Brands on The Rise – Embedded

Kagiso Marokana founded Embedded, a streetwear fashion brand, in 2013 in Brits, North West. Since its establishment, the brand has experienced significant growth and has become highly popular in South Africa. It has gained recognition not only in Pretoria but also in Johannesburg and other parts of the country. The brand’s success can be attributed to its unique vision and commitment to offering comfortable clothing choices to its customers.

Kagiso Marokana, Founder of Embedded
The Vision

The brand’s growth can be attributed to its unique vision and commitment to making people feel comfortable in their clothing choices. Embedded’s core vision revolves around showcasing South Africa’s potential to make a lasting impact on the global fashion scene. By offering trendy and flamboyant items that reflect the current fashion trends, Embedded has managed to resonate with its target market consistently.

Relevancy and Consistency

Despite the fierce competition in the fashion industry, Embedded has successfully maintained its distinctive signature style. This dedication to their aesthetic has allowed the brand to stay relevant and retain a loyal customer base. Throughout the years, Embedded has consistently delivered on their customers’ desires, ensuring their offerings remain in line with their expectations.

Embedded clothing

Additionally, the success of Embedded can be attributed to its strong online presence, with both its online store and Instagram account contributing to its impressive following of over 70k.

Not only has the brand gained admiration and fascination from social media enthusiasts, but it has also sparked conversations and captured the attention of individuals from diverse backgrounds.

The combination of these factors has played a significant role in the brand’s achievements. Keep an eye out for what Embedded has in store for us in 2024! We might just be in for some exciting surprises. Who knows, they might be unveiling new additions to their collection. It’s a waiting game now, but definitely worth the anticipation.

Joburg’s Festive Delights: 5 Places to Experience

Whether you’re on the lookout for an exhilarating activity to spice up your festive season or embarking on an exciting journey to Johannesburg for the very first time, this vibrant city has an array of captivating experiences awaiting you. We have thoughtfully curated a list of remarkable destinations where you can create cherished memories with your loved ones or simply have a blast with your friends. Johannesburg is a city that never fails to impress, and it promises to provide you with an unforgettable adventure filled with joy and excitement.

Gold Reef City Theme Park

Image: shutterstock

Gold Reef City Theme Park is a haven for those seeking a day of non-stop entertainment and fun. With an abundance of activities to choose from, visitors can immerse themselves in a world of excitement and adventure. From hair-raising roller coasters that will leave you breathless to engaging shows and interactive experiences, this theme park promises an action-packed day that will create lasting memories for you and your loved ones.

Johannesburg Art Gallery

If you have a deep appreciation for culture and the arts, then the Johannesburg Art Gallery is an absolute must-visit. With a rich history spanning over a century, this iconic museum stands as a testament to the city’s artistic heritage. Housing an impressive collection of over 10,000 artworks, it offers a diverse range of artistic expressions that will captivate any art enthusiast.

Altitude Beach

If you’re someone who enjoys the vibrant energy of the nightlife or prefers a relaxed outdoor atmosphere, then Altitude Beach is the perfect spot for you. Situated amidst the lively hustle and bustle of Johannesburg traffic, this hidden gem offers a serene escape right next to the recently revamped Fourways Mall. Altitude Beach is not just any ordinary venue; it is poised to become Joburg’s most sought-after waterfront dining and lifestyle destination.

Orlando Towers

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie seeking an unforgettable experience or simply looking to challenge yourself in a unique and exhilarating way, this site has something for everyone. From the affordable rock-climbing course and the adrenaline-fueled paintball session to the ultimate bungee jump, there’s no shortage of excitement to be found here. So, gather your courage, embrace the thrill, and get ready to embark on an adventure that will leave you breathless and craving for more.

Apartheid Museum

Prepare to be spellbound by the Apartheid Museum’s awe-inspiring architecture and thought-provoking exhibits, designed to captivate the hearts and minds of history enthusiasts. This historic institution stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit and unwavering determination of the South African people. As you step into this remarkable space, you will be transported back in time, immersing yourself in the struggles and triumphs that defined the apartheid era. The Apartheid Museum goes beyond being a mere collection of artefacts; it weaves together a powerful narrative that encourages visitors to reflect on the past and work towards a future that embraces inclusivity and unity.

