Social Media Trends To Look Out For in 2022

The beginning of a new year ushers in new beginnings for many. Year planners have been purchased and planning has began, iIt is important to have insights to inform your goals. The social media landscape is one of constant change, keeping up with trends is the only way to stay afloat

The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically increased the amount of time that people spend on social media. With more people creating content, it’s not only marketers who need to know social media trends, it has become important to the average joe too. Lets have a look at some forecasted social media trends for 2022.

tik tok logo witth airpods and laptop

TikTok is the place to be

TikTok has taken content creation by storm. The platform went from being ‘an app for kids’ to the next best social media app. According to an article published by Tech Crunch, TikTok is predicted to reach 775.0 Million monthly users in 2022. The increasing number of active users means more eye balls, and that is good for business and advertising. Businesses, marketers and content creators need to keep that in mind when trying to reach more people. Tick ock, the time is ticking… you better get on TikTok.

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The use of social media for meaningful customer connections

As the world is getting more and more open to the use of social media by businesses and brands, things begin to shift. We are used to brands using social media as just another form of advertising, and that’s set to change. Stricter privacy rules mean that it will be harder to get information on customer behavior. This means that the best way to connect and get to know the customer is by creating meaningful connections via social media. This year, marketers will be using social media to get to know the customer better.

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Video content is king

Video content keeps people glued to their screens for longer, its the best way to grab your audience’s attention. According to Pop Up Smart, video content is predicted to take up 82.5% of all web traffic. This comes as no surprise, we have seen a high introduction of video features on most platforms. Its time to hit those record buttons in order for your content to reach more eyeballs.

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Influencers continue to influence

The rise and rise of influencer marketing continues. We have seen a lot of brands going the influencer route and this year will be no different. The reason for this growth is that influencer marketing costs less than running paid ad campaigns. Working with influencers also allows brands to work with more people, reach more consumers and thus getting a higher return on investment. I guess we can safely say that influencers are not just a trend, but a type of marketing that is here to stay.

People of different races holding hands
Image: Jaluch

Inclusivity remains important

In the age of social media, consumers have become more and more vocal about social issues. Over the past few years, we have seen a stronger pull towards brands that care about customers and general social issues. Inclusivity will continue to be an important factor for customers. This will push brands to stay on the pulse and represent the communities in which they operate.

By standing next to tv with a carton character that looks like him
Image: Pop Sugar

Just a few weeks ago, there was an image of a young boy who was so excited to see a cartoon character that looked like him. It is with such small impactful particles that we change the world, and ensure inclusivity by age, gender, race and sexual orientation. We can all agree that social media has the power to make a change.

In the age of digital, it is important for people and brands to keep up with social media trends. Anyone who wants to grow on social media, for personal or business reasons needs to understand that its all about adapting. The social media streets are a place to adapt, and keep up with the times, or die.