Pat on Brands Podcast

Pat on Brands is delighted to announce the launch of the Pat on Brands (POB) Podcast. The podcast will be hosted by entrepreneur and marketing expert, Pat Mahlangu, together with his co-host Mpumi Satsha.

With the current proliferation of young entrepreneurs occupying the entrepreneurship space the POB Podcast will offer interviews, strategies, and tactics on how brands can grow their businesses. In addition, the Podcast is devoted to offering expert advice and various insights to entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the business world.

Finding answers to burning question.

Pat Mahlangu and Mpumi Satsha are young and astute entrepreneurs who have been successful at growing their newly established brands. The Pat on Brands Podcast aims to find answers to burning questions about marketing and entrepreneurship. The pair is dedicated to helping young and upcoming entrepreneurs understand what it takes to develop personal brands in the age of new media.

A little bit about Pat

Pat Mahlangu

Pat Mahlangu has always been dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship. His entrepreneurship journey started at the University of Johannesburg when he co-founded Varsity TV. He started POB with the intention of keeping young people abreast with news about different brands. It is through this platform that Mahlangu started his now booming, new kid on the block – Lerato Agency. Lerato Agency digital marketing and public company aimed at crafting brands that people love, launched in 2020.

A little about Mpumi

Mpumi Satsh

Mpumi Satsha is also no stranger in the world of marketing and entrepreneurship. She currently holds a Digital Marketing Specialist position at MSC Cruises. She is also the Influencer Culture Executive for a Ghanaian-born influencer App -Use Ripple. With the phenomenal skills she has acquired over the years, Satsha recently launched a Nail Studio – LENALA. A brand many young, and aspiring entrepreneurs can relate to. Throughout her career as a life coach and facilitator, she has shown a keen affinity for new media and technology by using platforms such as Pat on Brands and Old Mutual’s ‘Flourishing Women Edition’ to facilitate discussions of gender biases, women enablement, self-worth, women in leadership and corporate entrepreneurs.

A great resource

If you are interested in learning about ways of crafting brands that people love, tap into niches and just generally grow your online presence, this platform will be a great resource to take advantage of. The podcast episodes will be rolled out every Monday and can be accessed through Apple podcast, SoundCloud, Spotify as well as Google Podcast. For more information follow Pat on Brands on social media.