The holiday season is a time to celebrate and reflect. Let’s prioritize creating beautiful memories while also ensuring our safety. This way, we can fully embrace the holiday spirit and welcome the new year with open arms, knowing we have taken care of ourselves and those we hold dear.


We are delighted to announce our partnership with one South Africa’s leading heritage brands – African Bank to deliver this year’s Pat on Brands Dialogues Heritage Month Edition.

Established in 2019, Pat on Brands Dialogues is a platform that brings together communicators and marketers under one roof to share knowledge. This initiative was born from the culture of storytelling to encourage dialogue between dynamic marketers with a track record and the young professionals and entrepreneurs who have just started their marketing careers. Storytelling is one of the oldest and trusted forms of information sharing and passing on knowledge.

Guilia Iorio-Ndlovu (CMO:Pepsico SA snacks)

The benefits of these dialogues include passing on wisdom, re-energizing future marketers and minimizing the generational gap. As these young marketers and entrepreneurs develop relationships with the dynamic marketers, it can help them build their professional network, get insights on career building and potentially lead to business opportunities.

On the line-up of storytellers, are South Africa’s finest and renowned marketers – African Bank’s very own Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) – Sbusiso Kumalo, and CMO:Pepsico SA snacks, Giulia lorio-Ndlovu.

Sbusiso Kumalo(CMO:African Bank)

“The story of African Bank is a powerful illustration of the effect heritage can have on a brand,” says Kumalo.

“Our past imbues our vision of a bank for the people, by the people, serving the people, with authenticity and relevance. It creates a sense of community between those who are drawn to what we stand for, and the stewards of that heritage.

“Heritage is a living thing. Though rooted in the past, it continuously shapes the future. At African Bank, we believe that our heritage story can inspire others to create their ideal future, to be the change they want to see, just as our founders did all those decades ago. That’s why it’s such an honour to be able to share our story and what we have learned at this empowering discussion.”

This year’s theme is The Role of Heritage Brands in Shaping the Future of South Africa.

Pat Mahlangu (CEO and Founder: Pat On Brands)

“As young entrepreneur, I am truly inspired by the story of African Bank. It is the story of sheer of audacity which I have adopted as my motto. I am utterly thrilled to have joined hands to deliver the Dialogues with this inspirational brand. This collaboration also seeks to contribute towards empowering industry leaders and young entrepreneur’s dreams” says Pat Mahlangu CEO and Founder of Pat On Brands.

This partnership will not only bring attention to African Bank advancing lives through financial services but will also emphasise its commitment in making a difference and the ‘Audacity to Believe’.

The Pat On Brands Dialogue Heritage Month Edition is scheduled as follows:

Date: 28 September 2023

Time: 18:00 to 21:00

Venue: The Capital Empire. 177 Empire, Sandton

Tickets are available on for only R150.

The Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards Announce 2023 Jury

The Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards (the YOBAs) brought to you by Standard Bank have announced the 2023 jury.  

Professionals, marketers and academics around South Africa applied to be a part of the Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards judging panel. This year, the application for the judging panel was open to the public. The public could nominate either themselves or individuals who met a very strict criterion. The jury criteria included that the nominee should at least be an expert or an academic in the particular field they will be judging.  

Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards 2022

The YOBAs celebrates and recognises youth-owned brands in South Africa. It has enlisted 29 leaders in the marketing, communications, academia and entrepreneurship industry to assess and shortlist over 2 500 nominations. 

Due to the success of the award ceremony last year, the Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands have received a large number of nominations this year, which sparked the idea of getting more judges. The judges that have been selected are masters in their field and specialise in the categories that they will be judging.  

Pat Mahlangu: Founder and CEO (Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards)

“We are thankful for the industry giants for taking time off their hectic schedules to join our judging panel. It is encouraging to have people of their calibre support youth initiatives,” said Pat Mahlangu, the founder and CEO of the Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards. 

