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Top 3 selling car brands in South Africa.

South Africa’s car market in 2020 was severely struck by economic recession and a year that saw the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to a report by the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South African (Naamsa) which was released early this year, the Toyota Hilux is the top-selling vehicle in the country, followed by the Volkswagen Polo Vivo, and taking up the third spot is the Ford ranger.

Affordability is at the forefront of consumer’s sentiments when shopping for cars, especially when we take a look at the Top 10-selling cars in the country. More people are looking towards fuel-efficient and more affordable cars instead of purchasing a car for luxury and comfort.


 As stated, the Toyota Hilux is the top-selling car in South Africa, but on the list of the most purchased vehicles from the brand is the Toyota Fortuner having sold 9 635, the HiAce sold 11 263 units while the Corolla Quest sold 7 365 units, also on the list is the Toyota Etios with 5 806 units sold in the last twelve months. In January 2021, Toyota reportedly sold 9 033.

South Africans are not just buying their favourite. Toyota brand new, the report also highlighted the used car sales for the last year, with the Toyota Hilux contributing 3.4% of all used cars. A used Toyota Hilux will set you back an average of R327,807 depending on the mileage.

2. Volkswagen

Runner up is Volkswagen, with the Polo Vivo being the most preferred model, having sold 19 750 units in the last twelve months. Among the top-sellers are also the Volkswagen Polo with 16 335 units, and representing the SUVs is the Volkswagen T-Cross 5 with 5 693 sold. January 2021 sales are sitting at 5 857 units.

Withing the used car sales. The Volkswagen Polo Vivo contributed 3.36% of all used cars with the average price at R159,715 for a 2017 model clocking at just over 50 000km in mileage.

3. Ford

Having sold 2 687 units in January 2021, Ford takes the third spot of the top-selling cars. With the Ford ranger being the best selling of the brand. in 2020, Ford South Africa sold 18 849 units. The ranger is not the only model that is loved by South Africans, the Ford Eco Sport and the Ford Figo are also among the top-selling list.

If you’re looking for a used Ford Ranger, you will be spending on average, R305,944. Interestingly enough, the used car sales see Ford with the highest sold units, contributing 4.7% of all used cars sold in the country.

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