#MyLifeIn5Ads: Nkateko Mongwe

African Man with glasses on

Storytelling in advertising is what most people talk about, but not everyone gets it right. #MyLifeIn5Ads is a regular column that features professionals from all corners of the Marketing & advertising industry to give a Pat on marketing communications that resonates with them the most. This time we feature the fantastic founder of Digital Fanta – Nkateko Mongwe. Here’s what he had to say…

My life story begins from the streets of Soweto, Protea North where we lived when I was born in 1988. I am the last child of four to my parents Robert & Bertha Mongwe. My name Nkateko according to my mother came from the blessings and the fortune of my parents for having four boys. Being the last born at home, I guess I grew up spoiled by my late dad.

My father shaped me to be the person I am today. I love my dad and always set my methods in the industry to impress him and make him proud. My father played a very important role in my life not only as a father but also an outstanding father at that where some of my friends & cousins grew up without fathers.

The five ads that describe my life are as follows:

1. 1974 – Suntory Whisky, ‘Sammy Davis Jr

For my first ad, I pick a whisky ad. My father enjoyed his whisky and as a naughty teen, I used to steal a drink without his knowledge.

2. Sasol – Glug Glug

Growing up was serious fun. I remember my dad bought me one of those classic vintage model cars and I used to play with the toy all day. I remember when I was in hospital in Pretoria for a week as a young boy and my dad packed my vintage car along.

My second advert is the classic Sasol Glug Glug ad, which reminds of my childhood where my friends and I were innocently playing with car toys. The beauty of growing up carefree.

3. Apple – 1984

My third ad is a dedication to the great Steve Jobs. The 1984 Apple ad remains legendary. Steve Jobs inspires me greatly. He caught my attention when he said it is not about your idea it is actually about how you implement it. Steve Jobs still has my favorite quote of all time “Stay Foolish Stay Hungry”. Like Adam & Eve I guess the Apple is my drug.

4. TESLA Model 3 – “Feel It”

My fourth ad is breath taking. I choose the Tesla S model TV commercial. This ad sets the tone on innovation and the future world embedded with green energy. The advert also embraces a personal value of mine, which is based innovation, things will always change, people will became better and a meaningful life is worth living.

Personally, Tesla is one of my favorite brands. Not only because Tesla Nikola was a great inventor or because of Elon Musk. It is due to the values that set the company apart. Competing against global car manufactures who have been around for years. I admire the brand value and it speaks to me. Positioned to be very different, target a niche audience and innovate above all competitors – which is what I try to do with Digital Fanta.

5. Doner – When the Motor Stops

My final ad is very interesting. For the fifth ad, I pick an advert by Doner. Doner Company is an American advertising agency headquartered in Southfield, Michigan. Wilfred Doner, better known as Brod Doner, founded it in 1937.

Doner did amazing work on an advert titled “When the motor stops “. This advert was published during the Coronavirus global pandemic. The advert is a tribute to Detroit and plays as a support of the city to stay home during lockdown. For me the advert is symbolic and will always be a reminder of the 2020 Global Pandemic.

Thank you for the feature.