For the second year, the chairperson of the jury is the Integrated Media & Digital Director of Tiger Brands Sadika Fakir and the voice of marketing, Lebo Lion as the deputy chairperson.  

Sadika Fakir: Integrated Media & Digital Director (Tiger Brands)

The chairperson of the jury, Sadika Fakir says, “we are so honored to have such an exceptionally high calibre of judges for our Top16YOBA 2023 panel. Our judge panel brings excellence, skill and wisdom.” 

Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards 2023 Jury

The judges that will be a part of this year’s two-day festival are the following:  

1. Sadika Fakir (Integrated Media & Digital Director Tiger Brands) 

2. Lebo Lion (Voice of Marketing, Beople SA) 

3. Dr Beate Stiehler-Mulder (Marketing Coordinator UJ) 

4. David Tshabalala (Award Winning Graphic Designer, Illustrator & Content Creator Slaying Goliath) 

5. Thembi Sehloho (Marketing Director Tiger Brands SA) 

6. Mosa Ntwampe (Marketing & Corporate Communications Sakhumnotho) 

7. Dr Marcia Lebambo (Senior Lecturer Tshwane University of Technology) 

8. Bulelani Balabala (Creative Director IAF Brands) 

9. Katlego Dithlokwe (Founder & Brand Strategy Consultant the Hyphen) 

10. Lindy-Lou Alexander (Global Marketing Head for Personal and Private Banking Division 
Standard Bank) 

11. Masingita Mazibuko (Executive Brand & Marketing Telkom) 

12. Palesa Mabuse (Senior Managing Partner Nalesa Media) 

13. Yasira Cajee (Marketing Officer Wits Business School) 

14. Cameron Belling (Head of Marketing Bluff Meat Supply) 

15. Boitumelo Mohube (Marketing Executive and Communication specialist Founder of Mohube Media) 

16. Thabani Khumalo (Brand Manager – Premium & Value Brands (Beverages) Tiger Brands) 

17. Tammy Darroch (Marketing Director Kellogg South Africa) 

18. Ponatshego Makhuza (Shopper Marketing Lead Unilever) 

19. Bogosi Motshegwa (Chief Creative & Strategy Officer Brandreserve Co. Thinkeneur) 

20. Kovini Moodley (Founder Boss Babes) 

21. Shiko Mamotheti (Digital Strategist and Director Nerdware) 

22. Deshnie Govender (Marketing & Culture Leader in Tech) 

23. Albert Makoeng (Divisional Sales Director Nfinity Influencer) 

24. Khanyi Tshume (Head of Strategy TLC Worldwide Middle East & Africa) 

25. Wendy Silinyana (Founder and Director Virtue Business Solutions) 

26. Lerato Selialia (Senior Experience Strategist Immersion Group logo) 

27. Lebohang Matsoso (Lead: Brand Marketing Communications Mercedes-Benz South Africa) 

28. Fatima Ouanssaidi (CEO and a co-founder On-Point PR) 

29. Vuyokazi Mhlope (Marketing Manager Showmax) 

The awards will be preceded by the Festival of Youth-Owned Brands on the 14th & 15th of June 2023 at Sandton Convention Centre. The awards show will follow on the evening of the 15th where the expressive visionaries will be celebrated and recognised also at the Sandton Convention Centre. 

Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards Early Bird Tickets Now On Sale

Tickets to the gold standard of youth excellence are officially available!  The Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards brought to you by Standard Bank will be preceded by a two-day festival. Dubbed as the Festival of Youth-Owned Brands, the two-day festival will give youth-owned brands a platform to showcase and sell their products and/or services. The festival aims to acknowledge the contributions these youth-owned brands are making to our economy. 

Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards 2022

Imagine, a shopping mall of South African youth-owned brands, only? For the first time in the African continent, the largest number of youth-owned brands will be housed under one roof for over a two-day period, at the richest square mile in Africa. The festival will take place on the 14th and 15th of June 2023, bringing together trailblazers from across South Africa. On these two days, masterclasses from industry experts, entrepreneurs and the biggest names in entertainment will be in attendance. The official award ceremony will take place on the evening of the 15th of June 2023 with surprise appearances from celebrities. 

