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Amazon’s Expansion into the South African Market is Scheduled for 2024

Amazon has revealed its plans to introduce in 2024, offering South African sellers the opportunity to connect with customers nationwide from the upcoming year. Over 60% of Amazon’s sales come from independent sellers, with the majority being small and medium-sized enterprises. This diverse range of sellers contributes to a wide product selection, competitive pricing, and enhanced convenience for consumers. As of today, independent South African sellers can initiate the registration process for their businesses at

Amazon's Sub-Saharan Africa General Manager Excited About Amazon's Launch in South Africa

Robert Koen, Amazon’s General Manager for the Sub-Saharan Africa region, expressed his anticipation for the launch of in South Africa. He highlighted the platform’s potential to empower local sellers, brand owners, and entrepreneurs of various sizes, enabling them to expand their businesses through Amazon. This move aims to deliver exceptional value and a seamless shopping experience to customers throughout South Africa.

An opportunity for SA seller s to reach a wider audience
An opportunity for SA sellers to reach a wider audience

African Mamas Crafts Seizes the Opportunity for Local Growth with Amazon's Support

African Mamas Crafts, headquartered in Johannesburg, is actively engaged in employing home-based crafters in rural areas. The company is enthusiastic about the potential to expand their small business by leveraging the resources and expertise available through Amazon’s online store.

Nomaswazi Tinus, the founder and director of African Mamas Crafts, expressed her excitement about collaborating with Amazon locally to harness their tools and knowledge for the advancement of their e-commerce enterprise. She eagerly anticipates embarking on this growth journey with Amazon‘s support.

Nomaswazi Tinus - Founder and Director of African Mamas Crafts
Nomaswazi Tinus - Founder and Director of African Mamas Crafts

Amazon Empowers Sellers with Comprehensive Resources and Prepares for the Launch of in 2024

Amazon offers an array of invaluable tools, programs, and services designed to empower sellers and facilitate the expansion of their businesses. This includes a wealth of educational content consisting of articles, videos, webinars, and case studies, totaling hundreds of thousands of hours. These resources are aimed at assisting sellers at every stage of their journey. Aspiring sellers planning to embark on their journey can access these resources by visiting

The forthcoming launch of in 2024 represents a significant opportunity for independent sellers across the nation. It will provide them with the means to not only grow their businesses but also to scale them effectively while harnessing the innovative capabilities offered by Amazon.


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