative involved a range of carefully planned activities and interactions with AmaTaliano’s, who have always embraced Italian cuisine. By organizing these curated engagements, Fatti’s & Moni’s aimed to celebrate the deep-rooted love for pasta among South Africans and highlight the connection between the local community and authentic Italian flavours.

Fatti’s & Moni’s revolutionized the South African culinary scene by introducing pasta to the country, becoming the pioneer brand in this regard. For years, they have been instrumental in empowering Mzansi to explore their creativity in the kitchen and create remarkable pasta dishes.
The success of the campaign saw the Fatti’s & Moni’s marketing team being awarded a Silver Loerie at the 45th Loeries Awards Ceremony for its “Always Eatalian” campaign in the film category for TV and cinema ads under 90 seconds.

The success of these campaigns can be attributed to the meticulous planning, strategic targeting, and seamless execution, which have resulted in a lasting impact that will continue to resonate with consumers for years to come.

Luxury brand Amiri heads to our shores

International luxury fashion brand Amiri has opened its first South African store in the heart of Sandton City Mall’s Diamond Walk. Known for its authenticity and spearheading the luxury fashion market, Amiri guarantees a mesmerizing shopping environment.

Image: Supplied

Having forged a distinctive company culture, Amiri has been devoted to creating high-end quality since the beginning. They have always been dedicated to producing a fusion of contemporary and classic design elements.

Mike Amiri, the company’s founder and creative director, was excited about reaching this milestone. He said they always had a dream of bringing Amiri to South Africa and that this dynamic nation’s spirit and fashion greatly align with their brand’s values. We are excited to present the AMIRI experience, which offers a unique and exquisite shopping experience for the discerning customer, to Johannesburg, the fashion capital of the nation.

Black Coffee and Arie Fabian (image supplied)

Men’s and women’s jean shapes ranging from extra wide to kick-flare show Amiri’s creative approach to denim wear. Denim styles are produced in small quantities on purpose to guarantee that every item is of the finest calibre. Amiri’s top standard is upheld by partnerships with talented artisans in Italy and the L.A. Arts District, where exquisite leather products and tailoring are made.

Themba Nkosi, a DJ entrepreneur, Grammy-winning performer Nkosinathi Maphumulo, “Black Coffee,” and retail pioneer Arie Fabian, who are all founders of a popular pop-up store, have an exclusive formal partnership with Amiri.

Fabian said in a statement that they are very proud about the grand opening of global luxury brand Amiri’s first store in the Diamond Walk. He said that this is a daring convergence of style and invention, a synthesis of cultures, and a distinct fashion narrative that embodies the essence of the African terrain and redefines worldwide trends.

Nkosinathi ‘Black Coffee’, Maphumulo, added that in music, beats harmonize; in fashion, style resonates; and he concluded that collaborating with Amiri brings rhythm to couture, merging the pulse of sound with the allure of design, creating a symphony of style and substance.

4 reasons why you should attend the Pat On Brands Heritage Dialogue

Pat on Brands in partnership with African Bank brings you another installment of the annual Heritage Dialogue. This dialogue seeks to impart knowledge, bridge the gap between aspiring marketers and expert marketers, connect businesses with people, and share information.

This years theme is ‘The Role of Heritage Brands in Shaping the Future of South Africa’.

If you have not yet purchased a ticket for this upcoming dialogue, what are you waiting for? Move with speed and visit to purchase a ticket at only R150. Here are four good reasons why you need to attend the dialogue:

  1. It’s a chance to learn from the best: Discover proven strategies and innovative approaches that have propelled South Africa’s leading brands to the forefront of their industries.
  2. To gain some inspiration: Gain fresh perspectives and inspiration to fuel your marketing endeavors. Stay ahead of the curve with the latest trends and innovations.
  3. Gain real-world insights: Dive deep into real-world case studies and success stories. Learn how these marketing titans navigate challenges and achieve remarkable results.
  4. To network and connect: Forge valuable connections with fellow professionals and industry leaders. Share experiences, ideas, and aspirations in a collaborative environment.

The dialogue will be hosted by Pat Mahlangu, CEO and Founder of Pat on Brands. We have two exceptional speakers, Sbusiso Kumalo, a Chief Marketing Officer at African Bank, and Guilia lorio-Ndlovu, a Chief Marketing Officer at Pepsico SA Snacks.

Visit the now to book your seat.

5 Features on latest social media platform, Threads

Launched last week, Threads has smashed the record for the fastest-growing consumer app, beating the ChapGPT record with over 100 million new users in 5 days.

The new social media platform which is set to be Twitter’s rival from Meta has had a lot of people wanting to jump on the platform due to a few changes Twitter has implemented since Elon Musk took over. you can access Threads from its desktop site at or by downloading the app for iOS and Android.

Here’s what you need to know about Threads

1. Like, share, and quote

This option is similar to Twitter. You can like the Thread someone has made, quote and reply to it. The quote and reply option will show on your profile. You can’t see what someone else liked on their profile. The sharing option is interesting because it allows you to share someone’s Thread on Twitter, which is a bit ironic. You are also able to share your Thread on your Instagram feed and story.

2. Threading

To create a thread on Twitter, there is a plus sign to add another tweet under your initial tweet and the following tweets will be considered a thread. However, on Thread you have to click the Return button 3 times to create a Thread (multiple threads under the initial thread).

3. Search Button

What’s trending? This option is different on Threads from Twitter, on Threads, it is used to search for accounts to follow. While on Twitter you can find out what a lot of people are tweeting about in your area or country. To find out what people are threading about, you have to scroll the timeline, which makes the platform a little bit more interactive. It is unclear if the Trending option will be available on Threads any time soon.