Pat Mahlangu: Founder (Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards)

According to Pat Mahlangu, the founder and CEO of the Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards, “If you are passionate about youth excellence and want to support them, then the Festival of Youth-Owned Youth-Owned Bradnds is the place to be. The festival will be filled with celebrating and recognising the best youth-owned brands in South Africa”. 

The ticket sales will be divided into three phases. The pricing for the first phase is as follows: 

Grab your tickets now on Webticket!  Be there or be told.

The Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards Connect with a Technology Category Sponsor.

Top 16 YOBA trophy

The Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards are ecstatic to announce the partnership with  Telkom as the technology category sponsor. This category focuses on brands that produce and sell goods and services in electronics, as well as other industries related to IT including apps. 

Telkom serves a broad customer base ranging from individual customers, SMME to large enterprise. The telecommunications giant has diverse offerings, enabling true digital convergence. Telkom’s proposition includes integrated voice, data, fixed, mobile, IT and data centre solutions that strive to connect customers to a better life. They aim to provide deep and credible relationships and a distinctive customer experience for their customers.   

Telkom continues to be an ally of celebrating and honouring young people for the work that they do in cyberspace. They believe in the criticality of supporting youth-owned brands across South Africa, hence the partnership with the Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards. Visibility and accessibility of youth to the necessary tools is requisite to building and driving growth of their business and growth in South Africa.  

Pat Mahlangu: Founder & CEO (Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards)

“Connectivity is at the centre of growth for every business. Many young people starting businesses build their brands online. We are delighted to have Telkom on board as they offer connectivity solutions that enable growth for youth-owned brands,” says Pat Mahlangu, the founder and CEO of the Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards.  

Masingita Mazibuko: Executive Brand & Marketing (Telkom)

Masingita Mazibuko, Executive Brand & Marketing, Telkom concurs saying, “Telkom is committed to empowering the youth and supporting the growth of local youth-owned brands and innovations. Our sponsorship of the Technology Category is a testament to our dedication to celebrating innovative spirit of the next generation and inspiring young entrepreneurs to leverage the power of technology to unlock their full potential.” 

Heritage brands that you assumed were South African 

Heritage Day is appreciably celebrated in South Africa annually on the 24th of September. It is a day that commemorates the country’s heritage and its people while promoting cultural diversity. 

South Africa is known as a ‘Rainbow nation’ and emanates from its rich cultural history and heritage. The day was first celebrated in 1995 post-apartheid and is also known as National Braai Day. 

Many iconic brands have blended well into the South African heritage and have existed for generations, immensely contributing to the country’s identity. 

Here are three heritage brands that are not South African: 


Zam-Buk has been around since 1902 and has become part of many South African households. Zam-Buk was founded by Charles Edward Fulford, a businessman from England, and owner of Zam-Buk Company of Leeds. The product was first sold through his Bile Beans company as a herbal balm and antiseptic ointment. 


Most households have incorporated Aromat in the food generation after generation, but this commonly used spice is not South African. In 1952 a man named Walter Obrist, who worked for Knorr developed Aromat. The product is of Swiss origin but has added zest to many South African households that it feels like a national brand. 

Carling Black Label 

The most popular beer beverage in South Africa, loved by many, is originally a Canadian product developed by Thomas Carling in 1840. Over the years, the brand found its way into the South African lands sponsoring the pre-season friendly match featuring two of the most popular football clubs, Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates. 


Sunlight has been the go-to brand when it comes to washing dishes or removing tough stains. The brand has become essential in many households. 

However, Sunlight was founded in late Victorian England by William Hesketh Lever in 1885during the country’s era of poverty and ill-health and was introduced to South Africa in 1891. 

Green Scooter Is Moving At Electric Pace

Founded by Fezile Dhlamini, Green Scooter is the safest and first electric motor-tricycle for the African market. We chat to to him about his brand that has been in business for 6 years. Green Scooter won the Technology category sponsored by MTN Pulse at the Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards.

