Top 16 Youth-Owned Brand Award winner, Delivery Ka Speed, creating jobs

Godiragetse (Godi) Mogajane, a young CEO and entrepreneur from Hammanskraal is alleviating unemployment and creating jobs in townships. At just 25, Godi has been able to launch Delivery Ka Speed in over 10 townships in a space of two years and plans to take it nationwide. Delivery Ka Speed simply means “Speedy Delivery” in Sepitori. Sepitori is the urban lingua franca of Pretoria and the Tshwane metropolitan area in South Africa. It is a combination of Tswana and influences from Tsotsitaal, Afrikaans and other Bantu languages of the region. 

Godiragetse (Godi) Mogajane

Delivery Ka Speed is a food delivery service for Ekasi. They believe in bringing accessibility to townships and elevating the Kasi lifestyle. Being from the township himself, Godi identified two problems that communities were faced with. Firstly, he recognised the unpleasant customer journey that people go through to get fast food in the townships. Secondly, he acknowledged the increasing rate of youth unemployment in the townships.  

Delivery Ka Speed team members

In order to solve these problems, Delivery Ka Speed was formed to not only alleviate unemployment amongst the youth but also create a pleasant customer experience. This platform has given many young people a chance to provide for their families and contribute to economic growth. Delivery Ka Speed works with locals and only hires South African youth. They have over 40 drivers in all locations they operate in. The locations that Delivery Ka Speed operates in are namely; Hammanskraal, Soshanguve, Mobopane, Katlehong, Sky City, Vosloorus, Tsakane, Mamelodi, Hebron and recently Bela-Bela in Limpopo. Delivery Ka Speed will be launching in Mankweng on the 24th of March 2023. They have also had the honor to win the Top Services Brand Award at the Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards.  

Godiragetse accepting an award at the Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards 2022

According to Godi, innovation is a critical vehicle for inspiring change, and as a result of this, he has been driven to adding value and creating transformational change by using his uncanny instincts, hence the development of Delivery Ka Speed.  

Delivery Ka Speed is still growing and is expected to dominate townships all across South Africa.  

Enlighten Edu born to Enlighten

Founded by Apiwe Hotele, Enlighten Edu is an online tutoring platform designed to assist learners struggling with Mathematics and Science. Apiwe’s struggles with Mathematics and Science in high school inspired the birth of Enlighten Edu. 

Image: Enlighten Edu’s logo

Background of Founder & CEO of Enlighten Edu

Apiwe Hotele was born and bred in a small village in Lady Frere, Vaalbank. She holds a BSc in Computer Science and Biochemistry cum laude from the University of Fort Hare and an MSc in Computer Engineering from the University of Cape Town. She works for various companies, whilst running the nominated youth-owned brand, Enlighten Edu. 

How it all started: Enlighten Edu

Apiwe did not pursue Mathematics and Physical Science from grade 10-12 because of temporary teachers that would come and go. “When I was in grade 12, my father asked a retired Mathematics teacher to help me with Mathematics. This assisted me tremendously, I managed to get a level C, but that was not enough for medicine, which was what I wanted to do at the time”, says Apiwe.

With the introduction of Mathematical Literacy in 2006, a number of learners do not enroll for Mathematics (pure Maths). They struggle with Mathematics; hence they enroll for Mathematical Literacy. There has been a continuous decline in mathematics enrolments over the past couple of years, whilst in 2020 alone there was an increase of more than 9000 enrolments for Mathematical Literacy by matric students. – from 349 338 to 358 883 enrolments. This platform was created to motivate and encourage more students to pursue mathematics and science. Learners, tutoring companies, private tutors, teachers and parents can use the the online tutoring platform.

Enlighten Edu as the Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards nominee

Enlighten Edu was nominated as the Top Education Brand for the inaugural Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards (YOBA), a Pat on Brands initiative. “I was excited, it is truly an honor. It was a true Pat on the back that I am in the right direction. My journey with Enlighten-Edu has been very lonely and rocky from time to time. It is good to get reminded that it is all worth it and that is what the nomination did for me”, says Apiwe. Enlighten Edu did not walk away as the Top Education Brand at the YOBA awards. Although, nomination on its own proved that the brand is making waves and their hard work has been recognised. 

Enlighten Edu’s vision for the next 5 years

Apiwe envisions Enlighten Edu as a pioneer for the next generation of Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) leaders that actively take part in the global knowledge economy. In the next five years, Enlighten Edu would like to have assisted over 15 000 students struggling with Mathematics and Science and have allowed over 5000 private tutors to run their tutoring services on the platform. 

Pat on Brands Top 16 Brands by the Youth.

Pat on Brands 16

South Africa might be the cradle of civilisation but we are a young country and with us celebrating June 16, we are excited to introduce the Pat on Brands Top 16 Brands by the Youth. This is a recognition of the amazing brands that are built by young people.

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