4. Import Information

When you join the platform you use your Instagram handle, Threads gives you the option to import all your Instagram information. This means that you can follow the people you follow on Instagram and use the same bio. This makes it easier to find your Instagram community and when they join the platform they can request to follow you.

5. Character limit

On Threads, you can create text-based posts with up to 500 characters as well as share photos and videos up to five minutes long. Twitter Blue subscribers can increase their character limit to 25,000. Users who aren’t subscribed to Twitter Blue have a character limit of 280.

Threads is still a work in progress and there are more changes to be expected as the platform grows. Download the app to be in the know.

Made in Mzansi, by Menlyn: A celebration of the best in local retail

The iconic shopping center Menlyn Park, situated in the heart of Tswana launched the ‘Made in Mzansi, by Menlyn’. An empowering initiative aimed at celebrating South African Heritage. The launch was strategically planned in September in correlation with Heritage Day, a significant day in South Africa that recognizes and celebrates the cultural diversity of the country.

Owner and manager of Menlyn Park Shopping Center, Pareto Limited is invested in growing people through properties that shape the South African horizon and having done so for the past 20 years. With their positioning ethos ‘growing places’ Pareto Limited has prioritized collaborating with creative industry experts and key industry players in investing, modifying, reaching new heights and breaking new barriers. The ‘Made in Mzansi’ initiative is a testament to bringing this ethos to life.

“We urge the immediate Menlyn community to make it their mission to visit the Centre this month to come and scope out the Made-in-Mzansi stores. Trust me, you are in for a spoil! My team has been hard at work curating an impressive collection of local Tshwane retailers. As for the rest of South Africa, I urge the same of you – when you’re in the 012 district, head over to Menlyn and pay these stores a visit.

I am not only excited to see this project come to fruition for the sake of my Menlyn shoppers, but I am also incredibly proud to see great local brands pioneering the retail space in our Centre.”

-Nisha Kemraj, General Manager of Menlyn Park Shopping Centre

The following list of local Tshwane stores are currently operating under the “Made in Mzansi, by Menlyn” umbrella:

· BENLUC (fashion retailer)

· Gal X Boy (fashion retailer)

· Konkhe Kuhamba Kahle (fashion retailer)

· INK CASA (tattoos and body-piercing)

These brands have been given a leg-up to level-up by Menlyn, to assist them in paving their way to an even brighter future. The mammoth centre offered these local businesses access to their very own retail incubation program. The program centred around equipping these business owners with a retail mentorship which endeavours to arm them with the necessary skills to conquer the world of retail. Menlyn is bursting with pride to see how the program has empowered these businesses by taking them from either an online platform or from an informal retail setting to brick and mortar stores in the largest shopping centre in Africa.

Menlyn looks forward to the future ahead and cannot wait to welcome you to the shopping center and any of these luxurious local retailers.

Green Scooter Is Moving At Electric Pace

Founded by Fezile Dhlamini, Green Scooter is the safest and first electric motor-tricycle for the African market. We chat to to him about his brand that has been in business for 6 years. Green Scooter won the Technology category sponsored by MTN Pulse at the Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards.

The Green Scooter Journey

How has the journey been for Green Scooter?

Fezile: Green Scooter has been around for 6 years now. Formally, in the market for 4 or 5 years now and it has been a rollercoaster. The has been a lot of learning and unlearning. There has been a lot of super highs and super lows. You are trying to do something, you are trying to build something; you are creating this entire market in South Africa that is not really familiar.

How do you feel about the nomination?

Fezile: It moves away from how I feel rather how we feel as a company. It reaffirms that we are doing something right. It’s all about building something that people love. It allows young people to dream through you. For the company, it brings excitement, it enhances our vision. I was never a person of awards but getting your award [Top 16 YOBA] changed my perspective.

The Business After The YOBAs

Green Scooter with Award and MTN Pulse Hamper

Are you in talks with MTN Pulse after winning a category they sponsored?

Fezile: The award itself and it being sponsored by MTN Pulse it enabled us to have much higher level conversations with the team of decision makers. There are certain discussions we are having that focus on youth because I am also very youth driven when we talk about entrepreneurship.

Insider dubs you as South Africa’s Tesla, how does that make you feel as a team?

Fezile: Compliments like those are very important as how the market perceives you. I say this in a PR level, because if we said we are building something better than Tesla, it really has no impact. We are the Tesla of three wheels.

You can watch the full interview on our Instagram here:

Krispy Kreme Teams Up with Nestle

Everyone is always up for a sweet treat. Krispy Kreme has partnered up with Nestle to bring you 3 different doughnuts filled with Nestle chocolates.

Krispy Kreme History

In the late 1930’s Vernon Rudolph, the man responsible for these heavenly delights bought a secret recipe for yeast raised doughnuts off a French chef in New Orleans. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts are made fresh daily. This iconic brand made its way to the African continent, with its first store opening in Rosebank, Johannesburg.

Filled Rings Edition

The Sweeter together combination of these two iconic brands brings 3 different flavours. The limited edition doughnuts have deliciousness, inside and out. The new Filled Rings Edition range is available from all participating mini locations and in-store. The 3 flavours are;

The brightest ring in the Milky Way. The Milky Bar Filled Ring is hand-dipped in white chocolate, filled with a Milky Bar Kreme, drizzled with Milky Bar sauce and topped with Milky Bar shavings.

Image: Milky Bar Filled Ring

The Bar-One Filled Ring is filled with a delicious Bar-One chocolate Kreme and topped with a Bar-One chocolate.

Image: Bar-One Filled Ring

The new kid on the chocolate block, the Tex Filled Ring. This doughnut is filled with Tex chocolate Kreme, hand-dipped in milk chocolate and topped with Tex chocolate.

Head to all participating Krispy Kreme mini locations to get your hands on these limited edition doughnuts. Furthermore, you can get them delivered too.