The Green Scooter Journey

How has the journey been for Green Scooter?

Fezile: Green Scooter has been around for 6 years now. Formally, in the market for 4 or 5 years now and it has been a rollercoaster. The has been a lot of learning and unlearning. There has been a lot of super highs and super lows. You are trying to do something, you are trying to build something; you are creating this entire market in South Africa that is not really familiar.

How do you feel about the nomination?

Fezile: It moves away from how I feel rather how we feel as a company. It reaffirms that we are doing something right. It’s all about building something that people love. It allows young people to dream through you. For the company, it brings excitement, it enhances our vision. I was never a person of awards but getting your award [Top 16 YOBA] changed my perspective.

The Business After The YOBAs

Green Scooter with Award and MTN Pulse Hamper

Are you in talks with MTN Pulse after winning a category they sponsored?

Fezile: The award itself and it being sponsored by MTN Pulse it enabled us to have much higher level conversations with the team of decision makers. There are certain discussions we are having that focus on youth because I am also very youth driven when we talk about entrepreneurship.

Insider dubs you as South Africa’s Tesla, how does that make you feel as a team?

Fezile: Compliments like those are very important as how the market perceives you. I say this in a PR level, because if we said we are building something better than Tesla, it really has no impact. We are the Tesla of three wheels.

You can watch the full interview on our Instagram here:

A new online bartering platform, CirculateIt launches in South Africa

New online bartering platform, CirculateIt launched on the 4th of July 2022. CirculateIt is a platform created to make life easy and convenient for people to exchange goods and services without using money in the process. The brand name says it all “Circulate it” – encouraging people to ‘circulate’ their pre-owned goods/services for their desired goods/services.

Bartering Explained

Bartering is a cashless exchange system that dates back to 6000 BC – where 2 parties trade goods and/or services directly, without the use of money. Bartering has been practiced for years, even before the existence of money, people used to trade and exchange items. The whole concept of bartering is to save money and avoiding waste by trading what you may no longer want for something you really want.

Image: Supplied


CirculateIt is the modern bartering platform, because it uses technology to bring 2 parties together with a mutual agreement to exchange/trade items.
“CirculateIt aims to unlock the latent potential of bartering to give frugal consumers access to more goods, services and reduce waste” says Frank Ogagba – Chief Executive Officer

Instead of discarding goods you no longer need or want, rather trade them in for goods you really need or want. CirculateIt is currently launching the platform for people residing in the Gauteng province, and as time progresses, they are willing to expand to other provinces. The public is always keen on trying new things, especially new technology – hence CirculateIt sees the idea of bartering as a great fit into the market. The platform is new, it’s fun, it’s convenient and most importantly it’s cost-effective.
“Price hikes and the cost of living are trends that make it difficult for most South Africans to make ends meet. Ways to save money are more pertinent than ever. gives South Africans a new way to save money, and even better, get what they need without paying. The platform enables people to barter trade products and services for what they need”, adds Frank Ogagba

Image: Circulate It Logo Supplied

Going into the month of July [savings month] the platform educates the public on not only saving money, but saving and preserving the environment. CirculateIt cannot wait to be the go-to bartering platform in South Africa and it cannot wait to switch things up in the market – #letsswitch.

KFC’s Kentucky Town Warms Up Cape Town This Winter

Bringing the heat to Cape Town this Winter, KFC South Africa is opening the doors to it’s limited-edition pop-up store; Kentucky Town.

As the Winter chills roll in, KFC brings a lil’ heat to the Canal Walk KFC restaurant – in the food court – for a limited time only from the 7th to 17th of July. Just 11 days, in honour of their Original 11 Herbs and Spices Secret Recipe.

Limited-Edition Menu

For 11 mouthwatering days KFC will be serving up a hot new limited-edition Menu with some KFC meals that you’ve never seen before – and may never see again.

The special Kentucky Town Cape Town menu will include some of the top favourites from the original pop-up store such as the Doughnut Zinger Burger and Spicy Chips flavoured with Tabasco. However they will be turning up the heat with a stack of new and exciting limited-edition items. In homage to the city and culture of Cape Town, the menu includes the limited-edition KFC Gatsby as well as KFC Chachos (like Nachos), Simba Crunch Zinger Wings, Kentucky Fried Oreos with Soft Serve and a Midnight Mojito to seal the deal.

Image: Kentucky Fried Oreo and Soft Serve
Image: KFC Gatsby
Image: KFC Midnight Mojito

KFC’s Famous Sauces On Sale

KFC’s famous sauces will be on sale again! The ‘Zinger Sauce’ and The ‘Dunked Sauce’ flew off shelves last year. You can get these KFC sauces for R50, however there will be a limit to stock.

Image: KFC Sauces

Limited-Edition Winter Gear & Gadgets

This is perfect for all collectors. What’s a new Season without a fresh new look? Kentucky Town Cape will offer new Winter Gear Collection for sale.

Capetonian’s most-groomed can prepare their beards and moustaches for the limited release of The Colonel’s Beard Oil inspired by the secret 11 herbs and spices recipe. Moreover, there is limited-edition KFC 11 Herbs and Spices Fire logs, so you can cozy up to our famous KFC aroma all Winter.

The Winter Gear Collection will also include limited-edition items such as the Colonel’s Onesie and KFC PJs. This is all in addition to Zinger sleep shorts, vests, trakkie pants, hoodies, and Winter accessories.

The best part? All proceeds from sales will be donated towards the KFC Add Hope initiative. Add Hope helps provide nutritious meals to underprivileged children in South Africa. So now you can look good this Summer and DO good at the same time! Yaas please!

MTN Pulse Helps MDU Cleaning Services with R50 000 To Help Rebuild Store

Youth-Owned Brands are driving the economy with ways of combating youth unemployment in South Africa. After recognising these brands owned and run by the youth, Pat on Brands has noted that we shouldn’t only recognise them in celebration but also in hard times. Not new to the Pat on Brads platform, MTN Pulse has came forward with a donation to MDU Cleaning Services.

Image: Instagram

MDU Cleaning Services

MDU CLEANING SERVICE is a convenient cleaning service company founded by Mduduzi Mnisi. The company initially started in 2015 in Soweto, Orlando as ‘Sayenza Lento Tekkie Wash’ meaning “We doing this”, translated to English and later changed the name to MDU CLEANING SERVICES. The company provides cleaning services for shoes, bags, cars and carpets.

According to a statement by MDU CLEANING SERVICES; “Our main facility which we use not only for our cleaning services but also for storage caught fire as a result of a short cause by a resurgence of electricity after the third phase of load shedding Stage 4.” The business not only used its premises for cleaning services, but for storage use as well – which was a great contributor to the premises catching fire. Cleaning products are highly flammable, causing the fire to spread and not only burn the premises, but also burn the possessions of the customers”.

Image: Instagram

MTN Pulse Donation

Following in the steps of helping youth-owned brands MTN has brought forward a donation of R50 000 and a year of connection to MDU Cleaning Services. MTN Pulse is no stranger to the Pat on Brands platform, as they were the sponsors of the Technology category at the Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards. Almost at the end of Youth month and stepping to Mandela Month it is important to celebrate the youth for the amazing things they do, and help them when needed.

“It is MTN Pulse’s mission to empower young people through all seasons and not just in the good times and with this in mind we could not turn a blind eye to a youth-owned brand in need, most especially not during Youth Month We wish Mdu a speedy recovery of business and we look forward to seeing his business flourish once more”, says Mirriam Mathebula, Youth Manager for MTN Pulse.

Pat on Brands recognised a youth-owned brand that needed help and offered a way to help them get back on their feet. MTN Pulse is also urging big brands and corporate to lend a help and offer their resources to this small business.

Pat On Brands donates R5 000 to a youth-owned cleaning service company in Soweto

Just two weeks after Pat on Brands celebrated the efforts that the youth of South Africa have made, and continue to make, towards the shared economic future of South Africa at the inaugural Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards (YOBA). YOBA is an initiative by Pat on Brands, aimed at recognizing brands that are owned and run by the youth in South Africa. We as Pat on Brands, are devastated by the unexpected loss experienced by a youth-owned business in Soweto (MDU CLEANING SERVICES) as their premises caught fire due to loadshedding.

According to a statement by MDU CLEANING SERVICES yesterday: “Our main facility which we use not only for our cleaning services but also for storage caught fire as a result of a short cause by a resurgence of electricity after the third phase of loadshedding stage 4.” The business not only used its premises for cleaning services, but for storage use as well – which was a great contributor to the premises catching fire. Cleaning products are highly flammable, causing the fire to spread and not only burn the premises, but also burn the possessions of the customers”.

MDU Cleaning Service

MDU CLEANING SERVICE is a convenient cleaning service company founded by Mduduzi Mnisi. The company initially started in 2015 in Soweto, Orlando as ‘Sayenza Lento Tekkie Wash’ meaning “We doing this”, translated to English and later changed the name to MDU CLEANING SERVICES. The company provides cleaning services for shoes, bags, cars and carpets.

Image: Supplied

Pat on Brands Offers Help

For a brand that is on the pulse with the youth such as Pat on Brands, we took it upon ourselves to offer a helping hand to MDU CLEANING SERVICES by donating a sum of R 5 000 to help them bring their business back to life again. The Pat on Brands initiative, YOBA does not only exist to celebrate and recognise youth-owned brands, but it exists to also empower and uplift the youth of South Africa.

“Just over a week ago, we were celebrating youth-owned brands at the Top 16 Youth Owned Brands Awards. As a youth owned business ourselves, we see it fit to lend a helping hand to fellow youth-owned business – Mdu Cleaning Services. We believe that what we can offer them can make a huge difference and help their business rise from the ashes”, says Pat Mahlangu – Founder and CEO of Pat on Brands / Lerato Agency

South African youth have a long history of challenging the status quo. On 16 June 1976 – the date we now know as Youth Day. Till this day, the youth are the drivers of economic growth and job creation in South Africa.

Small businesses play a key role in growing our economy and creates jobs for over 60% of the country’s population. This means that the more support this small business receives, the more people they can employ, the more successful and stronger our country becomes.

It will be wonderful to see other businesses, brands, and companies that have the capacity to offer a helping and grow our economy.

Siwela Wines crowned the Top Beverage Brand – Sponsored by Black Crown

On the 15th of June 2022, the Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards (YOBA), an initiative by Pat on Brands took place at The Capital: On the Park in Sandton. The purpose of the initiative is to celebrate and recognise brands owned and run by the youth. Only one brand had the honor of walking away with the bragging rights in each of the 16 categories. ‘Beverage’ was one out of the categories and Siwela Wines got to walk away as the Top Beverage Brand, sponsored by Black Crown.

Siwela Wines

Siwela Wines is an award-winning female-owned wine company, founded by Siwela Sweetness Masoga. The founder, Siwela was born in Soweto, Gauteng and raised in Marulaneng Ga-Mphahlele, Limpopo. She studied Biotechnology in Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Microbiology and fermentation as her majors sparked curiosity and interest in wine making. Siwela’s interest in winemaking paid off as her brand, Siwela Wines is now an award-winning beverage brand. She could not be present to accept the award, but her team accepted the award on her behalf.

Image: Siwela Wines Team Member Accepting Award

Black Crown as Beverages Category Sponsor

Black Crown, a gin & tonic brand by South African Breweries (SAB) sponsored the Beverage category. The drink has clean, crisp flavors of lemon and lime, crafted with eight proudly African botanicals. Black Crown is all about being unapologetically African and “owning your crown”. “We want to remind Africans that their dreams are theirs for the taking. Encourage them to have full confidence in their capabilities and belief in their destiny. We are honored to sponsor the beverage category and shine a spotlight on young African creatives that deserve to be crowned. So let every sip of Black Crown remind you to #OwnYourCrown”, says Claudia Schmid, General Manager of Black Crown.

Image: Black Crown Set Up At Top 16 YOBA

On the night of the Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards, the Black Crown team setup next to the YOBA registration table to offer guests their welcome drinks after completing their registration process. Black Crown got the opportunity to showcase their new addition to the royal Black Crown family – being the new Black Crown gin & dry lemon with marula. The new Black Crown drink is infused with African Marula fruit, available in a 440ml can and has been made available at all retailers.

Siwela Wines owned their crown as the brand was celebrated and recognized as the top ‘Beverage’ brand for the Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards – proudly sponsored by Black Crown.

Nando’s Brings Exciting #PeriTricks to The Heart of Braam

Nando’s celebrates launch of two new PERi-PERi Bag & Bake flavours with #PERiTricks pop-up in the heart of Braam! Synonymous with creativity, Nandos showcases this with the launch of two new variants of the Bag and Bake product. The new variants, namely Paprika Citrino and Smokey Churrasco will be launched at the new pop-up located in Braamfontein between 24 June and 10 July 2022.

Image: Supplied

Flavours In The Bag

The Paprika Citrino is paprika and lime-flavoured and with the recipe perfected, the brand needed to come up with a name that only Nando’s could own and besides, just calling it Paprika and Lime would’ve been much too meh. So, after a bit of back-and-forth, Paprika Citrino seemed to be the best choice. Here’s why it makes perfect sense, with those six little syllables the brand is able to do more than just describe a flavour. It gives Nando’s an opportunity to evoke its rich Afro-Portuguese heritage and invite customers to enjoy a vibrant, spicy, uniquely Nando’s experience. The second new variant is a little more complex in its flavour profile. With rich, oaky, savoury notes balanced by a subtle sweetness, the finished product’s smokey taste is evocative of chicken braaied over wood. It was this sense of “that’s-close-but-not-quite-right” that inspired the name Smokey Churrasco.

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These two flavours inspired a whole range of #PERiTrick recipes – that could be cooked any time, anywhere any way – even in your dorm room with an iron or in a tumble dryer – yes, a tumble dryer – if you don’t have access to a kitchen to utilize the more conventional appliances such as a toaster, air fryer or microwave. Once the recipes are prepared, guests will have the option to enjoy their creation/treat in a pod on-site or take it home to indulge and enjoy.

With the pop-up, Nando’s also celebrates the creative skills of young and talented individuals such as award-winning textile and surface designer, Bonolo Chepape. Bonolo together with the help of culinary-minded design agency Studio H came up with original themes for the launch. Food Stylist and Chef Keletso Motau, styled the video shoots and facilitated the recipe videos while Cinematographer, Earl Abrahams captured and packaged all the video. Chepape says she drew inspiration for the patterns and colour palette from Nando’s brand heritage as well as textile weaving techniques and Bauhaus-inspired elements of Mozambican architect, Poncho Guedes. “I wanted the design to be playful and reflect the experimental and experiential purpose of the pop-up.”

Image: Supplied

Nando’s Vanessa Nunes, Marketing Manager for Groceries says, not only did Chepape receive the Best Textile Design award at 100% Design South Africa 2018, she was a finalist in the Nando’s Hot Young Designer Pattern Hunt in the same year and a recipient of the 2019 Design Foundation Future Found Award. “Our collaboration with Bonolo and Keletso is part of our ongoing drive to nurture creative talent in South Africa. As an authentically home-grown brand, we welcome all South Africans to a seat at our table. At our pop-up store, they’ll be able to engage with our brand in an interactive and fun way and gain greater insight into the creativity and innovation that drives our brand,” she says.

Anyone can experience the pop-up between 24 June and 10 July 2022, by booking at and walk-ins are always welcome.

Converse launches Pride collection

For their sixth annual Pride collection, they tapped a group of All Stars to create a new product collection by and for the LGBTQIA+ community. Inspired by the individual stories of these five All Stars from around the world, each style from the collection features a graphically-driven capsule and campaign that explores the duality of struggle and joy along the journey to self-love.

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